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(VI) (DM) After Grexit Comes Frexit / The New Age of Political Sobriety / Arrest warrants for 15 Iraqi ministers on corruption charges / Bix Weir: What in the World is Going on at the OCC??? / China-led AIIB development bank holds signing ceremony


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http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2015/06/after-grexit-comes-frexit/#more-18003 – Vid (1:00)

After Grexit Comes Frexit

Georgi Stankov
June 29, 2015

The National Front’s leader Marine Le Pen, has just warned that not only is a Grexit inevitable, but that France would follow shortly.

Le Pen is not a technocrat but a full-fledged independent politician who also strongly criticizes NATO’s war in Ukraine against Russia and the sanctions against this country. She wants the end of NATO and the USA out of Europe. As a leader of the popular right-wing National Front party, she is about as diametrically opposite as one can get to being a puppet of unelected bureaucrats. And that is concerning to Europe because having seen how easy it is for a populist party to get elected in Greece, promising an end to austerity and, if necessary, an exit from the Euro zone is also a ticket for a president in France.

Sure enough, that’s precisely Le Pen’s game plan: as she told Bloomberg in a recent interview, Le Pen, a front runner in France’s 2017 presidential election, says a Greek exit from the euro is inevitable. “And if it’s up to her, France won’t be far behind.”

“We’ve won a few months’ respite but the problem will come back,” Le Pen said of Greece in an interview at her National Front party headquarters in Nanterre, near Paris.

“Today we’re talking about Grexit, tomorrow it will be Brexit, and the day after tomorrow it will be Frexit.”

And Brussels is listening. Le Pen, 46, is leading first-round presidential election polls in France, ahead of President Francois Hollande, ex-leader Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This is hardly good news for the Eurozone because she’s the only one of the four calling for France to exit the euro, banking on people’s exasperation with the Greek crisis and Britain’s proposed referendum on the European Union to win over voters.

Needless to say, without France there is no “European Union”, and certainly no common currency. The collapse of the EU is pre-determined in this 3D reality and only our ascension and departure from this timeline will prevent us from experiencing this crash.



The New Age of Political Sobriety

By Georgi Stankov
June 30, 2015

The deconstruction of the bogus narrative of the western MSM has gained momentum. Was Putin the demonized Pariah the whole last year and until soon, now new sense of desperate realism has taken grip on the most aggressive mouthpieces of American hegemonic policy. This is a clear recognition that the plan of the western dark cabal to destroy Russia and then China in order to install the NWO has totally failed.

It took about a year for the dark cabal and their presstitutes to comprehend this dire fact to the full extent. The western neo-liberal ideology of the criminal Reptiloid-Khazar faction that dominated world politics of economic destruction for more than two decades is now dead. The new reality that has emerged is based on facts and truthfulness. That is why the war-mongering propaganda of the western MSM against Russia and China has no chance and such outlets as RT are the clear winner.  You can mire most people for a long time, but you cannot mire all the people all the time.

While Putin has the full support of the Russians for his policy (89%), all western countries are in a state of total disintegration caused by the glaring democratic deficits in the EU and the USA, where the current ruling politicians have approval rates well below 30% and are now facing increasing resistance and headwinds (e.g. 250 000 people marching against Cameron’s austerity policy last week in London without a mentioning by the BBC, although the march took place along its headquarters and elsewhere in Europe).

The ghost of social unrest and even civil war is now wandering on the Old Continent and the USA is already a besieged country, where every day two innocent civilians, predominantly Afro-Americans, are being killed in the average by the police without any consequences for the perpetrators and Bombama King has just issued new directives that endow him with absolute powers.

The decision of the Greek government to perform a referendum on the austerity measures imposed on Greece by the troika have thrown in utter despair the non-elected (quasi communist) commissaries in Brussels, who fear democratic decisions as much as the devil the incense.

Below, the Saker discusses the political background behind the high approval rates of Putin in Russia and why the Western cabal have totally failed with their plan to install the NWO, as I have discussed it in several publications last week. However, do not expect too far-sighted opinions from the Saker. He is still fully embedded in his dualistic 3D world view.

From the Madhouse: EU Recommends Tsipras to Vote Against Himself

German Economic News

Translated by Georgi Stankov
Published: 30/06/15

Full article: (Greece has till midnight to work something out. –MrT.)



Arrest warrants for 15 Iraqi ministers on corruption charges

Saturday, 20 June 2015 13:42


Iraq’s Commission of Integrity has contacted INTERPOL to help capture these officials.

Iraq’s Commission of Integrity announced on Friday that 1,668 officials, including 15 former ministers and 122 seniors have been indicted for corruption, Al-Araby Al-Jadid reported.

Chief of the Commission Hassan al-Yassiri said in a press conference that arrest warrants were issued for the accused for theft of public funds, embezzlement, bribery, corruption and other issues.

“This number is for this year only,” Al-Yassiri said, “we hope the Iraqi executive authorities respond to the warrants and arrest the culprits.” He said that the Commission had contacted the international police (INTERPOL) for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Al-Yassiri said that 373 persons, including three seniors had been arrested. He also said that the total sum ordered to be returned to the national treasury was 889 billion Iraqi dinars. There are still larger amounts to be investigated.

Speaking to Al-Araby Al-Jadid on the issue, Iraqi economic analyst Adnan Abdul-Wahid said: “Billions of USDs were stolen by Iraqi officials… The reason behind the current financial crisis in the country is that the previous government had stolen the budget.”



Bix Weir Update: ALERT!! What in the World is Going on at the OCC???

By Bix Weir, Road to Roota & SGTreport.com
June 30, 2015


The Office of Comptroller of Currencies has just released their latest report on derivatives for the first quarter of 2015 and it is absolutely….different.


Other Precious Metals (ie Silver)    4Q 2014      1Q2015

JP Morgan                                           $10.7B         $13.4B

Citibank                                                  $3.9B         $53.0B

Obviously, there is either a GIGANTIC mistake or big change on the latest OCC Derivatives Report or Citbank has just broken every law known to man and added a concentrated silver position larger than THREE YEARS worth of global silver production at 2.7 Billion ounces of paper silver.

Yes, it could be “other” precious metals but I highly doubt it. Anyways, what would it matter? Here we have a “too big to fail” bank adding an outrageous amount to precious metal derivatives to their overall exposure for no apparent reason.

Why is Citibank, a bank the US taxpayer bailed out, playing in the silver derivative markets anyways?

And then we have the overall commodities changing dramatically for JPM according to Zerohedge we have to wonder….what is going on??


Do you want the OBVIOUS take from Roota? They all belong in jail…not trading derivatives!!

Watch Citibank and JP Morgan go the way of Bear Stearns, AIG, Drexel Burnham and all the other silver shorts VERY SOON!

End Game Approaches Fast!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Bix Weir: ALERT: Both CEO’s of the World’s Largest Derivative Holder Suddenly Resign



China-led AIIB development bank holds signing ceremony

Aisa News
June 29, 3015


China has hosted the signing ceremony of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a new international financial institution set to rival the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Delegates from 50 countries signed articles that determine each member’s share and the bank’s initial capital.

The UK, Germany, Australia and South Korea are among the founding members.

Japan and the US, which oppose the AIIB, are the most prominent countries not to join. (It is either join or sink in your own debt. –MrT.)

The US has questioned the governance standards at the new institution, which it sees as spreading Chinese “soft power”, and tried to persuade others to stay away.

The AIIB, which was created in October by 21 countries, led by China, will fund Asian energy, transport and infrastructure projects.

This is not just a diplomatic win for China. It serves an important economic objective too. China wants to move away from building infrastructure at home. Its engineering giants need somewhere else to build ports, roads and cities.

Answer – lend the region the money to pay Chinese companies to build a 21st Century Asia according to a Beijing master plan and with Chinese influence at its core.

This is China under President Xi Jinping flexing its muscle as a major power, but many observers say the move might not have come so soon if the US had been able to lead the reform of existing global financial institutions to make room for China at the top. (The U.S. had another agenda; it was trying to create a New World Fascist Order of global enslavement. It’s not happening now. lol. J –MrT.)

After 30 years of breakneck Chinese growth, the distribution of power in those institutions no longer reflects the reality of the global economic landscape.

One British official told me: “If an alien landed on earth they would be puzzled by its international financial institutions as China is grossly underrepresented.”

Country delegates gathered at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People for the signing ceremony.

Australia was the first country to sign the articles of association creating the AIIB’s legal framework, followed by 49 other members. Seven more countries are due to sign by the end of the year.

Most Asian countries and countries from the Middle East and Latin America have joined, with the launch of the Beijing-led bank being hailed as a diplomatic and strategic success for China.

It is one of several institutions China has created to push its own economic agenda, largely driven by frustration over its lack of influence in the big global financial institutions such as the World Bank, says the BBC’s Martin Patience in Beijing.

The AIIB will begin with authorized capital of $50bn (£31.8bn), eventually to be raised to $100bn.

China will hold a 30.34% stake making it the largest shareholder of the bank, Reuters quotes China’s Finance Ministry as saying.

This would give China 26.06% of the voting rights within the multilateral institution.

India will be the second-biggest shareholder with a possible 10-15% stake, while Russia and Germany will make up the third and fourth biggest member stakes, Reuters news agency reports.

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Monday he was confident the AIIB could start functioning before the end of the year, according to Reuters.

(It is starting now with the funding of projects and the currency will be backed by precious metals. –MrT.)




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