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Source: http://naturalsociety.com/who-monsanto-herbicide-in-gmo-crops-is-carcinogenic/

WHO Full Report: Monsanto Herbicide in GMO Crops is Carcinogenic

As many crops are made to withstand the chemical

By Christina Sarich
August 3, 2015

Image from: http://www.todayshomeowner.com/when-to-plant-after-using-roundup-glyphosate-weed-killer/

While the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is not a regulatory agency, their release of a full report on glyphosate’s ability to cause cancer is making waves throughout the world. Glyphosate is the key component in Monsanto’s Roundup.

There are more than 750 products for sale in the USA alone which contain glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide that has been selling since the 1970s.

The agency is comprised of an international review board which determined that glyphosate is indeed carcinogenic. Considering that more than ‘80% of the biotech-created GM crops’ throughout the world were manufactured to be used with this herbicide, it would logically follow that the majority of our food supply is now contaminated by a cancer-causing agent(s).

Following the release of the report, the country of Sri Lanka decided to ban glyphosate completely, and other countries are considering a similar move. Is this information just too much to swallow for more immediate action to follow, or have governments been infiltrated so completely by biotech that the announcement that most of our food is covered in poison will simply be ignored?

The National Pesticide Information Center has done nothing to update its website to inform citizens that the IARC has declared that this herbicide is carcinogenic.

In fact, they instead post the following, word for word:

“Is glyphosate likely to contribute to the development of cancer?

Animal studies have not shown evidence that glyphosate exposure is linked to cancer. Studies with people have also shown little evidence that exposure to glyphosate products is linked with cancer.”

This is an outrageous lie that should be removed immediately, but it won’t be because we are dealing with an industry which regulates itself. Unless people around the world take massive, grass-roots action, instead of waiting on their governments to respond, Monsanto and the biotech industry will continue to sell known cancer-causing agents.


Source: http://naturalsociety.com/independent-lab-confirms-kashi-go-lean-cereal-loaded-with-toxic-glyphosate/

Independent Lab Confirms Kashi Go Lean Cereal Loaded with Toxic Glyphosate

Contains 6x the levels found in Froot Loops

By Christina Sarich
August 5, 2015


An independent lab has found that Kashi’s ‘healthy’ GoLean Original breakfast cereal (owned by Kellogg’s) is loaded with the herbicide chemical glyphosate. What’s more, it actually contains 6x the amount of glyphosate previously found in Kellogg’s’ Froot Loops cereal.

The Kashi brand has been in trouble before. The company has faced multiple class action lawsuits when consumers accused Kellogg’s of misleading them with “natural” labels despite their cereals containing things like pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, and hexane-processed soy oil.

Now, GMOFreeUSA.org is reporting that a box of Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal, which was not verified by the GMO Free Project, was sent to a lab to be tested for probably-carcinogenic glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling Round Up.

The results were quite shocking:

“A glyphosate residue test was conducted by an accredited lab using the Specific LC/MS/MS testing method with a minimum detectable level of 0.02 ppm. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in the box of Kashi GoLean Original which was not verified by the Non-GMO Project, at a level of 0.68 ppm, or 0.68 mg/kg. This level is nearly 6 times higher than the levels detected in the independent testing we commissioned on Froot Loops.

The test also documented the presence of AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), a metabolite of glyphosate, at an even higher level of 0.81ppm or 0.81mg/kg. This is the first time the lab has documented the presence of AMPA in the products we’ve had tested. The test results give significant reason for concern. There is a growing body of scientific evidence (4) that links glyphosate to health and environmental harm.”

PLEASE NOTE: The box of Kashi GoLean Original we tested was NOT verified by the Non-GMO Project. While this product has been subsequently verified by the Non-GMO Project, there are still boxes which have not been verified on store shelves. In addition, we release the results of these tests because there are still other unverified products in the Kashi line that likely contain similar ingredients.


While some might think of Kashi as a healthful choice, it looks like it’s time to ban yet another product made by Big Food.

Kellogg’s track record isn’t looking so good.

The following is their public stance on GMOs, reprinted from a PDF the company has published:

Kellogg Company GMO Position Statement

“We understand consumers have questions and strong preferences about the foods they eat. Many influential regulatory agencies and organizations worldwide that study the safety of the food supply have confirmed that genetically modified (GM) ingredients are safe.

This approach adds desirable traits from nature, without introducing anything unnatural or using chemicals, so that food is more plentiful. GM ingredients have been around for the past 20 years, are represented in the vast majority of the foods on grocery shelves in the U.S. and many other countries, and help keep food costs down.

They also help feed the hungry and malnourished in developing nations. In some markets around the world, we do not use GM ingredients based on input from our consumers and local availability. For U.S. consumers who prefer an alternative, our Kashi brand offers a variety of Non-GMO Project Verified options.

Kellogg also supports proposed U.S. legislation to establish a federal standard for companies that want to voluntarily label their foods for the absence or presence of GMO food ingredients. We continue to actively monitor the science, regulations and our consumers’ preferences on this topic.

For more information on GM ingredients, visit http://factsaboutgmos.org/. For information about the proposed U.S. legislation, visit www.CFSAF.org.”

Additional Sources:
Featured image sourced and modified from www.GMOFreeUSA.org


Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/050658_glyphosate_testing_Roundup_contamination_carcinogen.html

Glyphosate testing now available! Glyphosate detected in human blood, urine and breast milk; Are you contaminated?


(NaturalNews) For years, Monsanto’s bestselling glyphosate-containing weedkiller, Roundup, has been used to spray gardens, parks, playgrounds and GM crops on farms. Over the years, they propagated the belief that glyphosate is safe to use and does not accumulate in the human body.

“If ingested, glyphosate is excreted rapidly, does not accumulate in body fat or tissues, and does not undergo metabolism in humans. Rather, it is excreted unchanged in the urine,” stated senior Monsanto scientist Dan Goldstein. (1)

Many studies, however, have shown that glyphosate may not be as innocent as some of us may think. It has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, gut and hormone imbalances, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease and prion diseases. These potential health risks have been crushed by the billion-dollar industry. (2, 3)

Thanks to new findings and an episode of Dr. Oz, that went viral, the toxicity of our most popular herbicide has raised new questions and concerns for public health. This resulted in an attack letter from the medicine and biotech corporations through the American Council on Science and Health front group, which is led by a doctor convicted for fraud against the U.S. government.

Read more about the American Council on Science and Health here: TruthWiki.org

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer evaluation unit of the World Health Organization, set up an eight-day meeting with 17 scientific experts earlier this year to assess whether certain pesticides can cause cancer in humans. The IARC declared glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic” (Full report now says definitely carcinogenic. –MrT.), but experts note that it probably should be listed in the “carcinogenic” category.

Recently, a pilot study from Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse analyzed the samples of breast milk, urine and drinking water. Levels found in breast milk were up to 1,600 times higher than the maximum detectable limit allowed in drinking water in Europe. In the U.S., however, maximum allowance is set much higher by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because of the assumption that glyphosate is not bio-accumulative.

Dr. Angelika Hilbeck, senior scientist at the Institute of Integrative Biology in Zurich, stated, “If confirmed in a full investigation, it seems that glyphosate has become a ubiquitous chemical in terms of presence and persistence. This data also offers a first indication of potential accumulation in the human body, giving newborns a substantial dose of synthetic chemicals as a ‘gift’ for their start into life, with unknown consequences. This is reckless and irresponsible conduct in a democratic society, which still has a living memory of previous reckless chemical contaminations, such as DDT. It seems we either did not learn, or we have forgotten, our lessons from Rachel Carson!”

Jessica M. from Virginia, one of the mothers who tested positive for glyphosate in her breast milk, said, “It is frightening to see any glyphosate in my body, especially in my breast milk that will then contaminate my son’s growing body. It’s particularly upsetting to test positive for glyphosate because I go to great lengths to eat organic and GMO free. I do not consume any meats or seafood and only very rarely eat dairy. This really shows me, and should show others, just how pervasive this toxin is in our food system.”

So while you may be doing your absolute best to avoid glyphosate or GMOs, you may be slowly poisoning your body and that of your growing child. One study found that pesticides associated with genetically modified foods, such as glyphosate, were detected in the blood of both mothers and unborn children. (5)

However, according to Moms Across America Founder and Director Zen Honeycutt, “Moms Across America feels very strongly that breast milk should still be the number one choice for mothers and certainly preferred over GMO soy formula ingredients. We just urge all mothers to eat as organic as possible, especially avoiding meat, dairy, oils and grains that are sprayed with glyphosate at harvest as a drying agent.”

Feed the World, supported by the Organic Consumers Association, has made the first-ever validated glyphosate testing program for the general public, which is available here: FeedTheWorld.info.

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