(VI) Online database of psychiatric drug-linked shootings launched by the Health Ranger… PsychDrugShooters.com (DM) / U.S. Congress debates bill to let Big Pharma get more dangerous, ineffective drugs approved

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Online database of psychiatric drug-linked shootings launched by the Health Ranger… PsychDrugShooters.com

By , the Health Ranger


(NaturalNews) To help document the continued increase in violent shootings carried out by individuals whose minds are altered by dangerous psychiatric drugs, we’ve just launched a new website that lists and describes all the known “psych drug shootings.”

The site is called .

As Natural News and others have documented time and again, the use of psych drugs (such as antidepressants / SSRIs) has been linked to nearly every mass shooting in America. And the number of suicides linked to these drugs is even worse.

According to the Federal Drug Administration’s own statistics, 63,000 people in the U.S. have committed suicide while on antidepressant drugs.

It’s a biological fact that psychiatric drugs often make many people feel disconnected from reality, allowing them to undertake violent actions they would not normally pursue, such as shooting their fellow students or turning their vehicles into ramming weapons to commit mass violence. Something “flipped a switch” in their brains and that something was almost certainly a psychiatric drug.

See recent entries from the new website on:

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It’s not the guns; it’s the mind-altering drugs!

Until we halt the chemical holocaust being perpetrated against our world by the psychiatric drugging industry, we will sadly continue to see more of these violent, drug-induced shootings taking place. Psych cause violence, and even if guns are not available to these deranged individuals, they can use knives, swords, vehicles or even explosives to carry out violence against innocents.

Blaming guns for mass murders is like blaming automobiles for drunk driving. It’s the intention of the person that matters, not merely the hardware… and that intention gets distorted through that distort brain function and transform normal people into killers.

Sadly, the more psych drugs are prescribed, the more violence we’ll see. Meanwhile, Big Pharma pockets billions of dollars in profits from the very same drugs that are causing people to snap and engage in deadly violence.

The link between antidepressants and violence has been known for years by the very people manufacturing, marketing or prescribing the drugs!

Years ago, Natural News for takers of their Prozac drug, the first antidepressant SSRI medication.

Later we also reported the results of . We also . And that’s just a small sample of the shameful record of psychiatric drugs linked to violent shootings.

Psych drugs and the agenda to disarm private citizens

Psychiatric drugs are what drive people to precisely the kinds of insane violent acts that support the twisted political agenda of gun monopolization. The more often take place, the more often liberal politicians push for disarming private citizens and making sure all guns reside solely in the hands of government agents.

Note carefully that “gun control” efforts do not call for eliminating guns from everyone… only from private citizens. This would create a monopoly of power in the hands of the government itself, and history has shown than absolute power always leads to absolute corruption.

Disarmament of the citizenry has long been the goal of the Obama administration and leftists everywhere. Psychiatric drugs actually help promote this goal by causing more violent , giving politicians one crisis after another that they can exploit to achieve their goal is total disarmament of the enslaved population. But as history has shown, once a population is disarmed and enslaved, a corrupt government can do anything it wants to them, including rounding up of innocent people (Japanese internment camps in World War II), silencing dissenters or even committing genocide (i.e. the Holocaust of the Nazi era, which was only successful because the Jewish citizenry were first disarmed. See .)

The mainstream media refuses to tell the truth about all this

To no one’s surprise, the mainstream media refuses to tell you the truth about the link between psychiatric drugs and violent killings. Why would they? They depend heavily on Big Pharma for advertising revenue, and don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

They get many of their “facts” straight from Big Pharma’s PR puppets, especially now that they’ve laid off the majority of their actual journalists. The ownership and management executives in mainstream media have numerous connections to Big Pharma’s ownership and management. And of course the mainstream media doesn’t link gun violence to psych drugs simply because that would distract from their own narrative that guns alone are to blame for these events.

While no one argues that guns don’t belong in the hands of the mentally deranged, what society really needs today is “medication control!”

That’s why was created. It’s another way to spread the news about the real cause of mass shootings as part of our ultimate goal of putting a stop to this senseless,

The PsychDrugShooters database will help inform professional and amateur journalists, concerned citizens, political activists, health care professionals and anyone else who wants easy access to the truth. It features a simple, easy-to-search database, divided into several useful categories:

  • family shootings/murders
  • female shootings
  • Islamic extremism
  • military-related violence
  • school shootings
  • targeted attacks
  • workplace shootings

Each entry contains information about each shooter, the details of the crime and the name of the (or drugs) involved.

To begin searching, go to psychdrugshooters.com now and start learning!

Don’t forget Good Gopher as a powerful research tool for the truth

In addition to launching Psych Drug Shooters, we’ve also recently launched , the world’s first search engine that filters out corporate propaganda and government disinfo.
It’s refreshing! Try searching GoodGopher.com for any topic where the truth has been suppressed: Monsanto, fluoride, psychiatric drugs, vaccines and more. You’ll find that Good Gopher gives you all the search results that Google and other search engines deliberately censor.

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U.S. Congress debates bill to let Big Pharma get more dangerous, ineffective drugs approved


(NaturalNews) A piece of legislation that will endanger American consumers by giving Big Pharma a more streamlined, quicker drug approval process that will no doubt lead to dangerous medications being marketed and sold before adequate testing has just passed a major milestone.

In recent days, the House Energy Commerce Committee the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation that, the committee said in a press release, “accelerates the discovery, development, and delivery of life saving and life improving therapies and transforms the quest for faster cures.”

In particular, the law would among other things:

  • Remove barriers to increased research collaboration;
  • Modernize clinical trials;
  • Remove regulatory uncertainty for the development of new medical apps; and
  • Provide new incentives for the development of drugs for rare diseases.

Current hard-won approval process just fine

“This nonpartisan legislation is a product of more than a year of working with patients, advocates, researchers, innovators, and health care professionals to bring our nation’s laws up to speed with advances in medicine and technology,” the press release said.

But a pair of activists and a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, the federal entity that approves new medications for the consumer market, are skeptical. In an editorial in The New York Times, activists Gregg Gonsalves and Mark Harrington, former members of Act Up/New York, and former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, are urging Congress to keep the current FDA approval process as is.

The writers base their argument in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, in which several lawmakers and policymakers urged quicker FDA approval of aimed at fighting HIV, even if they had not yet been properly tested and vetted.

“The danger of faster drug approval was that a devil’s bargain would be struck: quicker access to experimental drugs, but without first determining whether these drugs were safe and would improve health and extend life,” they wrote.

During the AIDS epidemic groups like Act Up (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) were frustrated by the FDA because they believed that the FDA’s approval process was too slow and overly bureaucratic. The agency “seemed indifferent to the sufferings of thousands, including some of the most vulnerable in our society: gay men, minorities, drug users and infants,” they wrote.

However, prompted by organizations like Act Up and others, the FDA began to work more closely with groups to speed drugs to market. “Novel processes were devised that expedited approvals of these new drugs by allowing their conditional release, pending further studies by the companies that developed them,” the trio wrote.

Bill ‘opens the door’ to liabilities

And even though the experimental medications were reaching patients faster, “these new [FDA] procedures maintained the essential responsibility that drug companies have to patients and the American public: They would still have to show that the new drugs were safe and effective under the usual criteria required by the agency,” they said.

In the end, the FDA actually became the fastest agency of its kind in the world, approving new medications much more quickly than European or Asian counterparts. Today, “the agency has introduced new mechanisms such as fast-track and breakthrough drug designations that are increasingly being used to speed lifesaving new treatments to market,” the wrote.

Now, however, the seeks to undo these changes, they argue, largely by reducing standards that will endanger the public. The act “could substantially lower the standards for approval of many medical products, potentially placing patients at unnecessary risk of injury or death,” they noted. “While the legislation does not mandate this approach, it opens the door to it.”

The also write that approval standards for medical devices would be lowered even further than for medications, and they are already lower as it is.

You can read the full column


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Obama’s FDA cover-up could cost you your life.