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A Short Energy Update – June 29, 2015

A message from Georgi Stankov
June 29, 2015

This is indeed a very short and joyful report. The best news are always short, the bad news need more elaboration.

Since three-four days the quality of the energies has dramatically improved. At least this is what I sense now constantly and the leap in better life quality is so dramatic that I am afraid to rejoice as in the past such short moments of respite were immediately followed by most severe and debilitating waves. That is why I waited for four days in a row to make this announcement.

The quality of the energies has improved incredibly, in particular in the night and the vibrations feel like bathing in champagne with the bubbles caressing and uplifting the body (I must admit that I haven’t had this kind of experience yet, but this is how I imagine physical pleasure of the more lascivious kind on this planet). Another comparison of the more prosaic kind: There is an all-encompassing somatic feeling of well-being as if bathing in a wellness bath, associated with profound optimism as if the whole atmosphere is imbued with this sentiment and you can breathe it. And all this is very, very uplifting. It feels very much as if we have almost moved to New Lemuria and are now basking in 5D energies all the time.

There is a promise in the air about the coming bliss and the more the dark cabal and their stooges descend into the hell of their despair, the better it feels for us. This dichotomy is a manifestation of the dialectics of ascension which now engulfs this uppermost mother planet.

I have personally never felt my LBP energies so pleasant as in the last three days, notwithstanding several very powerful alchemical reactions of global cleansing of dark human patterns. Today there was another huge ID shift after we descended to a very low timeline and the weather deteriorated significantly contrary to all weather forecasts. Both Carla and I were immersed in the most powerful ascension vortex, similar to the one we once experienced in Burns Bog last year. We were retrieved from this reality for several hours and the third chakra was in huge pain due to the quick bilocations.

The ID move to New Lemuria has now reached a new level of intensity parallel to the dissolution of the Orion matrix on the ground and the next month promises huge surprises. Watch carefully for the full moon portal in July 2nd and then the new moon on July 16th which is a potential date for our ascension and move to New Lemuria.



Shirley has some dreams that Georgi interprets. The part about the e-mails is kind of funny. –MrT.

Breaking News: The Dark Secret Services Are Spying on Our Emails [In] Real Time as They Want to Know Our Prophecies When they Are Dead

By Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov
June 29, 2015




Coming Home to an Angel

A message from Bob Fickes
June 30, 2015


Today we return home to Thailand and to our dog Fluffy and my mom. It’s been almost two months since we have been home and we miss them a lot. Fluffy is so cute and we expect he will be excited to see us after so long. Usually when we get home he runs around in circles as fast as he can, jumping in the air and rolling on the floor. Our hearts jump with joy every time we see him. He is a loving little angel who brings joy to everyone he meets. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful gift of love from Mother Earth.

I am already missing all my friends in Japan but feel warmth in my heart when I think of all the smiling faces I have met on this tour. I am so inspired by all of you and will never forget my birthday and all the love you gave me. My heart beats with yours and I send my deepest love and gratitude to all of you. Thank you all so much!