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8-8-8 Techniques for Creating a New World

Messenger Meredith Murphy
A message from the Arcturians
August 8, 2015


This time in human history is not only unprecedented; it is unanticipated. There has been so much more awakening than many in the other realms of focus, thought possible by this time.

We say this with amusement knowing that so many on Earth feel that things are moving along more slowly than you might like. From our vantage point, things are progressing beautifully, and we are inspired to see all the changes you are allowing within your lives and your world.

It is important for you to know that the light within you knows how to proceed. That you, your very self, is so perfectly attuned to this time/space reality and your presence here. You, yourself at the higher levels of frequency from which you arise, is steering the ship of your ascending life, quite magnificently. It is only your impatience with you that creates sluggishness in your unfolding, for when you are impatient, you veer off of a unified course with all that you are who is quite naturally simply happy about all that is unfolding through you.

This time is offering you big energies for transformation and as such an invitation, how do you wish to use these energies? You can use them as a distraction, as a means by which you feel overwhelmed and tired [which is] a great way to distract yourself from taking action in your life. Or you can use these energies to fly high [and] to make changes that feel inspired and right to you.

We want to caution you, friends, because a lot that is happening now is pushing the envelope for humanity. Our caution is this: realize [that] your thinking mind needs new reference points. Much that will feel right to you will then need to be established within your mind as a new way of being that is referenced as acceptable and embraced by your human mind. As you begin to be drawn to lighter ways of being you will find that your inclinations make you outliers, those on the edge of life, and many of you do not want any more of that! You already feel like the fringe element of society, we know this.

And yet, beloveds, it is this very way of being which is transforming you and the world. New you, new world! Get it?

So when you feel drawn to things that are new and feel different, what will happen in your mind is a kind of panic. A feeling that you could not possible live that way! What might that mean? How might that affect your life? Some of what feels right to you feels like it will also take you out of so much that [feels] familiar, and there is a feeling of wanting more and not wanting to let go of things too. This inner conflict can be resolved in a different way than you think. If you let yourself move into what you feel drawn to, how it will fit into your life and what shape it takes. What balance comes from this? What harmony? How [does] it all fit together into the new version of you? All of this will find itself naturally and may truly surprise you with how comfortable and fulfilling it seems.

The essence of our message is this: Trust yourselves. If you do not begin to go with your feelings more and more, you will find less and less joy in your lives. Going with your inner knowing is where it’s at. It’s how to live here. It’s important that you know this and begin to notice how much you’re living this way.

It will help you, too, when you feel drawn to what seems to be radical and different ways of being, that you don’t project into the future with these ideas. If you project into the future with these new inclinations that seem very dramatically different than you prior life and then much of society as a whole, you will be projecting from the mindset you have now. That is not very beneficial, for you have not yet experienced these new ways of being and living very much yet and you do not have the insight as to their value and way of shaping your experience.

Try to let yourself be in the present and do what feels right to you. There is no better way to be alive and in doing this, you are, in effect, in a constant communication with your Divine Self. It is this channel of life that you want to be flooded with, informed by, connected to and allowing. Through the fullness of your being, you have all that you need for living here freely and fully and the pathway of doing this is to listen to your heart and do what feels right.

Now, we have been asked to comment on the Lion’s Gate, this 8-8-8 day, in your world. We can simply say this: vast energies from the Great Central Sun are pouring into your realm of focus. These are wonderful, uplifting frequencies of light and love that you can use to your liking. Set an intention today, for how you want to use these energies. Speak to your Divine Self and be clear about your intentions for living and the level of alignment you wish to create in your embodiment.

That is the wisest and the best way to play with these higher frequencies; choose consciously and collaborate with your Divine Self.

The ascension of Earth and each of you is opening up new potentials for life in so many realms of focus. The implications far exceed what you might imagine, and we say this to express our utmost admiration and appreciation for your loving courage and your bold, divine embodiment.

We are the Arcturians.


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Welcome this Newer Version of You

Messenger Fran Zepeda
A message from Mary Magdalene
August 9, 2015 (Received August 5, 2015)


Welcome to this new version of you, harvesting and manifesting as you continue to receive and accept these new energies of the present Gateway beckoning you now. You have laid the groundwork and now so much is waiting for you to discover about yourselves. The New You that so many have talked about is a work in progress, but you will notice that lately you have experienced a deeper, more grounded awakening of your True Divine Selves.

Your merging of your higher aspects, your I AM Presence, has been stepped up and is stepping up continually and if you were to place a vision of yourselves in previous moments next to a vision of how you are in this moment, you would notice a great difference. The acceleration of your development is a little astonishing, but all you need to do is continue to ride this current wave of awakening with complete openness and acceptance with a bit of curiosity thrown in.

For in that comes a further openness to your Purity, your True Divine Essence, your Oneness with All That is, that is being played out in continual harmony and progression, constantly replacing and clarifying and purifying your former versions of your Being, as you open to your expansion, relishing all the clarity, insights and understandings coming along with it.

It is as if you are working on a painting, and with each new addition and enhancement, more beauty and clarity is coming to the forefront, constantly changing the whole picture as you allow each new layer and element to evolve. You are a beautiful masterful work in progress, and lately you may notice that the depth and clarity of your new perspectives are amazing. It is as if you are looking through the brand new eyes of a new-born, to discover everything that is there in a brand new way. It is as if you never saw it before in quite that light.

And indeed you haven’t, for you are entering a new platform for you to operate from, and now lies before you the task of discovering all that is available in this new world you are creating, in this new dimension you have embraced. You have been presented with a whole new set of tools to navigate this new world, and it will take some practice and acceptance to fully explore them.

This is what you have been waiting for; this is what you have been working on for so long, and it will just get more and more astounding and enriching as you keep building on this Moment of Clarity that you are embracing.

Sit with this thought and truth right now: You are in possession of all you need to stay in the higher dimensions, coloring and influencing your whole existence each moment that you sustain this experience. It is a subtle yet profound movement and you are being offered the opportunity now to allow yourselves to be lifted and sustained on this new current or higher dimensional “airstream”, sweeping you along to new experiences and perceptions.

So allow yourselves to continue to be lifted, as the incoming Light of the coming days will bring more revealing glimpses into this new version of you. You are becoming Beacons of Christ Consciousness, lighting the way for all.

I AM Mary Magdalene, in Pure Love Essence.


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