(VI) Mike Adams: The Trump phenomenon explained: The American people are on the verge of revolt and looking for an agent of radical change / California’s water collapse means many citizens are living like third-world citizens with no running water

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I believe we will see arrests, an interim government and the NESARA announcement long before the 2016 presidential election. After seven years of lies, incompetence, waste, fraud and abuse by the Obama administration, I do believe the people are on the verge of a revolt because most people are worse off now than they were before Obama was elected president the first time. Virtually every campaign promise was broken. People are sick of being lied to and sick of the Washington Cartel. They want someone with conviction, who can’t be bought and who is going to do what he says. Trump is the most likely candidate that seems to have those qualities. He is also an outsider. He speaks his mind, and he stands up to the media. People like those qualities as well. That’s why he is doing so well in the polls. I believe the majority of the people are ready for change, even drastic change after the disastrous policies of the Obama administration, both foreign and domestic. The NESARA changeover should prevent any revolt. It will be a cause of celebration for those that are awake and aware of the bigger divine plan. It may bring fear to those who are not clued in. Also, this tsunami of love energy that is continuing to rise and reach a peak on September 28 should also quail any revolt. But the biggest thing that will quail any revolt in my opinion will be the release of prosperity to the people, but it is going to take some time to spread to all the people. I believe the health ranger’s commentary below sums up the sentiment of the people quite well even though he is not aware of the coming changes that are part of bigger divine plan. –MrT.


The Trump phenomenon explained: The American people are on the verge of revolt and looking for an agent of radical change

(NaturalNews) After the mainstream media desperately tried to destroy Donald Trump by defaming him with a barrage of made-up lies — that’s what the media does best — suddenly all the journalists who tried to destroy Trump are befuddled by his inexplicable rise in the polls.

But it isn’t inexplicable at all, it turns out. The American people are sick and tired of being constantly lied to by doublespeak politicians and Washington criminals like the Clintons and Bushes.

They’re sick and tired of the McCain RINOs, the Biden clowns and the same old useless ideas of hope and change which always end up being “tyranny and impoverishment” with a heavy dose of government propaganda.

The American people, I submit, are on the verge of revolt. After suffering for 6+ years under the Obama regime, the American middle class is being systematically obliterated. Parental rights are being routinely trampled. Serious government corruption and criminality is exploding. People are less free, less wealthy and less happy about almost everything. The stock market is a

manipulated mirage; the government’s unemployment statistics are elaborate fiction; the executive branch of government is an out-of-control tyrannical regime; and the mainstream media is so full of hilarious lies and truly idiotic “journalists” that more and more people are just turning it off and discovering independent media instead (see )

To many, Trump is the right radical for a time of national desperation

In the midst of all this, Donald Trump arrives on the scene. He’s rich… super rich!, which means he can’t be bought off by corporate interests. He’s bombastic and seemingly rude at times… yet the American are tired of being lied to by false politeness and patronizing politicians. Trump doesn’t surrender to the usual barrage of media-catapulted guilt trips and shaming attempts… instead, he fights back and doubles down.

There’s something about this that’s curiously likeable, especially in a time when nearly all Republicans, other than Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, have abandoned anything resembling backbone or courage. (Then again, I did really appreciate Ted Cruz cooking bacon on the barrel of his AR-15. A true Texan!)

So Trump has become an enigma to the lying mainstream . They aren’t used to people standing up for themselves and defying the usual MSNBC smirkathons and shame-fests. Lamestream media journalists are used to being able to shout down and embarrass all their political opponents, and until Trump came along, almost nobody had the balls to stand their ground and point out the idiocy of today’s status quo.

Trump is viewed as a political gladiator for radical change

That’s why people like Trump, I think. He’s their fighter in the ring. He’s the guy who gives the finger to Washington, a gesture we’d all like to practice on a daily basis, of course. Trump isn’t the guy you necessarily want to have over for dinner, and he’s not the kind of personality you want marrying your daughter. But that’s not the role of a President in the first place (unless your name is Bill Clinton, in which case his job is to SLEEP with your daughter!).

Trump, I think, is increasingly seen as America’s political gladiator, fighting in the political arena with a steadfastness that never really exists among career politicians. He’s the kind of personality, in other words, that people want fighting for them when the going gets rough. Think about it: Who wouldn’t want Trump on their team when the chips are down and it’s time to battle for America? He may be kind of a jerk, but he’s OUR jerk!

By the way, I recently launched , the only independent media news aggregation site in the world that focuses entirely on Donald Trump. Headlines are updated every hour of the day and are gathered from over 5,000 news sites in near-real-time. Check it out to stay up to date on what the indy media is reporting on Donald Trump.

Too volatile to predict what happens next

Will this fascination with Trump last? No one can say. Trump is a lot less predictable than career politicians, of course. If he gets bored or ticked off with the whole process, he can simply remove himself from the brawl and go back to the world of business and real estate. Even if he quits tomorrow, he’s already a legend just by standing up to the lamestream media’s lies and defamation attempts.

Or, to the horror of many on the right, Trump could deliberately throw this election to the Democrats by declaring himself a third-party candidate, revisiting the Ross Perot effect of getting Democrats elected by splitting the conservative vote.

Some people believe Trump is a deliberate distraction… maybe even a double agent… who’s actually seeking to put Clinton into office. But I think that’s a stretch. In my assessment, Trump shares the kind of “sick and tired” wake-up call that millions of other Americans are also experiencing. I think he’s just fed up with the total incompetence of bad government, the tragically horrible diplomacy of the Obama regime (Iran deal, anyone?) and the criminality of the Clinton regime in particular. The fact that there are still Democrats on the left who support Hillary Clinton, one of the most monstrous criminal politicians to ever occupy high public office in , just shows you how far gone this country already is.

My guess is that Trump just wants to fight for America’s interests and help prevent the nation from descending into “full retard” status. But what happens if Trump actually gets elected? That’s a real wild card. Trump is used to barking orders to employees, not working the plodding, elaborate machinery of Washington’s politics. He’s not a “you pat my back and I’ll pat yours” kind of guy. He’s more like a, “You do what I say or I’ll kick you in the balls” persona. He’s the Hulk Hogan of politics, if you will. But is it all scripted like pro wrestling? There’s no way to know…

A Clinton election will unleash a mass revolt across America

As a Texan, I can tell you that if Clinton gets elected to the White House, it will set off a conservative revolt that very likely involves the mass nullification of federal laws followed by serious talk of secession.

Rural America, in particular, grows tired of working 60 hours a week just to send money to Washington so that they can redistribute it to entitlement recipients in America’s collapsing (liberal) cities. The lies of socialism and Big Government simply can’t be sustained much longer. Sooner or later, Big Government runs out of other people’s money, after all.

Texas is right now the economic powerhouse of America. It has most of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, most of the energy infrastructure, high technology, food production, business innovation and a climate for agriculture. Texas has about the same GDP as the entire nation of Canada, by the way, and when push comes to shove, Texas will shove back.

Check out this fascinating article entitled The answer, of course, is Texas.

But getting back to Trump, if Trump gets elected, he’s going to face the kind of barrage from the media that Jesse Ventura endured as the Governor of Minnesota. The merciless attacks on Ventura were all grounded in the mass media’s outright hatred of anyone who spoke the truth on any subject at all.

For his part, Donald Trump openly talks about , a subject that virtually all informed people know to be true… but talking about it still earns a person mass ridicule from the pharma-corrupted mainstream media that continues to deny the simple fact that flu shots still contain toxic mercury.

Trump reminds me of Ventura in some ways, but Trump is of course far more experienced in the business world and has the benefit of several billion dollars of personal wealth to back him up.

The lamestream media has already discovered they can’t intimidate Trump, and the more they lie about him, the higher his popularity ratings skyrocket. They still can’t figure out how to destroy him, so now the political games will take place with the state delegates, where the Bush camp has all the connections and influence.

Frankly, if Trump can overcome all that, he probably deserves to be President. What kind of President he might actually be is anybody’s guess. He certainly won’t be boring! Then again, neither was President Camacho from Idiocracy…

California is a state that is having major issues, issues that may very well carry over into other states. The next president, whoever that is, is surely going to have to deal with these issues, do so quickly. –MrT.

California’s water collapse means many citizens are living like third-world citizens with no running water

(NaturalNews) As California’s wealthier residents worry about keeping their swimming pools full and their lawns green, many of the state’s less fortunate are simply trying to figure out how to survive in communities that have no access to running water.

Thousands of Californians live in areas where local water supplies have either completely dried up or are contaminated by pesticides and other pollutants. In these ‘dry’ communities, many have been without direct access to clean water for the last two years and the number of people who have no running water in their homes is steadily growing.

In Tulare County alone, more than 5,000 people now have no access to drinkable water.

The four-year long drought has taken a serious toll on rural California communities that are not served by the network of pipelines and aqueducts that supply urban areas with fresh water from northern California and the Colorado River.

There may be efforts in the future to connect these communities to the urban water networks, but at present these are little more than expensive long-term plans that may or may not be implemented in the next few years.

Meanwhile, farmers and residents in these dry areas have been forced to rely on solely on water pumped from wells which are depleting groundwater supplies at an unprecedented rate. In many areas, the groundwater supplies are too contaminated by pesticides to be useful as drinking water and there are no longer surface water resources available.

In some communities, arsenic contamination in the water supplies has become a serious problem. Agricultural use of fertilizers and mining operations both contribute to elevated levels of arsenic, a substance which is normally present in supplies but at much lower concentrations.

Arsenic is linked to several types of cancer and can also cause birth defects and nervous system disorders.

No relief in sight

With no indications that the California drought will end anytime soon, even the water used to supply the cities and large agricultural concerns has become increasingly scarce, so there’s little hope on the horizon for the poorer communities whose water supplies have already disappeared.

The entire state may be in danger of drying up completely over the next few years, and the implications of such an occurrence are almost unimaginable, considering that southern California is home to more than 20 million people.

Water conservation begins at home

Most of us take the water pouring out of our faucets for granted. The average household wastes up to 10,000 gallons of water per year due to leaks, and that figure doesn’t take into account the thousands of gallons we squander by taking long showers, letting the water run while we brush our teeth and dozens of other wasteful actions we scarcely notice.

No matter where you live, it’s important to be aware of just how precious our water supplies are, and how quickly they can be depleted, contaminated or made unavailable otherwise.

To prevent and prepare for a water emergency, we must learn how to waste less, conserve and collect more, all the while making sure there is an adequate stockpile in the home in case of a sudden cut-off from local water providers.

Have the leaks in your home fixed, become aware of the water you waste on a daily basis and take steps to minimize it.

Collect rainwater, put a bucket under the bathtub faucet to collect the water you use waiting for it to heat up, water your lawn at night, use a drip feed in your garden.

Make sure you have enough water stockpiled to last at least one month in case of an emergency. Each person needs at least one gallon per day, so for a family of three you should stockpile a minimum of 100 gallons.

Buy a good portable water filtration system, such as the SteriPEN or LIFESAVER jerrycan in case you have to leave your home in a disaster situation.

Keep in mind that water is the most crucial resource in terms of survival. Don’t waste it or take it for granted.

Stay up to date on news of the California drought at



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