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Trashed (2012) starring Jeremy Irons – Vid (VI) (DM)



Trashed (2012) starring Jeremy Irons

If you think waste is someone else’s problem, think again. Featuring Jeremy Irons, TRASHED takes a critical look at the waste pollution of our air, land and sea—and the harm it inflicts on the food chain and the environment. Traveling across the globe from Iceland to Indonesia, this feature documentary is a global conversation between star Jeremy Irons, scientists, politicians and ordinary individuals whose health and livelihoods have been fundamentally affected by this pollution. Revealing often surprising truths about the very immediate and potent dangers for the planet, TRASHED is a filmic interplay of human interest and political wake-up call that is both visually beautiful and emotionally horrific.

http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/trashed_2012_starring_jeremy_irons?utm_medium=player&utm_campaign=player_referral – Vid (1:37:23)


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