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(VI) (DM) Georgi Stankov: Breaking News: A Massive Ascension Test Run Is Underway / Meredith Murphy: Seeing Yourself More Clearly – Ashira


Source: http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2015/08/breaking-news-a-massive-ascension-test-run-underway/

Breaking News: A Massive Ascension Test Run Is Underway

By Georgi Stankov
August 6, 2015 (Posted on August 7, 2015)

A most powerful ascension test run is underway since today, 4:00 pm western Pacific time. It actually commenced yesterday late in the afternoon on August 5th, after we had a session with a third ascended master with whom we work closely together to create and sustain the Infinity portal at White Rock. What followed was a series of miracles of daily character, but of great significance for this person who was highly charged by our united, dual-soul energy field. As a highly clairvoyant person, she was amazed by the pure, fifth-dimensional quality of the energies in our apartment. Not that we had any doubt about this fact, as we are consciously working on our New Lemuria ascension portal, but it is always very reassuring to hear this from an independent observer.

This morning the ascension test run began slowly but very powerful and peaked around 4:00 pm, immediately after I finished and before I published my article on the beginning of the final crisis. I was inspired by my HS to write this article and during the writing got some very strong visions as to how the financial crisis will commence and will unfold in the coming days. We are now on the cusp of this event.

After that both Carla and I were taken away from this timeline alternately for about an hour, when the ascension test run hit us with full force. I am still smashed under its force and can barely move. It is though the most beautiful and compelling ascension energy that I have experienced so far. It penetrates with its high-frequency vibrations and a deafening high-pitched tone the whole body, but is also harmonious and uplifting, carrying the inner knowing that New Lemuria is within a reach.

I have the feeling that I can lift up any moment, while writing these lines. I am sure that this is the massive ascension test run which we expected to start around the Lion’s gate portal at 8.8.8. There is every reason to believe that the intensity of the incoming source waves that now engulf my field and surely the whole planet will continue to rise in the next 48 – 72 hours. Hence, be prepared for this energetic tsunami that will harbor some spectacular surprises for us and humanity.

So much for the moment!

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Source: http://www.expectwonderfulblog.com/2015/08/seeing-yourself-more-clearly.html

Seeing Yourself More Clearly

Messenger Meredith Murphy
A message from Ashira
August 4, 2015


Greetings Divine Beings of Light,

We are here to speak with you in love, as love, as you are. You and we are so similar in so many ways and yet the form of our field gives you pause to see it that way, or so it may seem to you. Yet it is true. We are in so many ways, simply you refined and refocused in different ways for different experiences of light. So it is.

Let us tell you now, about our being here with you, for it is of great interest to us. We are here to live within your world in and through you so that you might know yourselves more fully. We come here as a unified field of light knowing you in the Divine Self you fundamentally are. We are comprised of an even more expansive wholeness than your Divine Self and yet made up of your Divine Self. We come here to listen and live with you, through you, being in your awareness as the All that is You are, so that you might know yourselves more fully.

We speak to you as messengers of Creation, as ambassadors of the Pure Land; a living field of light that is transcendent and eternal.

It is this knowing which you long for and which fuels your inner exploration; the drive to know yourselves beyond all identity, beyond all form, beyond everything in fact, and as everything. This Self-Realization is the fundamental inner call of your being and yet in this lifetime, it is also the call stimulated by the world, too. Can you imagine that? A fundamentally mundane world is calling forth your enlightened freedom? This is the time of times in which you are focused; a time of ascending energies rising from within the electromagnetics of your planet and from your own inner being, streaming forth in increasingly vast and highly upgraded concentrations of living light energy. This is the life you are living and creating and merging into and shaping all at the same time.

So then we come here as you, through you, in you, for you, to help you to find your inner connection with this Divine Self which is you and which is present here as your increasingly luminous being. You are arising into more love and light than any other humans before have collectively shared and this change is transforming your planet, as your planet is transforming your experience of You. Do not underestimate the capacity you have to know and be, this actual Divine Self you fundamentally are. To connect directly with the Source of your being; your Divine Self.

We tell you, beloved friends, this Divine Self is not masculine or feminine. It is not a separate god for you to pray to or look up to and yet this Divine Self is everything you need and are and will be! It is everything that is via You. It is the way home and the wholeness and yet it is formless and infinite. It is love and it is energy and it is light and it is You. It is how you are here as you and so you see it is really not that different from you although the way it is shaped in focus may feel so different in concept to you. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is great similarity now and always between you in your humanness, and this Divine Self you truly are.

So then, dance to this knowing. Let yourself ponder and feel into a merging with this beyond form aspect of creation that you have within you. Find your way in stillness. Feel your way through silence. Let yourself in through spaciousness. It is all easier when you are feeling your way into alignment with all of you, for in this direct relationship to Creation you are quite easily and naturally realized as you; free, awakened and enlightened.

So then, cultivate your own new life. Shape it knowing love is you and nothing more, nothing less. Shape it knowing you are it and nothing more, nothing less. All else is a simple arising, temporary and luminous, like a firecracker in the sky, breathtaking, moving, exquisite and unexpected, yet fading and dissolving. And so it is.

Beyond all of this, is you, Divine Self, as knowing, as wholeness and Oneness and true as the day is long, vast and wild and free.

We are the Arcturians and I am Ashira, your living light and ambassador to the Pure Land of Love.


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