(VI) (DM) Wave of medical refugees to flee California as SB 277 transforms state into autism capital of America / Danish documentary exposes widespread damage caused by HPV vaccine

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Wave of medical refugees to flee California as SB 277 transforms state into autism capital of America

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Thursday, July 02, 2015


(NaturalNews) California just went from being one of the freest states in the nation to one of the most oppressive, at least from the perspective of medical freedom. Following its rapid passage through the state legislature, Senate Bill 277 to eliminate personal vaccine exemptions has officially been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, a move that’s prompted many parents to begin looking for refuge in nearby states where vaccination exemptions are still legally recognized.

In an about-face from his earlier position in support of both personal and religious vaccine exemptions, Gov. Brown sided with the jab pushers this time, parroting ad nausem the mindless rhetoric of the bill’s authors, Senators Dr. Richard Pan (Sacramento) and Ben Allen (Santa Monica), who both believe that children should be forcibly vaccinated in accordance with the official government vaccine schedule.

Claiming that the legislation is necessary to support “science,” the bill’s supporters are hailing its passage as a boon for public health. But the opposition, many of whom have witnessed first-hand the damage caused by vaccines, are furious about this monumental affront to health freedom. Many parents are pulling their children out of school rather than vaccinating them, and some are even threatening to move out of the state.

“No way is anyone injecting something into either of my children without my consent,” stated Elaine Shtein, a parent from San Jose whose five-year-old son was diagnosed with autism shortly after being vaccinated as a baby, to the San Jose Mercury News back in April.

California parents challenge draconian bill with referenda and lawsuits

Autism risk is one of the major concerns surrounding forced vaccinations, and rightfully so as the autism rate has skyrocketed right alongside the ever-expanding government vaccination schedule. Countless parents have had to watch their children’s lives unravel immediately following childhood vaccinations, and rather than have their voices heard and their rights recognized, these same parents are now having to watch as the few remaining vestiges of medical protection are stripped from the books.

The advocacy group A Voice For Choice is already planning to file a referendum to have SB 277 barred from enactment. Various other entities have also begun filing lawsuits against the state of California for violating parental rights and freedom of medical choice.

“We are going to have a referendum to ask the public to put a hold on the law,” stated Palo Alto resident Christina Hildebrand, president and co-founder of A Voice For Choice, to ContraCostaTimes.com. Neither of Hildebrand’s two children is vaccinated. “We will continue to fight this; we are not going away.”

More than the risks involved with vaccinations [are] the precedent SB 277 sets for the state to hold higher authority over children than the children’s own parents. Under the new law, only state-sanctioned doctors will have discretion to deny vaccines for a child, and only under certain circumstances — parents will have little or no say in this important decision-making process.

“For me this is not a debate about the merits of vaccines, the harm vaccines may cause in a subset of vulnerable children, or whether or not the current CDC schedule is really in the best interests of our children’s health. It is a debate about freedom and parental choice,” stated Dr. Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., during a recent testimony before Oregon’s Senate Committee on Health Care.

Dr. Margulis’ testimony helped defeat a similar bill in Oregon, Senate Bill 442, which would have placed similar exemption restrictions on Oregon parents.

To learn more about Dr. Richard Pan and his involvement in mandating vaccination for all California schoolchildren, visit TruthWiki.org.



Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/050264_HPV_vaccines_Denmark_documentary.html

Danish documentary exposes widespread damage caused by HPV vaccine


(NaturalNews) One of Denmark’s national television stations, TV2, recently aired a documentary entitled The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed. The film focuses on three girls who were healthy before receiving the HPV vaccine but subsequently developed serious health problems that remain undiagnosed and unexplained.

Among the doctors featured in the documentary is Louise Brinth of Frederiksberg Hospital, who has personally examined approximately 80 girls with similar symptoms potentially caused by the HPV vaccine.

Brinth noted that they experience symptoms such as dizziness, passing out, and severe headaches. She said, “They have abdominal pain and nausea. They have weird muscle movements, they cannot control. And they’re very tired…. We see a pattern that screams to heaven, and that should be examined by some solid research.”

Danish government taking action

In the documentary, Brinth and another doctor from Frederiksberg Hospital both say that they have never seen such symptoms before. Between them, they have sent four separate warnings to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority that the health problems they have seen might be linked to the HPV vaccine.

During the production of the film, TV2 asked the Health and Medicines Authority for copies of all documents related to the country’s HPV vaccination program. However, the four warnings from the Frederiksberg Hospital physicians were not included in the materials sent to TV2. When the station asked why the documents had been omitted, the Health and Medicines Authority said that they had simply forgotten them.

However, the Health and Medicines Authority is starting to take action, due in part to the efforts of Brinth and her colleagues.

“When we see a pattern in how some reports, there is a basis for making some more explanations, and delve into this stuff,” Director of Health Henrik G. Jenson said.

The Health and Medicines Authority has now designated a single location in each of the country’s five healthcare regions where people suspected of negative reactions to an HPV vaccine can be examined. No official protocol has been established for how to examine or treat such patients yet, however.

Vaccine-induced nerve syndrome?

The documentary was released shortly after the publication of a study by Brinth and colleagues in the Danish Medical Journal describing a consistent set of symptoms developed by a small group of women following HPV vaccination.

“The quadrivalent vaccine that protects against human papilloma virus types 6, 11, 16 and 18 (Q-HPV vaccine, Gardasil) was included into the Danish childhood vaccination program in 2009,” the researchers wrote. “During the past years, a collection of symptoms primarily consistent with sympathetic nervous system dysfunction have been described as suspected side effects to the Q-HPV vaccine.”
The researchers note that a previous, large-scale study found no difference in rates of specific autoimmune diseases between those who had received the vaccine and those who had not. In recent years, however, concern has emerged because “a collection of symptoms has been described that does not readily fit into an existing diagnostic entity, but seemingly represents or involves a dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system.” This collection of symptoms has been considered a possible side effect of injection with both the four-virus (quadrivalent) and two-virus (divalent) varieties of HPV vaccine.

In the new study, the researchers examined 53 patients who had been referred to them for possible autonomic nervous system dysfunction following HPV vaccination. The researchers found that the patients showed remarkable similarities in their symptoms, including balance difficulties upon standing; severe non-migraine headaches; excessive fatigue; gastrointestinal upset; nerve-related pain; and even cognitive dysfunction.

The symptoms seen were not only consistent between patients, but they also matched those described in other studies, the researchers said.

Because the new study is not enough to prove or disprove that the HPV vaccination caused the observed symptoms, the researchers said, “further research is urgently warranted to clarify the pathophysiology behind the symptoms experienced.”