Your moment has come, Mr Tsipras, take back control of your country and leave the Euro – Vid (VI) (DM)

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Great speech by Nigel Farage! -MrT.

Your moment has come, Mr Tsipras, take back control of your country and leave the Euro – UKIP leader Nigel Farage in the EU parliament, July 8, 2015


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  1. Robin Fitzgerald
    July 11, 2015


    A recent Citizens Vote has allowed the people of Greece to step back and take a look at what others are presenting as a solution to forever chasing their National Debt. Up until this meeting of minds at the foot of Mt. Shasta takes place, the conflict in Greece will be the main focus of discussion. Can we implement an entirely different governing system, is it time to try a ‘Light-based shared reality’ exactly where it’s needed.

    It couldn’t be any more difficult for them, to be the first Country in a system where they have to rely on other countries doing the same thing. That’s how it works, they need to expand beyond their borders, to feel they can have pride in their heritage while becoming a part of the worlds future. Compassion would certainly come from any other Light-based Country, except there are none at present.

    Greece at one time held all the wisdom, all the knowledge we grew from. Now they may yet lead the way for everyone, and they have backers! It’s because the leaders of China and Russia see the ‘shared reality’ part of this as a form of Communism, now they are standing behind the whole populace while the phony bill of $300 Billion is being waved in their faces. This is only the first of many standoffs to come, but one that will be watched by the whole world.

    What will come out of the meeting with Russian diplomats is that Greek Officials will be assured that the ‘Light-based’ economy is a proven system, one that has been tested on other worlds besides our own. Also that the Chinese are already preparing to use the same guidelines, to help overthrow the Dragon Lords of their Country. Just the fact that world leaders are acknowledging there is an alternative, and are now willing to put it on the table is enough for me. I believe these two super-powers actually want them to become the first people of the Free World!

    I am hoping the populace of Greece don’t reject this concept, just because it comes from off-world sources. By being first, they will also be first to be aided when other small debt-stressed countries decide a ‘shared reality’ is best for them as well. In this way we can spread out the population in Greece and stop the suffering caused by them being imprisoned by their own borders. A Visa to leave the country is no longer possible for most, this is a desperate Nation, with a very tough decision ahead of them. We should all pray they make the right one.