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(VI) (DM) Gillian Ruddy: Abide With Me – Part 1 – Lord Emanuel / Brenda Hoffman: Applying Your New Skill Set – LTC


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Abide With Me – Part 1

A message from Lord Emanuel
Messenger Gillian Ruddy
August 9


Greetings Dear Ones, Greetings!  It is I, your humble and loyal servant, Lord Emanuel here today to serve you as never before.

You see we have crossed into the 5th dimensional frequencies and there has been no time like this on Earth ever before. We are in unprecedented ground, unchartered waters Dear Ones and you are the privileged few who are here to experience this first hand. I know, I know many of you are yet to see this for the honor that it is. Many of you can’t quite understand how phenomenal an experience this is because you still judge your experience from the vantage point of separation.

Deep breath Dears Ones, deep breath. How many of you experienced a home coming during our last transmission and time together in this way? Was it not what you were expecting Dear Ones? Was there no fanfare and choir of angels to greet you? Was there no lightning bolt or switch that was flicked and suddenly you are ‘enlightened‘? No? Dear Ones that transmission went in deeper than you can realize at present and no matter what your experience was you can be certain that you received a transmission of energy that has changed you irreversibly whether or not you feel any huge shift or change.

Dear Precious Hearts, many of you are still under the mistaken impression that awakening and enlightenment are some huge achievement or event that is spectacular and will free you from all of your suffering and burdens. And while that is actually the case, you will be relieved from all of these things. It does not mean that anything actually changes in the initial stages of full awakening. However, everything changes in the sense that your shifting from the illusion of a separated self into abiding with God, resting in the peace of God in your heart means that your experience of your world completely changes. Enlightenment is simply the realization that the separate self is just a belief.

And you will know this when it happens you will recognize the warm peace and happiness in your heart that is constant, unshakeable, immoveable and quite unaffected by any events, circumstance, people, places or things in your life. God will reveal Itself if it has not already in your Heart, and this feeling is absolutely undeniable and permanent.

Can you see that all your seeking and searching and meditating and retreats and webinars and online courses have all been about a search for that which is still outside of yourself?, searching for a state of being and when this state is reached there is a euphoric ‘I’ve got it’ which is then quickly followed by a subsequent falling out of that state into sadness which leads to despair which leads to disillusionment and perhaps depression. Dear Ones, the time it takes to go from the high state of joy and falling into a depression at the thought of having ‘lost it’ again can vary from person to person and from experience to experience but if you achieve a state of ‘bliss’ and find that you consequently ‘lost it’ then you have mistaken this temporary perception of a good feeling for the absolute permanence of abiding in God.

And so Dear Ones, there is a place beyond the back and forth of getting it and losing it. There is a solace beyond conventional spirituality with all of its confusing and conflicting theories and methods, practices and ‘steps to happiness’ programs. There is a place beyond all this trying, all this effort and all this hard work. This is not to diminish the spiritual journey in any way Dear Ones. There is nearly always a preparatory phase, a journey that leads to this place that is essential and individual to each person and therefore is absolutely necessary, but there is a place beyond this, a place of absolute permanent peace, happiness, joy, lightness and all the qualities of God that you can easily recognize as God.

Let me take you there once more Dear Ones. I do require your participation and this time I will add a little note to this. Please, the invitation is to accept that there is no ‘getting there’ for it is impossible for you to ‘not be there’ so this requires no effort on your part Dear Ones, please the invitation is to STOP TRYING and just allow whatever experience arises to arise as naturally and effortlessly as breathing. And I ask you to breathe with me now Dear Ones and I will transmit to you frequencies of energy that will help release whatever it is that is blocking you from accepting and realizing that which is right under your nose and available to you right now with no effort. Dear Ones, there is no arriving, you are already here. Allow God to reveal itself to you, invite God to come out of hiding by relaxing into the knowing that you can’t get this wrong, you can’t fail and your success is guaranteed. I AM Lord Emanuel. This is my promise to You.

Dear Ones, the struggle is over, Abide with God in your heart with every breath that you take and your life will unfold in ways that you could not even dream of. Let God reveal itself, breathe with me now and give me 10 minutes of your Earth time. Let me show you around that which you call Heaven or that which is your Home. Thank you for your participation in that which will ultimately bring the whole of humanity into a conscious state of Oneness and change the face of this Blessed planet to Heaven on Earth.

This is why you are here and Thy Will Be Done.

God Bless your precious Hearts.

I Love you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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Source: https://lifetapestrycreations.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/applying-your-new-skill-set/

Applying Your New Skill Set

Messenger Brenda Hoffman
A message from Life Tapestry Creations
August 10, 2015


Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned that you are not zipping through various dimensions or frequencies; that your life appears much as it has always been. Even though such is not true, you cannot discern how different your being is from you of six months ago.

The first day of kindergarten or first grade, you most likely could not read or compute numbers. Such was not so by the end of that school year. You evolved physically, intellectually and emotionally, yet felt as if you were the same you.

So it is now. You are evolving rapidly. You merely do not have common markers, such as learning to read, that such is so.

Slowly, in your mind, but surely, you are practicing how to communicate without words, words that so often confuse your being. Perhaps such indicators are minimal such as someone telling you that they like your new suit and you knowing, without fully understanding how, that they do not. So it is that you are tuning into the new you and New Earth.

But many, if not most of you, expected to be zooming through various frequencies, dimensions and times, as well as shifting your being physically, spiritually and emotionally. Such happened for/with some. Even though most of you now believe such is possible, you have not yet claimed those pieces. Much as is true for those youngsters just learning to read who cannot yet understand various words or books with paragraphs.

You are practicing and testing without understanding that you are for there is no one to tell you that such is so. Perhaps you are skeptical, thinking that such statements are a cover for something that is never going to happen. That is not a truth. For even though each of you will develop skills within the full array of possibilities with your new you software, all of you has a similar skill set. Much as you all learned to read, but your reading interests vary widely from science fiction to mysteries, science, medicine, histories and biographies. For once you mastered the skill of reading. Your unique interests took over. So it is now.

Some of you are most interested in learning communication without words. Others [are] flying through to other dimensions and frequencies. And still others using your new skill set to review current and past lives.

You have the abilities to review and command any time, distance or place. It is merely your interests that determine the areas in which you focus. There will be a time when your focus shifts and you use different skills. But for now, note what is interesting or joyful and you will know the skills you are mastering.

Maybe such is difficult to comprehend. For you were delighted to learn that you could do whatever you wanted: fly through dimensions, create different frequencies, time travel, live in joy, close a fear or create something in 3D and on and on. And so you are. But your joy selects those skills most important for you at this time.

You have a full skill set, just as is true for all at the forefront of this transition. You are merely selecting those pieces of your skill set that best meet your needs and interests now. Even though such will shift in the future, it is not necessary for you ever to use all your skills. Just as was true in your school days.

You studied mathematics, reading, history, science, communications, socializing, etc., but you only used those skills required at any one time. So it is now. You were introduced to your full skill set so you could freely select those skills most interesting.

You needed to open your vision and perceptions. Without a broad overview of your new skill set (new you software), you might have believed such was not possible or something was wrong with your being.

Finding your joy has been emphasized throughout this transition, while opening your perceptions to possibilities. A bit like taking you to a store filled with beautiful items: clothing, home ornaments, cars and on and on, and encouraging you to select the item that gives you the most joy, not the most practical item or what you might need in the future, but the item that gives you the most joy now.

So it is, you have access to whatever new skill you wish to select, yet you are narrowing your selection process to that which is most joyful for you.

You are in exactly the right place testing exactly the right part of your new skill set, until that skill is no longer interesting and you move to your next joy, fully aware of your new capabilities and skills.

So be it. Amen.

Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com



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