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Understanding the Greek ‘No’

A message from John Ross
July 6, 2015

If you want to understand the Greek referendum and the resulting ‘No’ vote a good place to start is to accept that all major media outlets in the so called free world are owned and controlled by the same forces that caused Greece’s problems in the first place. The major culprits are the world financial systems and their main benefactors, the big banks; the ‘banksters’ is a good moniker for this oligopoly.

The banksters targeted Greece seven or eight years ago and engineered a lending spree based on mortgages below prime with little or no checks and balances. Once the stage was set, they raised interest rates and sat back as failure rates went through the roof and panic ensued. This was followed by a series of bail outs where the political system in Greece was manipulated into taking on public debt and accepting the strings attached by the banksters similar to those imposed on third world countries around the world. The infrastructure of the country is destroyed (usually in the name of ‘free trade’) and the banksters are now in charge…for good…since the country is now deeply in debt (300 billion euros or so) and interest charges eat up a large portion of taxation revenues.

The Greek government’s solution…declare bankruptcy. Works for individuals…why not countries? Since that would not serve the banksters and their plan to enslave the world; enter the smiling banksters and their bail-out packages along with their control of the media spouting fear based predictions designed to manipulate the politicians and people around the world to support the banksters.

The good news is the people of Greece saw through all of this and voted ‘no’ to the bail-out supporting the elected government of Greece who are trying to do the right thing and serve the people of Greece. (They should have followed Iceland’s example from the get-go. –MrT.)

Doesn’t zero debt as achieved through bankruptcy seem like a better starting point for reviving their troubled economy instead of a debt of 300 billion being charged compound interest and banksters laying down terms and conditions that the government has to comply with?

The good news is the people of Greece said no to the bankster’s bail-out proposal and the even better news is that the Greek government took a stand against the banksters. The bad news is that the banksters are a patient bunch who control the media, so now begins the dangerous phase won many times before by those who control the media.

I see through all of this and if you are still reading, so do you; but time is on the side of the banksters and so is the media. The Greek government had better take decisive action and quickly or they will die the death of a thousand cuts as the media and the banksters out-wait them.

Bold solutions are available. The Greek government is well aware of the surrender agreement where the Earth’s dark surrender to the Light in return for amnesty and an orderly transfer of power ensues. That is one such bold solution. Another is to switch into a Light based financial system world-wide and permanently get rid of the banksters. Both these solutions are cued up and ready to go and if one starts the process the other will soon follow.

Three cheers for the Greek people and their Light based government. What an opportunity! May this victory be the opening that begins the soon to come shift into a Light based shared reality, into a Light based shared human timeline.

Freedom for humanity…



URLs converted to titled hyperlinks with selected excerpts. –MrT. 


Planetary Situation Update

By Cobra
Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remains the plasma accretion vortex around planet Earth, full of strangelet and toplet bombs. This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body. This vortex is not a dead plasma field, it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.

On June 30th there was a strong energy alignment with a huge positive potential: a Venus-Jupiter conjunction. This is supposed to be one of the most positive energy alignments, but around that day the dark forces made many energy attacks to the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to suppress the positive timeline. Their attempts were not successful and in a strong counteraction by the Light forces, the positive timeline for the planet was strengthened and upgraded two days later. This will stabilize and harmonize the remaining process until the Event.

I took this picture of the Venus-Jupiter alignment on July 1st. You can see the bright Venus crescent in the lower left and a dim Jupiter globe in the upper right of the picture:

Dragon sources have communicated to me that the Eastern Alliance will support Greece in its fight for freedom and financial independence from the Cabal. And sure enough, news about that support [is] already in the media: (This is great news! –MrT.)

It is interesting to note that the BRICS New Development Bank will start functioning on July 7th, two days after the Greek referendum:

Although the Jesuits have infiltrated deep into the infrastructure of the BRICS alliance, their plans to hijack the liberation process will NOT be successful:

While examining Eastern press reports of the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum for news that went largely unnoticed in the West, I came across a Greek Reporter article titled . It contained this telling section…

“Tsipras also met with representatives of the new development bank for BRICS countries, who expressed their intense interest in cooperating with Greece.

The Greek Prime Minister was accompanied by Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, while the BRICS delegation included its chief, Kundapur Vaman Kamath, IMF’s Executive Director and new Vice President of the BRICS bank Paulo Nogueira Batista, Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak and the head of state bank Vnesheconombank (VEB), Vladimir Dmitriev.”

In the Western news reports of the time, I saw it mentioned that Tsipras met with Putin, but I heard nothing about him meeting with the head of the BRICS Bank, K.V. Kamath…

The Resistance is taking certain steps today to minimize the risk that the Greek referendum will be rigged. It is very likely that their actions to prevent the cabal from interfering will be successful. (Apparently the Resistance were successful because a Goldman Sachs affiliated company was counting the votes. See this article by Georgi Stankov: , and many (bankers and media people) expected fear to rule the day, making for a very close vote. It wasn’t close at all. So while Greece’s future is uncertain, the people did not cave into fear. This is a great sign that the consciousness of the people is rising on the planet. –MrT.)

It appears that the result of the Greek vote is No:

The situation in Greece will most likely converge towards Greece strengthening the ties with the Eastern Alliance, adopting the Drachma and leaving the Eurozone, and the global process of financial meltdown towards the Reset being gradual and not so shocking. (We’ll see; based on RT’s interviews of people on the street, all said they would like to remain in the Eurozone. But they may not have a choice. Merkel made a statement that they should be forced out. –MrT.)

Still, it may be time soon to take your money out of the banks:

The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

Very few people understand that the current financial system is actually a fuzzy logic artificial intelligence computer program with algorithms that at least in the last few years have no correlation with the real world of trade, stock market or even with derivatives or high speed trading. It is totally independent from real market, and its algorithms were designed by JP Morgan IT specialists. Many of them could not bear the fact that they have created a global financial monster (and yes-it is connected with the plasma octopus entity) that is eating up the wealth of all humanity:

A while ago I had the pleasure of hearing Sergey Glazyev, an economist, politician, member of the Academy of Sciences, [and] adviser to Pres. Putin, say something that very much confirmed my own thinking. He said that anyone who knows mathematics can see that the United States is on the verge of collapse because its debt has gone exponential. These aren’t words that an American or a European politician can utter in public, and perhaps not even whisper to their significant other while lying in bed, because the American eavesdroppers might overhear them, and then the politician in question would get the Dominique Strauss-Kahn treatment (whose illustrious career ended when on a visit to the US he was falsely accused of rape and arrested). And so no European (never mind American) politician can state the obvious, no matter how obvious it is.

The Russians have that pretty well figured out by now. Yes, maintaining a dialogue and cordial directions with the Europeans is important. But it is well understood that the Europeans are just a bunch of American puppets with no will or decision-making authority of their own, so why not talk to the Americans directly? Alas, the Americans too are puppets. The American officials and politicians are definitely puppets, controlled by corporate lobbyists and shady oligarchs. But here’s a shocker: these are also puppets, controlled by the simple imperatives of profitability and wealth preservation, respectively. In fact, it is puppets all the way down. And what’s at the bottom is a giant, ever-expanding, financial black hole.

Those information technology specialists and computer programmers of JP Morgan that wanted to spill the beans were methodically removed from the planet by the cabal:

Since December 2013 there has been a rash of unusual deaths among workers at JPMorgan Chase, including alleged leaps from buildings and two separate alleged murder-suicides in New Jersey. A noteworthy number of the deaths have been among technology workers. With the exception of Julian Knott, who was a high level technology expert for JPMorgan in both London and later at the firm’s high tech Global Network Operations Center in Whippany, New Jersey, all of the individuals were under 40. (See names and incidents below.)

As we are getting closer to the Event, the cabal is getting afraid, very afraid:

If there is one thing that the elite of the world fear more than anything else, it is death. They spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy attempting to shield themselves from potential threats, to separate themselves from the general population and to do whatever they can to extend their lifespans.

They travel with multiple bodyguards, they install “safe rooms” in their homes, they buy private islands on the other side of the world and they invest huge amounts of money into life extension technologies and research. They do all of these things in a desperate attempt to battle an enemy that they have never been able to defeat – death.

And in this day and age, the elite are becoming more paranoid than ever. They know that as the gap between the wealthy and the poor has exploded that they have become bigger targets than ever.
So firms that provide private security, “safe rooms” and high tech “security bunkers” for the elite are doing a booming business these days.

Many of the elite live in constant fear and absolutely crave security, and they are willing to pay big bucks to get it.

On Monday, the New York Times ran an article entitled “Still Secret and Secure, Safe Rooms Now Hide in Plain Sight” which discussed how “safe rooms” are becoming much more common among the elite living in New York City…

At the same time, the Light forces are preparing:

The primary purpose of Prepare for Change is to help ensure the Event happens as smoothly and peacefully as possible, and media will play a major central role at the Event, especially in the first few days and weeks. All main stream media will be cut off from control structures and they will be immediately used by the Light forces to communicate clear information about what is truly going on. This is a very important factor because triggers of fear in humanity could result in violence and not easily resolved conflicts. Clear, easily digestible information given to the general population very quickly at the moment of the Event through mass media is the most critical and effective thing to maintain calm and harmony, and doing it effectively requires understanding of the situation:

  • All the famous figures in main stream media are either directly mind control victims, or simply so deeply indoctrinated and programmed that none of them will be able to relay the actual truth. Therefore other people will have to do the job.
  • Positive military and Resistance Movement people will not be able to do this because this would trigger too many fears of a military coup in humanity. Such fears could generate violence. Therefore civilians will be needed to do the job. This factor is also relevant to all aspects of Prepare for Change: military and resistance groups cannot be doing everything alone otherwise people could fall into fear and violence. Resistance and positive military will do a lot, [but] still they will need us to participate. Strong civilian organization and community efforts are among the most effective solutions to defuse tension in the first few days and weeks after the Event.
  • There are a few facts which will absolutely need to be communicated widely in priority to avoid triggers and tension: *This [will] not [be] a coup. This is not martial law. Nobody is taking charge of the country. These are lawful arrests and many proofs are available to justify these arrests and they will be presented here and now. A true democratic process is being initiated and new elections will be held as soon as possible. Your money hasn’t disappeared. The financial system has been so corrupted by these criminals that the whole computer system it is based on needs to be restarted in order to delete unfair and illegal financial programs, and to re-distribute stolen money to the people it belongs to. The stolen money belongs to every human on Earth. This money has been stolen from you through taxes and other means throughout centuries, and it will be re-distributed to every human being on Earth as soon as the financial system re-opens in a few days*
  • *No law of any kind is going to be imposed on you. Your destiny is in your hands through true democratic process*
  • *We need your help, every one of you, to ensure peace, and that everybody is being taken care of and supported during this time of transition*You don’t necessarily need to quote these word by word, what matters is the essence of the message.
  • Most people will still be deeply engrained in matrix belief systems at the time of the Event, and therefore they will not be able to process all the information in just a few days. Talking about deeper subjects such as non-physical and off-world things (galactic wars, reptilians, archons, etc.) would be too much for most people to hear right away, they would overload and simply reject the whole thing, they would be likely to fall into fears that the country has been taken over by a cult or something, which could also generate violence. Therefore information in the first few days will absolutely need to be only about physical, surface based information, such as the financial system, proof of the crimes of the physical cabal such as fake wars and suppression of green technologies, etc., without going into deeper, more sensitive details. All the information will be released of course, but people will only be able to hear it progressively, step by step.

These are fairly simple points which will absolutely need to be respected in order to avoid violence. Choice of words, energetic clarity and timing of our media responses will be very critical for the turn of events which will affect billions of people in the first few days after the Event. The Resistance knows who would be suitable for this job and they will be able to open doors for these people to access the mainstream media. There will need to be people all over the world doing this. These people will need to be able to respond quickly and to maintain their clarity throughout the process.

The level of coordination of Event Support Groups in German speaking countries is simply amazing and is an example of what you can do also in your country:

– (German language but provides a map. –MrT.)

You can also join the Gaia Confederation, a global network of positive groups joining forces towards the planetary liberation:

This is the official page of the Gaia Confederation, a worldwide network based on intentions of co-operation and unity between various genuine groups and individuals who are all working for the same goals of Liberation and Peace, despite their apparent differences.

What is a confederation? It is, by definition, a loose structure that holds no authority (contrary to a federation), in which all members always maintain authority on themselves, and in which their differences are respected. The purpose of the structure is mutual support and harmony in action. The Gaia Confederation is based simply on an energetic intention, there is no quota, no duty of co-operation required, it is all dependent on each member’s free will case by case.

The members of the Gaia Confederation are connected through our foundation statement:

We, as members of the Gaia Confederation, recognize that, despite any apparent difference, we are all working for the same goal of liberation and peace for planet Earth and all its inhabitants, respect of universal law and full connection with the One Source/Creator for every living being.

We understand that this confederation is not a hierarchical construct. It is a loose constructive structure that can never be centered on some of its members. All members of the confederation are equal.

We recognize all of our individualities that we all have our own path, and therefore we are not bound by dogma and our different opinions are respected.

We also understand our unity and this is where this confederation stems from: as we are all working for the same goal, we recognize the need to support each other as much as we can, as the way of all natural life is to support each other.

We recognize that we all have a role, a piece of the puzzle, a unique purpose and a place inside the mandala that we form together.

We understand that a lot of changes are happening on Earth, and much more are coming, and therefore our union and co-operation are necessary for a harmonious and stable transition.

We understand that this confederation can never bind us to any duty not in accordance with our free will. It is simply an energetic intention to create harmony and unity among the planetary liberation and peace network.

~Gaia Confederation

This Confederation has no vocation to create content. All the content and opinions created by its members involve only themselves. The Confederation has no official representative, not even its members.

Coordinated actions may be organized when the time is right, only if all members agree on them unanimously. Therefore all actions and messages that are not published on this official page cannot be considered as being done in the name of the Confederation.

Our symbol is the sunflower, which is a nice symbol in itself, and its seed area is a beautiful vortex based on phi, the golden number.

Below is the list of all members to this date, in alphabetical order, and by language (not by nationality).

Or meditate for the Compression Breakthrough:

We live on a beautiful planet. There is so much love and beauty. But the powers that rule it, the governments and the elite, just don’t seem to want to do what’s right. Mother Earth produces enough to let at least 10 billion people live in peace and abundance, but all our rulers can think of is how to keep their power, create conflicts and war, and make us pay more and more. Through dark brotherhoods and secret operations they ignore the will of the people. They try to keep us in a state of dependence and fear through the media that they control.
Isn’t it time to change that? Isn’t it time that WE decide how our planet is run? It’s easier than you think. Yes, really. There’s a law of physics that maybe you’ve already heard about, which is perfect for breaking this old and worn out paradigm where the rich few control the rest of us. This law is called the “Law of Attraction”. It says that whatever you focus on that you want, and truly feel in your heart, you attract to yourself. Just look it up on the web or in the library (read “The Secret” for instance), there are many, many stories of people who changed their lives successfully this way.

The way to use it is through visualization. When you visualize something that you want, and you feel the joy AS IF IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, it will manifest itself.

You can apply this to your personal life, but also for the greater benefit of our planet and mankind. The more people that focus on it, the stronger the energy gets. The energy that is sent out by a group of people, multiplies itself, it becomes stronger than the sum of those people. Don’t just take our word for is, it has been proven scientifically. Just watch a video that we made about it, you can find it here:

If you have time, you can watch hundreds of Cobra videos in 30 different languages, all conveniently published here:

(Appears to be a blog with post on the coming shift. –MrT.)

“We are living in extraordinary times. This is the shift of the ages. The financial system will restructure itself, the matrix will fall apart and new society will be born. Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. This world is about to enter a totally new dimension, a new reality, an end of linear time. Are you ready? This tour is not just an introduction to preparedness… It is the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It contains information and guidance about time around 2012 and the planetary dimensional shift, never before revealed on this planet.” – Cobra

You can see my videos here. Most of them are related to Cobra’s posts. They can give you better understanding about the situation of the shift of the ages.

Or read more about the positive Agartha network in English at:

or in :

The Breakthrough is near!

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    Why not let Greece lead the way. Wasn’t that where Hermes went to start the world thinking for themselves? Cobra is not only my inspiration, but his posts are the bulk of the fiction I write.