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fbsharpe2013With the recent consciousness shift & enlightenment increase of mankind, Rob & I met while I was separating from the Air Force. From my recent enlightenment & understandings of present & ancient history, anthropology, & God. I came across Rob’s website (ThePromiseRevealed) & immediately called him to help revamp his website. I felt a strong connection between me and Rob and I wanted to do what I can to help him succeed. My passion is to enable my skills & potential to help the well being of others in accomplishing their dreams & goals while working & enabling me to follow my dreams & goals at the same time. I manage & maintain four different websites & am always looking for more work to help others out. I hope you enjoy the new look as much me & Rob does. We will be updating & adding more content to polish the look a bit more in the coming future. Keep a look out for more awesome products & a new gallery to maintain Rob’s gigantic image collection! If you are interested or looking for assistance with graphic design, web design, affiliating, or/and networking, please contact me at: Email Me or visit my portfolio @

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  1. babarob
    February 19, 2014

    Dear Friends,

    My beautiful NEW Website look is due to a wonderful brother named Charles Sharpe. My other web hero Ryan Marchand is swamped with previous commitments and with a new baby girl his time availability has been limited. I was just in the process of looking for a new web developer when spirit moved Charles to reach out to me.

    I am so fortunate and blessed that Charles has consented to help me on this website. His kind and generous nature is augmented by his expert computer skills. Charles is a US Air Force Veteran who previously worked on satellite programs. He is now seeking permanent employment and is taking website development jobs to help support his wonderful family in the interim.

    I want to reach out and encourage anyone of my light worker friends who needs website work or knows anyone who does to please refer them to Charles via his portfolio / blog: or Email: I can promise that you will be very glad with the professional results. My website is but one of the examples to see his fine work.

    We are still at this time currently in the process of new products and the site is changing every day. We are adding new text , bells, whistles and buttons but you can see the elegance of Sir Charles expertise and loving input already! In another few weeks we will be a well oiled site for love light and sharing advanced healing products. I will be forever grateful to Charles and Ryan both for their excellent work.