Webpage Status – July 5, 2015

Webpage Status:

July 5, 2015

The mrtruthseeker webpage is now working again. I am using a new plug-in called Postie. I have updated the webpage with over 100 posts since the webpage became inoperable on June 19, 2015. If you know anyone that needs to wake-up send them to https://thepromiserevealed.com/mrtruthseeker/. They won’t stay asleep for very long. lol. Below are some posts I recommend. Take care. –MrT.

Lightworker Messages:

Susan Leland: “Celebrate the Golden Age NOW with Love!!!” – Ashtar (VI) (DM)

Phil Light Body: Update from the Sirian Mothership (VI) (DM)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation (VI) (DM)

Update from St. Germain (VI) (DM)

(VI) (DM) Mike Quinsey: SaLuSa Update / Abraham Hicks: Speaks Of The Importance Of Feeling GOOD Now – Vid



Vids: Barney Miller exposing the cabal in 1981 / A Bug’s Life: ”Then they ALL might stand up to us” / Star Trek Foretold Mankind’s Awakening…

Due to extreme drought, famous Hollywood actors now living like campers in the woods; flush only after ‘number two’ / Other Top Stores


Fulford: Greek Domino falls, China moves in to pick up the pieces (VI) (DM)

(VI) Greece debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer – Vid / Dr. Jim Willie: King Dollar’s reign of terror almost over – Vid / Greek Intelligence Versus MSM Presstitute’s Stupidity – Vid / The Pathology of the NWO Explained by an Economic Hit Man

Full Disclosure:

Corey/GoodETxSG: ICC Mars Colony Conference Report (VI) (DM)

David Wilcock: Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony (VI) (DM)

Richard Boylan: Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore (VI) (DM)


(VI) (DM) New Evidence Links Fluoride to Increasing Cases of ADHD / New Scientific Review: ‘No Evidence’ Water Fluoridation Prevents Cavities

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Kummerow on FDA’s announcement to end trans-fats (Retitle) (VI) (DM)

(VI) (DM) Webpage Update / Mike Adams: EXCLUSIVE: Why SB 277 will totally backfire on the vaccine industry… / Jim Carrey blasts Jerry Brown as a ‘corporate fascist’ for signing mandatory vaccination law

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup (VI) (DM)

Hesh Goldstein: The vaccine hoax will never end (VI) (DM)

(VI) (DM) Wave of medical refugees to flee California as SB 277 transforms state into autism capital of America / Danish documentary exposes widespread damage caused by HPV vaccine

(VI) (DM) Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill / California vaccine bill battle erupts into all-out political war

How sensible sun exposure helps prevent pancreatic cancer (VI) (DM)

The radish is linked to cardiovascular, urinary health, among other benefits (VI) (DM)

Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer (VI) (DM)

Compounds in Parsley are Among the ‘Most Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds’ (VI) (DM)

(VI) (DM) Mediterranean Diet Cuts Uterine Cancer Risk / Doctors Recommend Diets

(VI) (DM) Pomegranate 6 Science-Backed Health Benefits: The Fruit Helps Protect Against Plaque, Hunger and Certain Cancers / The Many Benefits of Pomegranate

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