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(VI) (DM) Ann Dahlberg: Judas Iscariot Update / Ron Head: Incoming! – The Council


Source: http://sananda.website/judas-iscariot-via-ann-dahlberg-august-1/

Judas Iscariot Update

Messenger Ann Dahlberg
A message from Judas Iscariot
Saturday, August 1, 2015


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is a fine day, as we look down on Earth from up here. The sun shines and warms your frozen souls. They are slowly thawing and beginning to live in the sunshine. Just like the butterfly dancing around the flowers the soul frees itself and begins to take its first small dance steps. The joy of being able to move freely increases the dancing desire and creativity. It is the small first steps into the higher dimensions. The joy should be felt inside, my dear, then the energy is coming, and with that, the creativity. That is when you begin to create your life, the life that you came down here to live. You had a vision when you came down. This is the vision you begin to realize now.

Stop, breathe in and fill your heart with joy. Feel the joy deep down in your toes. Do it as often as you can and you will soon create the life you deep down want to live. Let the soul take you on the most amazing journey that you can ever experience. This is something that you would never regret, but thank yourself that you did. You would thank yourselves for finding the courage and dared to follow your inner voice. The more often you follow your inner voice, the better you will feel. Life will feel lighter and problems will seem small. It will be more like going downwind instead of fighting against the wind.

How many do not make life harder for themselves than it needs to be? I think all of you have experienced it. It is sometimes hard to see through the fog. That is when the soul’s wisdom and clarity can feel so liberating, except you must have found it first. Ask your guides for help if you think it is difficult. The soul is constantly trying to get in touch with you. But it has difficulties to make itself heard in all the noise that is around. In the silence it can sometimes get itself heard but then you doubt whether it really was the soul you heard. It is no easy task, [for] the soul has [to try and] catch your attention and help you to integrate you with yourselves. The grandest goal [that] you have [is] to become “ONE” with yourselves.

Breathe deep and feel the life coming in and fill your whole being, the Life of the “Holy Spirit”, the life of All That Is, life that is you and which is me. Feel and understand that everything is connected as one unit. We are all one and we all belong together. It is time to form unity of everything and everyone living on this Earth.

Mother Earth is on the way now, and everyone who wants to follow her can do so now. Her love surrounds you all, and she helps all who want to be helped. There is no judging, dear friend. It is only the will that is needed. Is that love, so tell me? Do not doubt the love that surrounds you? It is immense [and] greater than you can ever imagine.

Be confident that you are loved dear children and trust in your own ability to love. It will soon turn into full bloom. The more often you release the butterfly in the open, the stronger your ability to love. Love conquers all, dear friends. It is worth risking your life for.

With the hope of many free butterflies, I say goodbye for this time.

With so much love

Website: http://sananda.website/


Could it be that we will exist in the old realm and the New Earth simultaneously? And the one we focus on is the one that we will experience? –MrT.

Source: https://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/incoming-the-council/


Messenger Ron Head
A message from The Council
August 3, 2015


What in the world is going on?

Is that what you are feeling now? We know that many of you are. The more sensitive of you, even some who do not think of yourselves as such, are feeling, either physically, emotionally, or both, as if something immense that you just cannot describe is going on. Something is different. Are you going nuts? Even if you have felt this sort of thing for quite some time, this feels new. This feels different.

You are exactly correct. This is new. This is different. And yet this is what we have been talking to you about for three years or more. Three years seems like a long time to you. It is just another infinitely short period for us. In order to understand a lot of what we tell you, the concepts of “now time” and oneness are essential. Even then, a 3D mind just cannot truly know what we mean. But of course you will try. And of course that is what you should do. That is how you are wired.

Think of these following things that we will list as all happening together for the first time. You are expanding your consciousness. Your individual and collective frequencies are rising. Earth’s frequency signature has doubled and continues to rise. A very large number of other civilizations and spiritual beings are sending this planet as much light as they are able, much more than you can imagine. There are solar system alignments coming online that are contributing greatly. And there is now arriving in your neighborhood, a wave of energy that, in your terms, headed in your direction many thousands of light years ago. This is all in your now.

And now so what? What does this mean for you? Well, it will mean something different for each of you. And yet, today we would like to describe a few of the more seemingly impossible things for you to consider. We will lay out a buffet and you can serve yourselves.

There is a threshold of vibration that you are approaching which will allow you to begin choosing new ways of being and experiencing your “reality”. We place that word in quotes because as long as you are in a physical environment, you are in what has been termed illusion. That simply means that everything you see is extremely temporary.

It is, or will soon be, possible for you to exercise many abilities that you have not had the experience of before now. If you think that you have these already, be aware that there are still more. Each will begin on the ground where they now stand. That is ever the only way. We ask you to be aware of what is happening around you. There are going to be those who have no idea at all of what they are seeing, or hearing, or beginning to know. They may very likely think they are totally alone and are going crazy. Part of your reason for being where you are, is to help these to know that they are beginning to experience the new ‘normal’.

Now we will get a bit farther ‘out there’. You may find yourselves spending time… let’s call that having [an] experience… on more than one earth. The new earth that you have been talking about for quite a while is already a reality. You may find yourselves moving your awareness to that dimension. Notice we did not say ‘going there’. No one where you now are focused will likely understand that you are gone. Once there, you will experience an entirely different kind of life. That is, after all, what you have been working toward. You may choose to bring back to your current focus much that you learn there in order to help those that remain. They will experience a totally ‘new you’, but will not know anything else. It may even take you a while to understand, and that is part of the reason for our telling you this. Sort of a teaser you might say. At first it may seem as though you are having very realistic dreams that are rather far out. Enjoy. It will get better.

What you experience, and what you choose or do not choose, will be entirely up to you. That has always been the case even though the veil has kept you from understanding it. What we would like you to be aware of at this time is that you will not choose anything that will leave anyone behind. To the contrary, the farther ahead you choose to venture, the greater your positive effect for those who follow. You are truly multidimensional. It is your awareness of that fact that will grow. You will not leave anyone behind.

Now, we know that these things may be a bit of a stretch for you, and that is OK. But perhaps it may be fun to let your imaginations stretch and allow yourselves to consider what this may mean. For instance, might it mean that you have reached a point that allows your greater being the freedom to inhabit more of your physical existence? Go with that, if you like. None of you have any clear idea of what approaches anyway, so let your minds reach out and play. Have fun. It’s about time, don’t you think?

As usual, we close by saying that we are with you, we support you, and we love you. Ask for help when you need it. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved.

Website: https://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


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