Two Women From Venus Appear To Support Cosmic Ray

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Dear Promise Friends,

Cosmic Ray who will be appearing in Mt Shasta at the “From Venus with Love” Summer Conference in July 27th – 29th

He told me that at the launch of his 2 new books in June in Pennsylvania at a very well established light center 2 Venusian women beamed down to support him.

Rays experiences with Venusians are many and he even visited the planet in 2012.  He also has quite a few physical encounters and he told me that he gets a feeling or a premonition when he senses they are around or he is about to have an encounter.

He said he had this feeling on June 24th 2017 when the two Venusian women appeared in a beam of light in the forest near to the light center where he was to publically present his two latest books.

These books are his life’s work and he is most happy sharing his experiences and the Venusian encounters with the world.

See his books here on Amazon I recommend them highly.

Cosmic Rays Excellent Venus Adventure

To be clear he did not witness them beam down into the forest another person did and asked them “ Who are you why are you here”

The girls replied, “We are from Venus and we are here to see Cosmic Ray and support his release of his 2 books”.

I was very surprised as usually they are quite incognito and only reveal themselves telepathically to their intended contact when around the public.

This was exciting and positive news indicating that as Luis and Cobra have stated that a new era of open contact is beginning.

This conversation happened last night Jan 23rd and I was keeping Ray up late as he shared this information with me.

He is finishing some service and research at the reformed Community Church of Christ in Independence Missouri that was formerly part of the Mormon Church.

This group has many of the ancient records from Egypt that Joseph Smith had found and other information I will not divulge here.

I asked Ray about the security for the 2 girls who had just beamed down and he said a Persian looking man arrived within minutes in a black limousine with California plates and blacked out windows.

Ray said this gentleman was their designated security. You can see his partial picture in the article, in which the women obscure his upper torso.

We got down to the nitty gritty as I peppered Ray with questions. I asked so what is their story?

He said one of the women was actually from India and born in Rishikesh the 1880s.  She had acted as a guide to the British as they travelled about the country.

She obviously did other things but he told me she had found herself one day in a remote area in the higher altitudes near Rishikesh.

This is near one of the gateways to the Himalayas more esoteric Ashrams and teachers and their retreats for seekers of divine knowledge.

She came upon a man who was ill and unable to move. She stopped her journey and for several days nursed the man back to health and aided him in his return to civilization.

It turns out this man was not ill and was testing her level of compassion in a sort of test. She passed the test and he revealed himself to her as a Master and took her with him back to Venus.

Wow!…..well the rest her life and work on Venus is a mystery for now. She is now called Lady Columba!

In India long ago Lady Columba did work with the other woman now called Lady Aurora.

In her last incarnation on earth her name was Ms. Crebbs.


Two women from Venus Appear

Lady Aurora and Lady Columba



From Venus With Love

You can see the both of them in photos in the article link. She was beamed down with Lady Columba to the book release to meet Ray.

It seems they worked together in a Christian socialist rights type of movement in India in the early part of the last century.

The other woman was born in USA in 1902 and was the secretary for one of the Original contactees Truman Bethurman. She was also a painter of some renown in the 50s.

Bethurum along with Adamski, Fry, Green, Van Tassel , Gloria Lee , Frank Stranges and many others  were the core of the modern era of contactees.

According to Ray in their conversations in Pennsylvania this summer she revealed that she passed away in the late 90s.

However before her passing a Venusian male contacted her and took her DNA samples and downloaded from her brain her memories into a type of computer?

Apparently she passed away shortly after and woke up on the backside of the moon in the Venusian base Clarion.

She was in a new body about 20 years old and saw the master over her with Rays emanating from his hands and his head in the resurrection type of scenario. She gave Ray a depiction she painted of this it will be in his new book.

This is really cool information and I feel it is 100 percent accurate. As we learn the secrets of the universe and our souls immortal nature.

It seems even death will be conquered as we realize the mysteries or the ever-expanding laws of creation. As we grow in love and service.

So both of these women are now from Venus but there last lives on earth play an important role in their service to earth.

Ms. Crebbs handed Ray a book she wrote with illustrations included, as it seem she is a talented artist. She did not publish this book while on earth but wanted the information to get out.

Ray is working on it now.

The girls were sent as emissaries from Queen Orda the Venusian Matriarch who is unable to visit earth at this time dues her duties on Venus. She is close to Ray and a lot of the information in his books comes directly from her.

Not your Wal Mart parking lot










The girls had red berets with golden pins attached. The pins were of a Bee. This symbol is very important as are bees on the planet Venus.

The article referenced is quite obscure but as I wanted to share this information with everyone. I am sure this encounter will become better known through my audience.

Like the Valiant Thor Crew pictures at Howard Mengers House these should serve as a good introduction to our space family being very much like us and down to earth so to speak.

I was divided about posting this article and pictures, as I want these women to join us in Mt Shasta this summer as well.

Alas it is now unlikely as their faces will be known and at a gathering such as mine security would be challenged to keep them safe.

I make a public request of Lady Orda to send us some other emissaries to join our conference in a safe way.

We can honor them and Omnec for their service and mission to earth. 

Warm Regards To All

We Are In Contact 

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter



  1. linda donahue
    January 26, 2018

    Joyous salutations! Three years ago I so wished to come to Mt. Shasta when Omnec was there. However I suffered difficult attacks to endure. This year … what I desired will come to be!
    I am so looking forward to this summer, and open to learning even more. Oh, how I have learned so much in these last three years!
    Thank you Rob, I missed you last summer.
    Thank you for all your efforts, what you do truly matters, my friend. Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Michael Salla year before last, Corey, and Laura. Love you …. ALL …..

    • babarob
      February 16, 2018

      linda thank you for your kind words they mean a lot right now. I will look forward to seeing you this summer.

  2. Alf
    January 27, 2018

    i wish i could find real truth and find some way to get earthers to open their minds and hearts…and the venus ladies are cute and look like american women…but i hope their lives mean so much more today than before..i want to help make a difference…and work for right and truth..i am sick and tired of all the lies…from everyone…and everything…do i not have this right?? thank u.

    • babarob
      February 16, 2018

      Alf In a way would say yes lies are not good an allow evil to promote its diabolical plans/ yet Truth is inside of you so abide in truth and truth will abide in you. remain calm and detached do not polarize your thoughts to hopelessness despair or fear. god has a plan and you are part of it. Be part of the solution and strive for a better way and promote the real truth not the manufactured one.
      peace Rob

  3. Mauro
    January 30, 2018

    VERY GOOD,LIGH,ligh…Sun and Venus.

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