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To Learn More About Both Conferences And To See The Itineraries For Each Journey Click On Banner Links Separately.

Dear Promise Friends,

We are having two amazing journeys to the External Retreats of The Great White Sister/Brotherhood this summer. You are invited to both of them we have some special packages and incentives for you if you want to come on one or both of these Journeys.

Please click on each banner to go to the Itinerary page for each Journey.


After you have read each Itinerary there will be a very important link on the top of each Itinerary. Please be sure you use this link to go to my new Luis Mostojo Fernando Maertens Page.


You will be given a synopsis of the amazing experiences he has had and his life’s mission to share this knowledge with the world. Realize he speaks mostly only Spanish so he is an undiscovered treasure of love and light to the rest of the world.


His soul radiance is palpable and by his gentle and radiant energy love energy it is apparent why he is chosen as an emissary and ambassador for both The Confederation and The Great White Sister/Brotherhood.


Luis calls them The Guides of The Sky and The Masters. His Solar Initiations are always accompanied by energetic vibrational alignments to the subtle bodies radiated by the masters within the retreats and by our space family who literally on many occasions can be seen to accompany our groups physically.


You can see links of pictures and videos of actual Space Ships that have appeared over my groups with Luis and other groups as well. You will see Space ships under the waters of Lake Titicaca and even in broad daylight in Cuzco and La Paz.


Furthermore, information will be provided for what to bring what to wear and other important and pertinent details about the logistics of the journeys. With the link, you can get information on visas, plane tickets, the altitude preparation, and other details to be fully prepared for these once in a lifetime experiences.


If you have any questions at all on any part of the details about these journeys or what will be taking place please do not hesitate to call me or email me at any time.

With Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter
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