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(VI) (DM) Dead doctors, dead patients and corporate bullying: How FDA is the new Murder, Inc. / HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #37: The Cancer Agenda: Interview with David Noakes – Vid / About Chemotherapy / Cancer Cures / RT: Chemotherpy Fraud in the U.S. – Vid



Dead doctors, dead patients and corporate bullying: How FDA is the new Murder, Inc.

By L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
August 05, 2015

(NaturalNews) When the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s offices this year, they were determined to put an end to his research and use of Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) because this research was essentially making vaccines look like violent, mad science.

Globulin component, a protein naturally made by the body, normally binds with vitamin D to activate the acceleration of macrophages to destroy infection in the body. Dr. Bradstreet was finding out that when a person is injected with vaccine viruses, this natural binding process between globulin component and vitamin D is blocked by an enzyme called nagalase. Nagalase can be intentionally injected to wipe out the GcMAF protein facilities on the surface of one’s T and B lymphocytes, leaving the person with a compromised immune system.

Did the FDA want to suppress this information?

Before he suspiciously died, Dr. Bradstreet treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF with an astonishing 85 percent response rate. He also found out that the destructive enzyme nagalase was pervasive in fully vaccinated autistic children and not in unvaccinated newborns. In fact, with the reintroduction of GcMAF in the body, many of Bradstreet’s autistic patients were cleared of all their symptoms. Sadly, three days after the FDA raided his facilities, Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river.

The FDA allows pharmaceutical drugs to kill hundreds of thousands of people

The FDA is nothing more than a violent gang working for the ones who poison people and the planet. As the FDA suppresses life-saving treatments and targets honorable healers, they also permit some of the deadliest poisons to masquerade as “medicine.” For instance, the gave the okay to Pfizer to market and sell Celebrex. As the drug killed tens of thousands of Americans, the FDA went on non-apologetically. Merck and Co’s infamous Vioxx claimed countless lives too but the FDA approved it as medicine. The list of deadly side effect-ridden drugs goes on and on and these chemicals are the silent source of witchcraft suppressing the spellbound people.

The FDA is the new Murder, Inc. because they go after the very things that help and heal mankind, while permitting the drugs that break down the population. For example, the FDA goes after companies that sell essential oils of all things! These essential oils are simply just steam distilled from healing plants and have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-stress properties that work with the body, not against it. Companies like doTerra have been targeted.

The FDA says, “According to the FDA, “Private Citizens may not share written information on the Internet about how essential oils have improved their health, the health of their families, or the health of their clients”.

The National Institutes of Health confirms what many people already know from experience – that essential oils can be responsibly used to heal the body. However, the FDA restricts this free speech, suppressing vital information that could improve healthcare throughout the country.

The FDA is the violent mafia arm of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries

The FDA is a violent, forceful, and suppressive arm that carries out the wishes of biotech and pharmaceutical industries. While the FDA threatens essential oils and life-saving protocols for immunology, they are busy covering up the Seralini rat studies that proved the dangers of genetically modified organisms. Even though the rats in the Seralini study grew significant tumors at puberty on a GMO diet, the FDA gave the biotech industry the green light, allowing those same GMOs to be widely released. The FDA didn’t order more safety studies. Officials didn’t alert the American people and block these tumor-causing organisms from the American food supply. The FDA became the fake front for the biotech industry just as they are an illusion of safety for the pharmaceutical industry.

The FDA is really a part of these industries, with the power to unleash poisons and disguise them as food and medicine. The FDA culls the population at will. When politicians discuss their plan to improve health care, why aren’t they talking about all the lives that are taken annually due to FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs?

When will these criminal organizations be held accountable? When will Murder, Inc. be shuttered for good?

(I believe this chemotherapy monopoly fraud will finally end after ET disclosure. –MrT. )



It takes a while for David to connect up when this live program was aired. David comes on about a minute or so after the 13:30 mark if you want to speed it up. Great Interview by the way. –MrT.

HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #37: The Cancer Agenda: Interview with David Noakes

Published on Mar 24, 2015

If you develop Cancer in the UK, you are effectively sentenced to DEATH by the Gerald Heddell, the Director of MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency); the UK Government agency responsible for ensuring that Big Pharma’s revenue stream is never threatened by a Cancer ‘Cure’. GcMAF is PROVEN to be effective, has no side-effects and is a major threat to the Chemo industry ,,, Call State Executioner Gerald Heddell who demands that Cancer sufferers be sentenced to ‘Death by Chemo’!

Source:  – Vid (47:25)

(David Noakes’ website. –MrT.)
(Formally –MrT.)
(Contains all the research papers on GcMAF. –MrT)


(Great educational website. –MrT.)


About Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a 100 year old poison that started life out as World War One mustard gas.

In the Auschwitz concentration camp they experimented on inmates and started using it as a medicine.

Today globally 1.5 million people a year are murdered by chemotherapy for profit.

Patrick Swayze: Before and after Chemotherapy

Every doctor who prescribes it breaks his hippocratic oath to “administer no poisonâ€. It is a $200 billion dollar industry mostly based in the USA. The chemo lobby is possibly the most powerful in the world. They’ve changed the laws in most western countries so that only their product, the poison of chemotherapy, is allowed to be prescribed by doctors. And good, lifesaving treatments for cancer, of which there are many, are concealed from patients who are pressured into chemo, usually with ghastly results.

The side effects of chemo can be horrific: your organs may pack up, you may lose the sight of one or both eyes, you get “chemo brain†where your brain is often permanently damaged and you can’t function, you may become unable to walk; losing all your hair is irrelevant by comparison.

Many of these side effects can be permanent.

Worse, chemo usually destroys your immune system and blood counts, so particularly in stage 4, you are likely to catch some infection you would normally have fought off and die from it.

Many chemo drugs are listed as “a known carcinogen.†The poison is so powerful that nurses who administer it have to be protected from it with gloves and monthly tests. Some chemos can’t become safe even if they are heated to 1,800 degrees centigrade.

John Cairns of Harvard University published in Scientific American that chemo drugs help, at most, one in 20 of the people they are given to.

Chemo makes cancer cells immortal “When chemotherapy (is given) to kill the bulk of your cancer cells, a small remnant of these stem cells regenerate and renew the cancer, too†Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD “The Emperor of All Maladiesâ€

According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, USA in their WNT16B paper, cancer cells become resistant to chemo, “chemotherapy resistance†which makes the disease worse.

Yes, chemo may shrink a tumor, but it makes the cancer come back stronger. In particular it usually creates the secondaries that kill you 2 years later.

They control organizations.

The FDA in the USA has chemotherapy corporation directors on its board. They want $900 million spent over ten years before they will authorize a new drug. That way they ensure no inexpensive, effective treatment ever makes it.

In the 1930’s they closed down nurse Rene Caisse, who had been curing people with Essiac.

The FDA will license a chemo drug provided it is below LD50. That means in its lethal dose, it kills 50% of lab animals.

The FDA standard for drug safety is known as LD 50, LD stands for lethal dose, and the 50 is the percentage threshold of lab animals poisoned to death by the drug tested. As long as the percentage killed is under 50%, FDA will approve it!

In the UK they fund the MHRA, which licenses drugs. Their men sit on the boards of licensing authorities so the drug companies license their own drugs. That’s why they kill so many: around 2 million people a year including chemotherapy.

Cancer Research UK is still fraudulently raising money for cancer research when more than enough cures have already been found. It rubbishes these, to promote chemotherapy.


Cancer Cures

There are a number of naturally occurring methods of reducing and curing cancer symptoms, concealed from you by the cancer industry

  • The Paleo diet. Cancer feeds off sugar only. Carbohydrates become sugar in the body. If you avoid sugar and carbs, eat meat fish and veg, you’ll often stop stage 3 cancer in its tracks, and usually cure stage 2 cancer.
  • Bitter almonds. Now banned by the pharma/US government madfia as too effective. But also in Apricot seeds and apple pips: its  vitamin B 17 or laetrile.
  • Essaic Tea: a selection of herbs, including sheep sorrel, which animals eat to cure their cancer. Used with huge success by Rene Cassise of Toronto. Her hospital was closed by the chemo industry as too serious a competitor. Essaic is available on the internet.
  • Pured asparagus and Broccoli spears. Weak, but works for perhaps 10% of people.
  • Curcumin: but it has to be taken IV, and it can be bought in the proper form. Liposomal is now available.
  • DCA dichloracetate: a research paper by the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. If you overdose you get neuropathy. Simply reduce the dose.
  • GcMAF: expensive. But 100 scientists behind it. Superb for stage 4, and for terminal pancreatic cancers.
  • Exercise, oxygen, vitamin D in at least 10,000iu a day. Cancer cells are killed by oxygen.
  • Large dose (10grams plus) Vitamin C infusions (IV): published by the Riordan Clinic
  • Hyperthermia: tumors cannot stand temperatures above 40 degrees C.
  • Bicarbonate of soda: baking soda. Keep your body alkaline.  Add lemon to improve the effect.
  • Reservatrol in very small doses. Larger doses inhibit CYP1BI. Better: Salvesterols: phytonutrients activated by cancer’s CYP1B1
  • The right trace metals for the cancer: Dr Thomas Tallberg MD  


Chemotherpy Fraud in the U.S.:


Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India

Author: , Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development
April 10, 2013

Why does Gleevec, a leukemia drug that costs $70,000 per year in the United States, cost just $2,500 in India?

It’s seemingly simple. Gleevec is under patent in the U.S., but not in India. Accordingly, Novartis, its Swiss-based manufacturer, may prevent competitors from making and selling lower-cost versions of the drug in the U.S., but not in India.

Last week, India’s highest court rejected an application to patent Gleevec. While the legal issue in the case is important — the patentability of modifications to existing drugs under Indian law — the impact of the decision will likely be broader than just that issue, escalating a long-simmering fight over patented cancer medications in emerging markets.

Rejecting the Gleevec patent application is not the only step that the Indian government has taken to circumvent patents on cancer drugs. Last year, India issued a compulsory license on Nexavar, a late-stage kidney and liver cancer treatment, enabling a local drug firm to produce a generic version of this medicine without the permission of Bayer, the patent holder. India has recently announced plans to grant compulsory licenses on another leukemia drug and two breast cancer therapies.




Price of cancer treatment skyrockets as doctors scramble for solutions

August 6, 2015

New research shows the average price of cancer drugs has increased 10-fold, from $5,000 in 2000 to more than $100,000 by 2012. At the same time, the average US household income has decreased by about eight percent.

More than 100 oncologists participated in research which found that, on average, Americans are paying 50 to 100 percent more for the same patented cancer drugs than patients in other countries. They argued the high costs are affecting patient care and the American health care system overall.

With one in three people likely to be affected by cancer in the US over their lifetime, the trend is causing harm to patients with cancer and their families, according to the study.

Pharmaceutical companies argue the high prices of cancer drugs are in response to the expense of conducting research and drug development. They also say market forces will settle prices to reasonable levels and that any price controls on cancer drugs would stifle innovation. (Pure garbage! –MrT.)

Source:  – Vid (3:36)

The 118 oncologists, who authored the article published online in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, contest those arguments.

“People do not realize that cancer drugs for the most part are not operating under a free market economy,†said Dr. Vincent Rajkumar of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, and one of the paper’s authors, .

“The fact that there are five approved drugs to treat an incurable cancer does not mean there is competition. Typically, the standard of care is that each drug is used sequentially or in combination, so that each new drug represents a monopoly with exclusivity granted by patent protection for many years.â€

Rajkumar said there is no relationship between the benefit provided by a cancer drug, and the cost of a cancer drug. There are drugs that hardly prolong life which cost the same or more as a drug that prolongs life by a year or more.

The that other reasons for the high cost of cancer drugs include legislation that prevents Medicare from negotiating drug prices, as well as a lack of value-based pricing which would tie the cost of drug to its effectiveness compared to other drugs.



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