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Fulford finally confirms the strike on Tianhe and that it was not just a chemical explosion. This means the mainstream media’s claim that it was chemical explosion is totally bogus. They may have known it wasn’t and just lied. –MrT.

Source: http://astrolenn.com/2015/08/19/benjamin-fulford-news-update-china-blast-linked-to-cyber-warfare/


By Ben Fulford
August 19, 2015


The recent blast in Tianjin China is linked to the ongoing cyber-war involving the financial and intelligence communities of the world. The blast produced an electro-magnetic pulse that was directed at disabling the Tianhe, one of the world’s most powerful super-computers, according to Pentagon sources. The attack was timed to coincide with the recent devaluation of the yuan, indicating that financial warfare linked to derivatives holdings at the large Western banks was a likely motive. Clearly the attack was also linked to ongoing negotiations between East and West over the future of the global political, economic and financial infrastructure. Pope Francis is trying to place himself as a peace-maker and intermediary in this ongoing power struggle/negotiation between East and West, according to P2 freemason sources.

The real power struggle, of course, is still inside the US and, by proxy, in the Middle East, not in China. “I believe this nation is at an important inflexion point, specifically regarding national security,” retiring Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said on August 12th. This is code for a move against the Khazarian mafia, according to Pentagon sources.

As a part of this ongoing power struggle, top US based Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel “under pressure”, broke ranks with Benyamin Netanyahu to support the Iran nuclear deal, the sources say. “Emmanuel will probably be arrested anyway,” they added.

In Canada too, police are systematically exposing corruption inside the Stephen Harper government as Canada heads into an October 19th general election. The police investigations have dragged down the Zionist Bush slave Harper’s numbers and so his days in power may finally be about to end.

In the Middle East pressure is being ratcheted up on Turkey because of their support for ISIS and the rogue Netanyahu government in Israel. Russia has threatened to cancel their planned Turk stream pipeline as a part of this pressure. The US Military meanwhile have neutralized Turkey’s patriot missile defenses and told the Turkish military brass they either had to stop supporting ISIS or else be kicked out of NATO. China is being asked to not provide Turkey with substitute air defenses, the sources say. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s son Bilal ships ISIS oil while his daughter Sumeyye runs a hospital that treats ISIS fighters, the Pentagon sources say. For this reason “they are high value targets,” the sources say.

They are not the only “high value targets,” out there, multiple sources agree. If we all push, especially inside the military and the agencies, Khazarian mob rule can be ended for good this autumn. In fact September 11th this year might be a good date to demand that the US and Israel based perpetrators of this attack, including the Bush family and Netanyahu, be finally arrested.

This writer will now resume his holidays and will be offline and not-connected to the web. If necessary, another emergency update will appear next week in addition to the pre-written text due on Monday.

Source: http://benjaminfulford.net/

This is an interesting article by Mike Adams, although I don’t believe it fits into the divine plan, unless it happens on a lower timeline. We are on a timeline of ascension, not war, which I believe Mike is unaware of. Also, Fulford hasn’t mentioned anything about China wanting to destroy the U.S. I am not convinced that China has a plan like Mike describes. China is still holding a lot of our debt and they still need the U.S. to buy their products. If China were to destroy the U.S. economically, it would be a suicide mission for China. The U.S Treasuries they are holding would become worthless. Sources have stated this is why the China hasn’t already dissolved the Federal Reserve. I believe China is plugged in to the higher plan of rounding up the remaining key cabal members and triggering NESARA in the U.S. and letting it go global. If China were to do what Mike suggests, I believe we would see divine intervention. Anyway, you may want to read what Mike has written. –MrT.   

Tianjin, China, cyber-attacks and ‘computationally amplified warfare’ – Health Ranger warns of China’s plan to destroy America from 7000 miles away


Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/050864_Tianjin_cyanide_gas_fish_die-off.html

Tianjin explosion leads to massive fish die-off, mysterious foam falls out of the sky, burning the skin of citizens as Chinese government declares everything’s fine


(NaturalNews) The first pictures of the mass fish die-offs and cyanide-infused rainfall have now emerged from Tianjin, China, following the catastrophic blast that has unleashed a wave of speculation about its real cause. Chinese dissidents told Natural News they believe the blast was carried out by the Pentagon using an exotic space-based weapon, and that it was intended to send a message to China to stop devaluing the yuan (i.e. currency wars).

The official explanation from the Chinese government, which tells the truth about as rarely as the Obama administration, is that this was merely a chemical explosion caused by some local business knuckleheads storing too much sodium cyanide in a storage facility.

Chinese dissidents told Natural News that this was a secondary explosion, and indeed, there are multiple reports of two explosions taking place at Tianjin ground zero.

From the BBC:

The China Earthquake Networks Centre said the initial explosion, in a city with a population of around 15 million, had a power equivalent to three tons of TNT detonating, while the second was the equivalent of 21 tons. The second was so big that satellites orbiting Earth picked it up as well. Chinese data site Cnbeta published pictures showing the sudden flare.

In other words, there was an initial explosion which set off a secondary explosion that was 700% larger. The initial explosion, we’ve been told, was the result of the Pentagon’s “Rod of God” space weapon. Notably, the placement of this weapon would mean that the Pentagon had knowledge of vulnerable chemical storage dumps which could be targeted for chain reaction mega-explosions.

The result? An explosion so large it was easily seen from space. Here’s a large automobile storage lot where cars were all but melted by the blast:

Sodium cyanide declared “totally safe” by the insane Chinese government

The secondary blast consisted of 700 tons of sodium cyanide detonating in an explosion that many of us still compare to a tactical nuclear strike.

Sodium cyanide, when it gets wet, releases hydrogen cyanide, a deadly substance that can poison skin with direct contact. Inhaling it can lead to severe burns of the lungs, and when it enters the water supply, it devastates life.

Here are some of the photos of the dead fish that are now surfacing. Hat tip to HK.on.cc and Shanghaiist.com for the photos:

Tianjin citizens covered in cyanide foam, skin burns reported

Although the Chinese government insists the area is totally safe, yeah, and the EPA says it doesn’t pollute rivers, either, photos from Tianjin reveal mysterious cyanide foam raining down on the citizens.

“Some who made contact with it are reporting a burning sensation on their face and lips, while others are reporting a stinging sensation on their arms. Some have said they experienced an itchy sensation,” reports Shanghaiist.com:


Hilariously, the Chinese government insists “…that the pollutants are contained and not at risk of spreading beyond the evacuated area.” (BBC)

The Guardian adds:

Niu Yuegang, deputy director at Tianjin’s fire department, confirmed that over 40 different types of chemicals have now been discovered at the blast site, including 700 tons of sodium cyanide, 800 tons of ammonium nitrate and 500 tons of potassium nitrate, according to local reports.

U.S. agricultural manufacturer John Deere was even forced to halt production in Tianjin due to the explosion and toxic chemicals.

Official stories are always a laugh riot

China’s official story is that this is all the fault of some uniquely dishonest local business people who stored chemicals without a permit.

Yeah, right, because everywhere else in China, everybody follows the permitting rules for storing chemicals. Hilarious.
China’s rapid scapegoating of this individual for the explosion is obviously a desperate ploy to silence all the talk of other theories that better explain what happened.

The official story, notably, in no way explains what ignited the chemicals in the first place. If you believe in the laws of chemistry and physics, you know these chemicals don’t just spontaneously ignite without cause. Something had to trigger the first detonation which then triggered the secondary explosion.

China’s total cover-up of the cause of the first detonation will only lead to more speculation about the real causes behind this large-scale catastrophe.

Sources for this story include:

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