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(VI) (DM) Mike Quinsey: SaLuSa Update / Valerie Donner Newsletter: The future of the earth is about to change – Mira (PHC) / Message from Apollo / Poem: This is It!


Source: http://galacticchannelings.com/english/mike14-08-15.html

SaLuSa Update

Messenger Mike Quinsey
A message from SaLuSa
August 14, 2015


As many of you are aware, this September is a pivotal point when the vibrations shall substantially increase. How it will affect you depends on your existing level, but the net result will be such that many will experience upliftment. The overall effect will mean a noticeable change that will bring a more peaceful outlook, and a general expression and desire for a cessation of warlike actions.

Indeed, the desire for peace will grow substantially, and those in authority will be bound to implement the changes that will bring it about. There will be no going back to the old ways, and as the influence of the Illuminati has been curtailed, the people will be released from their control. The desire for change has been growing for quite some time, and the point has been reached when it can no longer be denied. Many souls are ready to leap into action when it is safe to do so, and that time has almost arrived.

They will be supported by groups who are of the Light who will ensure that their actions are allowed to go ahead without interference. As you can imagine, there are ones who are deeply engaged in keeping things as they are, and loathe giving up their rich lifestyle for a fairer distribution of wealth. However, no one can prevent the changes from manifesting, so face the changes with faith in the future, as given time all the promises made to you will manifest. Allow adequate time for the changes to be implemented that should come quite quickly once the “ball starts rolling”.

So much goes on behind the scenes, and you have been kept in the dark and denied your right to share and enjoy the advances that would have benefitted all people instead of the privileged few.

However, that situation is beginning to change, and when those who are holding you back are no longer able to dictate how you live, the changes will start to be introduced. Over a long period of time you have been given ideas of what that will mean to you from which you will know that a tremendous upliftment awaits you. For example, many new advances have been blocked and shelved by the Illuminati, but soon there will be nothing to stop them from being released. They are such that you will eventually become very independent and not held to ransom for the necessities of life.

Even now there are inventions waiting to be introduced that will make your lives so much easier, but those in the greatest need must be uplifted first.

Those of you who are aware of the present situation on Earth are in a great position to help your fellow man to keep calm and so to say “ride the storm”. As there will be difficult times for some of you, depending on where you live and who currently governs your country. The right people are known to us and they will be installed as soon as possible, but that requires a diplomatic and lawful approach. As you are beginning to grasp, there is much to do to change the set up that has held you for so long in the grips of the dark Ones. However, we emphasize that their time has passed and in the course of the next few years they will become less and less able to exercise their influence. So you can plan for the future knowing that you are going to return to your rightful place as free souls.

[In the] meantime, we maintain our “policing” of your solar system to ensure that no unwelcome visitors are allowed to interfere with your final return to the Light. There are other civilizations that would like to contact you, but until the time is right they will have to keep their distance. Most contacts come in peace and are eager to share their knowledge with you, but some have ulterior motives. Be assured we are here to ensure you complete your journey as you desire, and eventually return to the freedom given you by becoming Galactic Beings once again. In reality you can never stand still as all around you evolution continues and as God “Breathes In” you enter higher and higher vibrations. The 3rd dimension as you know it has finished its course, and that is why changes are taking place all around you.

For you who are ready to move into the higher dimensions, it is more than ever necessary to keep focused on your path ahead. Some of you could be distracted by what is going on around you, so try at all times to allow negative situations to pass you by. At this stage you must allow others to follow their own path, but by all means offer help to those who approach you first. When the time is right, your knowledge will be called upon, and it is wise to only release it where it can benefit others. Bear in mind, that your [spiritual] guides impress you with sensible ideas that will ensure you complete this lifetime as you have planned. [It] can involve finding a useful source of information, or meeting up with a contact who can advise you the best path to take. Any deviation will mean that some lessons may have to be relearned, but in that event it should always be easier the second time around.

As time progresses, you will learn a lot about your journey through the matter and why it has involved the experiences you have had. As a result, you have evolved much further and quicker than you would otherwise have done and will pass your knowledge on to others. When the time is right for [you to] step forward, you are always helped to make it, although you may prefer another path which you will be helped to find. However, you will be encouraged to follow the most rewarding one so as to avoid wasting time. However, no matter what options you choose, all souls eventually find the Path of Light. Your gift of freewill is always honored, and as a result you are always learning in a way that is sure to aid your personal evolution.

Slowly but surely you are being given information about other life forms, as you will soon meet other types of Beings, some of whom are quite different to your human form. They will nevertheless be similar in some respects, but most importantly are intelligent Beings that in many instances are much more evolved than you are. However, not all older species are necessarily more evolved than you, as some have devoted more of their time on personal evolution as opposed to spiritual evolution. As you progress into the higher dimensions you will eventually find that you have less need for a permanent body. Yet when you are going to need it, you bring it into being with your power of thought. As you evolve spiritually, you will find quite a few differences to your earthly experiences as the lower vibrations tend to hold you back.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that so many souls on Earth are now awakening to the truth. Sometimes it is difficult to discard beliefs that prove to be incorrect, but if you are to evolve you cannot afford to be too rigid. Always be ready to accept the greater truth if you wish to grow with your experiences. No one can stand still for long, particularly in your present circumstances when changes are happening all around you. However, caution must be exercised as misinformation is still spread to confuse you, so trust your intuition as far as possible. I wish you every success in your ventures and my love goes with you as always.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey

Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Source: http://thegroundcrew.com/updates/vdonner/2015/081215_print.htm

Valerie Donner Newsletter:

The future of the earth is about to change

Messenger Valerie Donner
A message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
August 11, 2015


Greetings, I am Mira. I speak with you today with loving service from the Earth Council.

We are on a special mission. The future of the earth is about to change. Preparations are underway. Big statements will be made through action and activity. Are you with us? Know that you are protected and the fortune of humanity is going to be improving. Any resistance is being dealt with in appropriate means.

There won’t be any dilly dallying as far as the galactic forces are concerned. We are ready, prepared and eager to follow through with what we need to accomplish. You might hear some disinformation, as usual, as to what particular events might be occurring. We ask you to look to love, light and into your own hearts for discernment. Some would like you to have doubts or mislead you into thinking that they know more than they do or that they are in charge.

Please stay on a steady course of knowledge and good will. Hold only the best for all beings on the planet and for the earth herself. The earth is loved profoundly and so are you. Many have pieces of the plan, but no one has the entire picture of what will happen because circumstances are always changing.

The earth is the focal point of creation. Keep breathing and keep up with your meditations, prayers and circulation of love for life. You are making big steps forward in your journey home. It is a remarkable adventure with rewards that you will find amazing.

The best thing for you to do now is to stay grounded, centered, and open hearted. Being with other Lightworkers is excellent and especially doing meditations and prayers together. You are a formidable ground crew and when you are linked together you cannot be beat. That is why unity is so important. Let only unity be the key because that is how you will be living in the higher dimensions.

If you look around you will see how events are bringing humanity together for more cohesiveness. When this energy expands, you will create miracle upon miracle. Your vision for the New Earth is at the top of importance. Hold this vision in the heart and in focus throughout your day. Do not let the petty distractions of the third dimension prevent you from your work as ground crew.

Please know that we stand with you as you create with us for the most beautiful ascension process as it unfolds. We love you and support you.

I am Mira


Note: On July 31, I received the following message from Apollo:


Great are the ancestors who passed this way for this now moment on the earth. I am one of these ancestors whose guiding steps helped establish life on beautiful earth. We laid the foundation for every plant, tree, species, rock, river, lake, and ocean along with painstakingly creative guidance of the Elohim and other creative beings. Little did we know how our gorgeous creation of love and beauty would be tampered with and almost destroyed. To this matter we tell you that we are back in full force to regain the original blueprint, the Matrix of the earth. This means that the powerful forces of creation in all forms are coordinating this massive shift. Like a tidal wave we will not let anything or anyone get in our way. We want humanity to know how much we love them and life on the earth and that we do our jobs thoroughly. Please offer your assistance as beings of Light and join with us as we take the earth back in a storm of love. The amazing power is now and we are it!


This is It!

By Valerie Donner

This is it, ground crew.
It’s time to start our lives anew.

The earth is in motion
And so are we;
We are changing humanity.

Little by little
Through the sweat of the brow
Our prayers and meditations
Are paying off now.

The Light is the brightest
And will get even more
As we raise our vibrations
We will see colors galore.

Our space family is ready,
The masters, angels and clan,
Are getting ready
To activate the divine plan.

With everyone’s help
We can achieve our dreams.
The dark forces are unraveling
At the seams.

Let’s keep on working with the Light
Opening up our hearts
To make them bright.

We are building the gateways
Of the new and the old.
The golden new earth
Is something to behold.


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