(VI) (DM) Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill / California vaccine bill battle erupts into all-out political war

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Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill

Should we not have the right to choose?

Posted on June 21, 2015


One in 50 children is now autistic. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Despite the fact that a recently came forward admitting that the government agency obfuscated evidence linking vaccines to autistic behavior, California lawmakers passed a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) which removes parental exemption, making it so parents couldn’t refuse or delay vaccines. Even more damning evidence has surfaced proving that Big Pharma had their hands in the creation of the bill.

The Sacramento Bee that State lawmakers behind have ties to the makers of vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave current members of the Legislature more than $2 million. Nine of the top 20 recipients of these funds are either members of the Senate health committee, or leaders who could influence the outcome of the bill, as well as push it through to law.

One senator, in particular, is also a doctor, Richard Pan, who received more than $95,000 in campaign cash. He also just happens to be the man who wrote the bill.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Big Pharma also donated more than $500,000 to outside campaign spending groups that helped some of these top nine individuals be elected to their current legislative positions.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies contributed nearly $3 million in additional cash to the 2013-2014 legislative session lobbying, among these representatives, the state pharmacists’ board, and other agencies, who could also sway the outcome of SB277 for mandatory vaccines.

Dr. or Senator Pan, whichever title you choose, is an ‘industry insider’ with far-reaching influence. He has been a teaching faculty member at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, and served many organizations which determine medical funding.

While he has flip-flopped on the vaccine issue in the past, previously introducing a bill which would have required parents to get their doctor’s approval to refuse a vaccine for their child, he recently said that the Disney measles episode, argued by some to be a false flag, was reason enough to promote forced vaccinations ‘for public health.’

Thousands of people are now calling for the resignation of Dr. Pan for obvious conflict of interest, and a recall of the bill which caused massive protests in California before legislators voted it into law.

The lies and hypocrisy of CA Senate Richard Pan exposed.

Published on Mar 15, 2015

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In 2012, Senator Pan assured Californians that he had no intention of taking away their parental right to vaccine choice. He lied. Now he believes he is better able to make important health decisions for your family than you are. Don’t let Senator Pan legislate your rights away.

Massive Protests in California Against SB277

The petition was already delivered on June 9th, and had gained 9000 signatures in just days of its posting. A Voice for Choice

“To the Honorable Governor and Legislature of the State of California,

We, the undersigned people of California, are writing in regards to the unquestionably unconstitutional Senate Bills 277 and 792, and Assembly Bill 1117. It shocks the conscience to consider that there are Senators and Assembly Members who deem it within their province to utterly annihilate fundamental rights that all of the members of the California Legislature swore to uphold.

A vote in contravention of the knowledge that SB 277, SB 792, and AB 1117 are clearly incomprehensible under both the United States and California constitutional laws, and in cognizance of the fact that despite the fact that vaccines cause demonstrable injuries, and yet under California laws, doctors and manufacturers remain completely immune from liability, is an attestation to the fact that you are mandating a medical procedure for all children, as well as for adults working as preschool and child care workers, without even a glimmer of choice. If you feel comfortable making that decision, knowing full well the potential ramifications of such a vote, then we see no reason why you would not agree to be held personally responsible, both morally and financially, should any subsequent vaccine injuries or deaths occur. We are strongly opposed to SB 277, SB 792, and AB 1117 and demand that you vote against these bills.

America is a Constitutional Republic and the Supreme Law of this Republic guarantees under Article IV, Section 4, a republican form of government for every state.

In the best interests of the People, businesses and industries of California, and to protect them from economic devastation and bodily harm, the government of California will vote “No” on SB277, SB792, and AB1117. These bills violate the U.S. Constitution, in particular, the 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendments; and the California Constitution, in particular, Article 9; as well as the California Education Code, by which all children are to be afforded a free public education. There is no compelling state interest to deny children in California the right to a public education. And according to the California Department of Public Health, “[v]accination coverage in California is at or near all-time high levels.”

The document continues to outline how California legislators are going against Constitutional law. You can read it in its entirety here: 

A press conference in Berkeley, California will also be held on Monday, June 22 at 11:00 a.m. to address “the unconstitutional aspects of SB 277 as well as informing about the Consumer Protection Amendment in English, Spanish, and Russian.” Details here.

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What many people do not understand is that the toxins in vaccines are there by design. It is part of the dark cabal’s agenda to neutralize the higher intuitive and psychic abilities of the new children incarnating on the earth today as well as part of their depopulation program. Have you noticed that the controlled media and the pharmaceutical companies never talk about why the heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum and agents like polysorbate 80, a sterilizing agent, are in the vaccine? They did not get their by mistake. How could have any benefit what so ever? Like Zorra said, pull your children out of the schools and have them home schooled. The bigger issue here is state governments dictating their will on children over the will of the parents. –MrT.



California vaccine bill battle erupts into all-out political war

Democrats push ahead as immunization mandates awaken ‘sleeping giant’

By The Washington Times
Thursday, July 2, 2015

Protesters against a measure requiring California schoolchildren to get vaccinated rally at the Capitol in Sacramento on April 8. (Associated Press)

Those people clad in white keeping silent vigil in front of the California state Capitol have a message for Democratic legislators: The thousands who opposed the stricter vaccination mandates signed into law Tuesday aren’t backing down.

As it turns out, however, neither are those Democratic legislators.

In spite of the outcry over Senate Bill 277, which eliminates the personal belief exemption for childhood vaccines, the Democrat-controlled Legislature followed up this week by advancing two more bills expanding immunization requirements, including one aimed at child care workers.

The result is that the battle over state-mandated vaccines is erupting into an all-out political war. A recall effort has begun against state , a Democrat and pediatrician who sponsored S.B. 277, along with a referendum campaign to repeal the bill.

“They have awoken a sleeping giant that is not going away and is only going to get bigger,” said Christina Hildebrand, a Bay Area resident who founded A Voice for Choice to fight mandatory vaccinations.

“That’s the one thing I would say is the silver lining of all this: They don’t know what they’ve just done,” she said. “The people have woken up.”

More than 100 bills were introduced in 36 state legislatures after a January measles outbreak at Disneyland. Nearly all of them fizzled, except in California.

Despite rallies and hearings packed with opponents of mandatory vaccination, , a Democrat, signed S.B. 277 shortly after it hit his desk Tuesday.

Later that day, the Assembly Health Committee approved a bill, S.B. 792, to require day care and preschool workers to be vaccinated against a number of diseases, including the flu, as a condition of employment. A day later, Assembly Bill 1117, which gives incentives to doctors to vaccinate Medi-Cal patients, sailed through the Senate Health Committee on a 6-1 vote.

The passage of those bills, coupled with S.B. 277, would give California the toughest vaccination requirements in the nation.

“One child’s death is one too many, especially when it may be preventable,” state Sen. Tony Mendoza, a Democrat who introduced S.B. 792, said in a statement. “With the recent deadly outbreaks of measles and influenza, we must do everything in our power to protect California’s children who spend time in day care.”

The Democrats have plenty of support behind their vaccine push, including from the California Medical Association, public health groups, school districts and labor unions. Proponents argue that use of the personal belief exemption has put at risk “herd immunity” in some areas where vaccines are unpopular.

“Years of anti-science, anti-vaccine misinformation have taken its toll on immunization rates to the point that the public is now [in] danger,” said in a recent statement.

He pointed to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released last month that showed 67 percent said children should be vaccinated before attending public school. The poll didn’t ask about private school, although S.B. 277 also requires vaccines for children entering private schools.

Supporters of the vaccination bills have tried to dismiss foes as anti-government conservatives, but the loosely organized coalition is nothing if not politically diverse. Along with Republicans leery of government overreach are Santa Monica and Marin County liberals who view skeptically the pharmaceutical industry and the chemicals used in some vaccines, such as mercury and aluminum.

Then there’s the Hollywood wing. Actor Jim Carrey drew headlines and criticism this week with a Twitter photo of a boy with autism and the message, “A trillion dollars buys a lot of expert opinions. Will it buy you? Toxin free vaccines, a reasonable request!” the last sentence bellowed out in all capital letters.

Terry Roark, an East Bay volunteer with the National Vaccine Information Center, said Democrats have alienated a segment of the voting base by pushing mandatory vaccines while calling for individual choice on other health issues, starting with abortion.

“The California Democratic Party had their convention in Anaheim a month or so ago and passed a resolution that said that the party would support all vaccine-mandate bills,” Ms. Roark said. “People are leaving the party in droves.

“Some people say, ‘Hey, you have to stay in the party and work within the party to change the party,’ and other people say, ‘Nah, screw ‘em,’ ” she said.

“They’ll give me a choice if I want to carry a baby or abort, but once that baby is born, the woman no longer has any rights to choose what gets injected into the kid? Come on, now. Something’s wrong with that picture.”

Among the legislation’s foes are those who have no problem with vaccines but resent the government intrusion. Former Assembly member Tim Donnelly on Wednesday launched the referendum on S.B. 277 over the issue of government mandates on health care.

“This referendum is not about vaccinations; it is about defending the fundamental freedom of a parent to make an informed decision for their children without being unduly penalized by a government that believes it knows best,” said Mr. Donnelly, a talk show host on Radio Free California.

Mr. Donnelly, who placed third in the state’s 2014 open gubernatorial primary, said “signed away a parent’s right to choose what’s best for their children.”

“This is a victory for leftists bent on absolute control. No more choice, no informed consent, only compliance or else,” he said on Facebook. “So, if you are [a] Democrat upset over this, A) are you going to leave your party over this & B) what party are you going to join, if any?”

Even the American Civil Liberties Union of California has expressed reservations about S.B. 277, which gives parents the option of home-schooling their children or enrolling them in an “independent study program” with no classroom interaction. (There are still ways to get interaction and socialization. –MrT)

Kevin Baker, legislative director for the ACLU of California, said the problem is that the state Constitution lists a public school education as a fundamental right. The ACLU was neutral on the bill.

“Safe schools are important, and immunization is a valuable protection against outbreaks of infectious diseases,” Mr. Baker said in an April statement. “At the same time, we need to proceed with great caution on any proposed law that deprives kids of their fundamental right to education by banning them from classrooms.” (If it is a public school the child would probably get a better education at home. –MrT.)

So far, no lawsuit has been filed against S.B. 277, mainly because it doesn’t take effect until July 1, 2016. The opposition’s best argument may be whether people can be required “to give up the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking in order to exercise a civil right to an education,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, head of the National Vaccine Information Center.

“This is a very dangerous precedent to set, and I think people aren’t looking at the bigger picture,” Ms. Fisher said. “And I think it’s important to look at the bigger picture. This is not a good precedent to set, because it’s a slippery slope. Freedoms are taken away incrementally.” (She is absolutely right. –MrT.)

Opponents of vaccine legislation aren’t terribly well-organized; there are at least a half-dozen such groups in California, all working on different aspects of the fight. Although they were able to hire lobbyists, it’s unclear whether they have the funding to hang in there for the long term.

By their own admission, they don’t constitute a majority, at least not yet. What they do have is intensity, the kind not seen since perhaps the anti-war rallies of the 1970s, said Ms. Roark, who remembers those days.

“I think [Democrats] were surprised by the amount of opposition,” Ms. Roark said. “But this is not just a California issue. This is an American issue. And the whole world is watching.”