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Special Announcement :

I am happy to announce that the Victory of The Light Radio Show will now also be on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern  and 4:00pm Pacific time. Its now double your pleasure and double your fun with Rob and his guests. I am joining the Pyramid One Radio Network which has a large presence in Australia as well. This show will be a one hour extravaganza of  Light, Love and Knowledge to heal the planet and further the goal of planetary liberation.

So please go this site on Thurdays nights 7pm eastern time to listen and see all the good news this station has to offer. We will be on in Australia at 7pm on fridays on their server as well. all shows will be archived on this page and on my Facebook page here: 

Please go here and enjoy the show 

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter

 Dear Friends,

I still  will continue with my Revolution Radio show also called “The Victory of the Lightâ€. This show is still on every Sunday from 5-7 PM Los Angeles time and 8-10 PM New York time on Revolution Radio Studio A. The website to listen to this broadcast is Go there to Studio A and listen to the show every Sunday live and be sure to get into the chat room. If you miss the show, the show archives will be posted on webpage on this page here .

Every show will also be archived on this Facebook page:  in a sound cloud format  I will also ask you to like my victory of the light radio show/blog on facebook. On every Sunday around 5:30PM Los Angeles time I will try to do a 10 minute update about the PFC website and new information on the “Eventâ€. We will to to always take questions on air. This is an ongoing opportunity to have new and old members get updates on a weekly basis. Anyone receiving this message is encouraged to send any questions to me at  and I will answer your questions on air.

 Thank you for being here.

In love and light.

Rob Potter



Air DateVideoDescription
08/03/2014The Victory of The Light Radio Show 8-3-14 – Rob has an amazing show with James Gilliand of Eceti Ranch and they discuss the upcoming Mt Shasta Ascension Portal conference september 12th -14th. They also discuss James contact experiences and Rob´s experiences and their common views on many things including spirituality, why ETs don’t land and so much more. Don’t miss this one!
07/27/2014The Victory of The Light Radio Show 7-27-14 Rob interview Veronica Keen who has been receiving messages from her husband who passed over to the other side and has maintained in contact with his dear wife. she has been sharing and transmitting his messages of revelation and positive up liftment for all. This interview explores her process for when Monty was alive until now and her mission to heal the earths key lines and provide healing centers world wide!
7/6/2014The Victory of The Light Radio Show 7-6-14 Rob Waxes philosophical on dualism Christianity historical vs real life/ planetary redemption/ the meaningless llusion of the mental plane. The voice of truth and pure spirit. Then one of robs favorite guests Frank Chile shares many wonderful stories until the end when he gets brain freeze when rob trys to pull him into a storey he can’t remember! Time flys lol.
6/29/2014The Victory of The Light Radio Show 6-29-14 Rob interviews Andrew Basiago who will present at robs Mt Shasta Ascension Portal conference in September 12th-14th Andrew talks about his experiences in the governments secret technology program that was involved in time travel and “Jump room” technology. this show had some tech issues as Andrew believes his internet was receiving outside interference. However Andrew announces his candidacy for the presidential bid in 2016. He also shares information on some of his intended policies as well as more insights into the advanced agenda of the secret governments and their use of this technology.
6/22/2014Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter June 22nd. Rob announces the MT Shasta Ascension Portal conference to be held in September 12-14th with Rob Potter James Gilliland to name a few. The Venusian Commander Valiant Thor and Dr Franks Stranges are the topic of this show. Rob introduces Esther Brenner who shares he memories of Dr Frank whom she knew for over 30 years. Merlin Dybal also shares his memories of the Commanders teachings and suggestion for mankind. Rob adds to the memories with extra details.
6/15/2014Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter June 15th. Rob announces the MT Shasta Ascension Portal conference to be held in September 12-14th with Alfred Lambremont Weber James Gilliland and others, This show starts off with Brad Mulner of Modern Health coach sharing great information on alternative healing technologies. The Mark Leone gives a blow by blow of delivering a healing device from the Sirians To a Massai medicine woman he never met! Donna Anderson shares her mission as transducing spiritual energies on sacred locations as determined by Soltec a great scientist who serves on earth for the solar council!
6/02/2014Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter june 1st Rob interviews Alfred Lambremont Weber they discuss exopolitics and what interplanetary cultural exchange might look like. starting with the Agarthan network. P.S Offenbach author discusses his world wide debut of his new book “The Global Abuse of Creating Money and Doing it Otherwise” Mr Offenback has written a book which is the most consice and clearly illustrated book on the history of money an how it has been fraudulently used by elitists to bankrupt countries and create destruction on our world a must read.
5/27/2014Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter May 27th, Rob Interviews Laura Eisenhower They talk about Valiant Thor, the military industrial complex and ruminate on the control matrix. The light work of Laura and the divine feminine is discussed and they share their mutual passions for exposing the matrix through an intelligent dissemination of truth. Laura’s sensitive nature sheds the light on many subjects from a unique perspective. Part 2 Rob Interviews Byron Belitsos and they get deep into the Revelations of the Urantia book and the life of Christ, planetary redemption and many other insights into spirituality! Victory To The Light