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(VI) (DM) The fight is not over! Libertarian Tim Donnelly launches referendum to overturn California’s forced vaccination law SB277 / CA Sen. Richard Pan violates California law to harass supporters of SB 277 Referendum



The fight is not over! Libertarian Tim Donnelly launches referendum to overturn California’s forced vaccination law SB277

By Julie Wilson, staff writer
August 05, 2015


(NaturalNews) The passing of California’s SB277, a bill that eliminates a parent’s choice to not vaccinate their children due to philosophical or religious beliefs, was a somber moment not only for the state of California, but for the nation as a whole, as no child should ever be involuntarily subjected to vaccines that have the potential to cause brain damage and even death.

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Libertarian Tim Donnelly, a former state assemblyman and governor candidate, launched a to overturn California’s forced vaccination law. While the filing in and of itself is a victory, there is a lot of work to be done, and a very short amount of time to do it, so we need your help.

If enough signatures are collected for the SB277 Referendum, California’s mandatory vaccination law will instantly be halted and placed on the November 2016 ballot, providing citizens with the opportunity to vote on the measure.

If Californians vote against mandatory vaccinations, SB277 will essentially be nullified.

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SB277 kicks thousands of California kids out of school

Overturning California’s forced vaccination law is incredibly important as it will not only save lives and protect public health, but it will also protect a child’s right to education.

The explains why here:

This referendum against SB277 is important to SO many parents of children who would otherwise hit the vaccine mandate at the start of the 2016 school year, because SB277 is slated to go into effect July 2016, right before the school year.

The referendum will immediately put a stop to that.
If we get the signatures in the next couple of months, this will go to a November 2016 vote. This means that ALL parents will be able to enroll their children in school even if they are in kindergarten or 7th grade in August/September 2016.

So, pass or fail, the referendum effort WILL mean that thousands and thousands of kids will not have to be kicked out of school!

The SB277 supporters know this, and they don’t like it.
Won’t you help us keep kids in school where they belong? and sign up to volunteer. We can’t do it without you!

Read about some of the hidden truths about vaccines at

Please sign the to stop mandatory vaccinations in California – time is running out!

If you’re interested in signing the petition, or passing along the information to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, schoolteachers or ANYONE else who lives in California, please check this daily for a list of locations in which you can sign your support.

In order to instantly bring SB277 to a halt, the referendum needs 365,880 signatures from California residents by September 28.

Beginning when the referendum first launched on July 1, proponents were given just 90 days to both organize the campaign, as well as collect the 365,880 signatures, a massive overtaking that requires an immense amount of help.

At the time of this writing, only 54 days remain in order to obtain the signatures, so please act fast and spread the word! The number of signatures collected will be kept private until after September 28.

“Like” the SB277 Referendum Facebook page and their Twitter page

Make sure to use the hashtag #SB277Referendum to draw as much awareness as possible.

Learn more about the harm caused by vaccines at





CA Sen. Richard Pan violates California law to harass supporters of SB 277 Referendum that would block mandatory vaccination


(NaturalNews) As you likely saw from our earlier , the fight over California’s SB277 forced vaccination law isn’t over, as libertarian Tim Donnelly recently filed a referendum that, if it receives over 366,000 signatures, would immediately halt and potentially even reverse the controversial legislation.

If the SB277 Referendum, which you can find information about where to sign , receives more than 365,880 verifiable signatures by September 28, 2015, the measure will be placed on the November 2016 ballot in which Californians will be able to cast their vote, allowing residents to decide through what’s called the people’s veto.

While SB277 supporters (Big Pharma, bought-off politicians and a brainwashed public) see the referendum as having no chance of being successful, surprisingly, one of the bill’s biggest backers, Senator Richard Pan, went out his way to encourage citizens not to sign it.


While Pan indirectly discouraged people from signing the SB277 Referendum by quotingfrom an article by TheLos Angeles Daily News, his intention was clearly to influence the outcome of the recently filed referendum.

By specifically grabbing the words “Whatever you do, don’t sign it” and publishing it on his Facebook page, Sen. Pan may have foolishly broken a law that’s taken very seriously by the California Department of Justice.

The law :

Harassment, intimidation and/or interference in a recall or referendum effort (or against people who are working for a referendum or supporting the referendum) is strictly prohibited by state law and those laws are vigorously enforced.

By discouraging Californians from signing the Referendum petition, Sen. Pan reveals his disdain for a true democracy, as he clearly prefers a dictatorship under the rule of Big Pharma and other corporations that write the laws.

Senator Pan’s friendly relationship with Big Pharma

While it may appear that Sen. Pan, who is also a pediatrician and professor, is genuinely concerned about public health, a closer look into his past reveals a much more sinister agenda, one that actively seeks to injure countless California children by forcing them to undergo risky vaccines. Proof that vaccines do in fact injure and kill (and more regularly than you might think) can be found and .

Pushed through by Sen. Pan, SB277 eliminates a parent’s choice to not vaccinate their children on the grounds of philosophical or religious beliefs, which would result in thousands of young students being kicked out of school.

While touted as such, Sen. Pan’s belief in vaccination is not a personal one, but a stance propagated by money, lots of money.

Big Pharma “donated” more than $2 million to current members of the California Legislature in 2013-2014, to The Sacramento Bee, which also noted who the top recipient of the “industry cash” was: you guessed it — Senator Richard Pan.
Sen. Pan, who received campaign donations from Merck & Co. in the 2010 election cycle, received more than $95,000 from Big Pharma prior to spearheading SB277. Big Pharma also donated more than $500,000 to “outside campaign spending groups that helped elect some current members last year.”

During the 2013-2014 legislative session, Big Pharma spent an additional $3 million more lobbying the Legislature, the governor, the state pharmacists’ board and other agencies, according to reports.

View more spending by Big Pharma below:



If Sen. Pan really wants us to believe that he’s not bought and paid for by the rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry, then he should return all Pharma-related campaign donations immediately!
But he will never do so, because he signed a deal with the devil, who in this case is Big Pharma, to help push a sinister agenda that wages vaccine violence against an innocent and often naive public.
However, that naivety is somewhat understandable, as most would not believe that pharmaceutical companies or even government would intentionally inflict harm on people just to make a buck.

But if you look around you, or read between the lines of the lies and misinformation spread by the mainstream media, you will see that nearly all corporations are operating in this manner, valuing financial gains over human life every time.

Remember to support the drive for the SB277 Referendum by signing the petition! You can find out more about news related to medical choice and corrupt lawmakers seeking to restrict it at

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