Transcript – Ralph and Marsha Ring – March 15, 2017

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Ladies and gentlemen, I keep forgetting that you get that intro on this show. It’s a pretty big thing, kind of tongue in cheek, but Pyramid One Network – I’d like to thank them, of course, Bob Charles, John Alan, and my savior, sound guy, Chris Spell, there in North Carolina, who’s done a tremendous job for me lately with editing some of the really bad sound files I’ve had. We’re going to try to keep this one clean and neat for him today.

Our guests today is Ralph and Marsha Ring, and I’m going to talk about them in just a second, but I wanted to remind you all of We have some interesting stuff.

I’m trying to get a group together to go to Bolivia with my friend, Luis Maertens, who is a Venusian contactee, a Pleiadian contactee, he has met beings from Alpha Centauri. He has had many experiences down there in South America. It’s a lot of high country, a lot of retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and the Space Family Confederation.

And Luis is an exceptional contactee who has had contact since the age of 13. His first ship appeared after dreams with is mother as a witness. And he was a member of a metaphysical group in Bolivia, and he brought the team up to the mountain at his behest. On cue UFOs came down kind of letting the team know that Luis is n contact. this established him as a leader of this group I am sure.

Luis said his master had told him that he had prepared for many, many lifetimes for his position as an intermediary of the guides from the sky and the masters, as he calls them, the guides and masters. His name is Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens. And he is a wonderful brother.

And like all the contacts of the Venusians, just so full of love and really coming from a heart space. Those of you that remember my UFO contact in Mt. Shasta with Meet The Ambassadors with Omnec Onec, just a wonderful, very sweet woman, not filled with technical information, but showing us the humanity of the wonderful Venusian people and sharing the essence of the teaching of love and her story of coming from Venus probably, you know, living quite a long time in our Earth here and still looking like a child when she came here in a physical body. She was living in the astral higher dimensions.

For her mission, she was given some mantrums to translate from the astral to the physical plane on venus. Omnec and her uncle became physical on the plane of Venus, and then she came to Earth.

We also have Dr. Frank Stranges, another one of my wonderful mentors and great teachers and friends, and such a very powerful honest, sincere and spiritual individual, and really had a unique message with his on-going contacts of Commander Valient Thor.

Dr Frank Stranges had inner circle meetings were . . . probably had 50~70 maybe 80 people from around the world, which isn’t that large when you consider the special nature of Dr. Frank Stranges.

It seemed like Luis is kind of undercover right now.Out side of spanish speaking countries he is not really have that large of a following. He was known well in governmental circles as a real bonafide contactee as he advises officials in south america of what is taking place. Dr Frank Stranges had inner circle meetings were . . . probably had 50~70 maybe 80 people from around the world, which isn’t that large when you consider the special nature of Dr. Frank Stranges.

And then we have so many other wonderful, real contactees and real teachers. And I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again, I think I’m a pretty good scout.

I have probably a too critical eye when it comes to all of the people coming out of the woodwork with different stuff, but there’s lots of great information out there. You just have to use discernment.

I want to talk a little bit about this trip we’re going to be doing down there in Bolivia. We’ve had two, but we haven’t had much interest in the first one, so I’ve kind of removed that.

If you’re interested in going to Bolivia on a once in a lifetime tour with Luis Maertens, a genuine, bonafide contactee who has had what are called ‘programmed contacts’ . . . You can look it up on my website. Click on the links and read the information and see the videos on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, which was artificially flooded by the Confederation and the Great White Brotherhood some thousands of years ago to keep the ancient records secret.

He has many, many stories of information to share. I’ve had him speak in Mt. Shasta. I’ve had him present in Hawaii. And he has a tremendous, let’s just call it a warm personality that brings a lot of information, and people stand and applaud.

His information and his talks on his journey to Venus and his meeting with the masters, his talks about meeting the master Soramez, who’s 40,000 years old. Soromez is the primary guardian of the Golden Disc of the Sun.

And for those of you who follow George Hunt Williamson, aka Brother Philip, I recommend you read the book, ‘Secret of the Andes’, to understand the powerful, vibrational tool called the golden disk of the sun that is used by the masters and the Great White Brotherhood to stabilize the planet and focus the cosmic rays from the Sun. The disk is used to keep the Earth in a positive, uplifting vibration.

Luis said that this technology of the Golden Disc of the Sun was misused during Atlantean times and was one of the instruments in the cataclysmic activity that took place in Atlantis that kind of tilted the Earth on its axis and gave us a wobble. That’s going to be rectified soon.

He has a picture of the master Soromez who materialized, This is the only known picture of this nature.

He has also been taken in a Blue Sphere, or what they call a Xendra portal, in the late ’70s in Machu Picchu. His master – I forget the name – but had guided him up to Machu Picchu with some professional climbers, and when he got to a certain valley, they telepathed him and told him that they were going to create a portal for him – just like Corey Goode in the Blue Sphere Alliance – a small dome or a Blue Sphere appeared.

They told him to walk into this sphere, which he did and he found himself on Ganymede. Ganymede is an artificial moon and the Jupiter portal is part of the Cosmic Brotherhood’s mission to this planet, and that’s where all the ET teachers go to become trained in what’s called the veil or the ignorance or the sickness that exists here on Earth and the programming of the advanced scalar wave mind-control technology.

Basically, he was given another tremendous experience – I think this was actually before the Island of the Sun and the Golden Disc, but he was given a beautiful understanding and a teaching from his teachers to establish within him these bonafide experiences that he had had.

So not only did he see . . . go to Venus, physically, he had been to Jupiter portal on Ganymede. He’s also been to Lake Titicaca and the Masters of the Island of the Sun. He’s also had several other contacts with the Confederation bases.

And on top of that, folks, he’s been behind the heart shaped rock on Illampu Mountain and the Temple of Purity of the Great White Brotherhood, which I believe also was the temple that George Hunt Williamson had talked about.

And so we have this history of the Confederation and the people that . . . let’s call it the spiritual planetary hierarchy that have been seeing over the evolution of mankind for years and trying to help us get over the hump. It’s like a series of innings. We get to first base, second base and third base and we have to keep having to come back.

And we now have to, with the vibration of the Solar System changing, move forward into a new vibration, a new dispensation, and open contact with the Great White Brotherhood and the benevolent space family. And that has to come forward openly and safely to the people of the Earth.

In the meantime, of course, we do have some very, very challenging situations on the Earth with a very hostile force, very organized, very powerful, in control of world governments, but that’s just on the surface and it’s an illusion.

The real control is in our own individual decisions and in our heart.

So with that in mind, I just want you to check out that journey. It’s a bit expensive, but we’re going to Bolivia. We’re going to an outer retreat of the Brotherhood. It’s a special, sacred hot springs.

We’ll be going to Lake Titicaca, the Island of the Sun. Then we’re flying to Peru. We’re going to see some ancient sites and the history and the archaeology of the contacts and the civilizations that lived there. And then Luis is going to take us up to Machu Picchu for some very special experiences, and then back to Bolivia.

It’s a five-star trip all the way. When I was there before, Luis put us in nice hotel rooms and everything. So guys who are interested in that, we’ve got a few interests. We need about 10 or 12 more people before August to go.

So if you’re interested in that, please do contact me after checking out my website. There’s some tremendous stuff.

I need to get that plugged in, folks. I haven’t been talking about it lately, and we just need more people. So I’m going to let that go.

Now, I’m going to talk about our next guests, and they’re pretty world famous, folks. They’ve been around a long time with this advanced technology.

They knew my old friend, Frank Stranges, and I’m sure they probably knew Norm Paulsen and Gabriel Green – some of the old school contactees. We’re going to talk about George Van Tassel and Nikola Tesla, because we’re going to get into some free energy and some serious understanding of what’s going on with this technology and why it can’t seem to come to the fore – forward – with my special guests, Ralph and Marsha Ring.

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Rob Potter: I want to welcome you both to the show. If you guys want to unmute there, I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to start with the biography.

Ralph has an on-going interest and participation in the areas of esoteric and ether knowledge and technologies. And after leaving the U.S. Army in 1954, he began an on-going search for answers to many questions concerning the unknown.

In brief, you worked for a U.S. government-funded facility in the areas of magnetics and levitation and teleportation.

His search eventually led him to the realities of, and participation in, teleportation and esoteric consciousness.

Ralph is a natural scientist, (inaudible) technician, who in the early 1960s worked together with Otis T. Carr, a close protege of Nikola Tesla, and a team of dedicated scientists of alternative technologies, one of which was teleportation.

He was one of three that piloted a man-made space ship, the OTC-X1. His dream since birth has been to produce levitating home, cities and countries.

He and his spiritual partner and wife, Marsha, talk on expanded spiritual consciousness and natural law which enable people to see the simplicities of all things, thereby bringing their dreams closer to reality.

Marsha, an ordained minister, worked for Bendix Field Engineering, Inc. in the ’70s, a deep-space tracking station, where she experienced tracking unknown objects and experienced JPL Laboratory knowing that there was life in the multiverse – not just sure, what, where and how to communicate with them.

Together Ralph and Marsha share their experiences of the great life sharing with the audiences (inaudible) that are much, much more than we realize. We are the ones that we’ve been searching for.

Their website, And I’m going to recommend that you go there right now.


Rob: It’s an honor to have you back on the show again, Ralph and Marsha. Welcome.

Ralph : Well, thank you so much, Rob. It’s a pleasure. It’s a good pleasure to be talking with you.

Marsha: And thank you so much for having us. We’re very excited to tell our story.

Rob: I’m happy to have our audience here. We talked before the show.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Nikola Tesla. There’s a book, folks, you can all get called ‘Return of the Dove’ by Margaret Storm. I recommend you go on the bookstores online and get that book.

And in that book, she reveals that Tesla was a Venusian. He’d come here to bring this technology. I won’t bore you with the background, but he ended up in New York never becoming successful due to the blocking of his free energy devices, but he became very close . . . He had a disciple.

One of his closest disciples was Otis T. Carr, and you guys knew him. Why don’t you share some of the information and what he shared with you about Tesla that kind of kicked you guys off.

Ralph: Sure, I’d be glad to. I’m not quite sure where to start, but let’s see. I should give you just a brief background of how I became acquainted with Otis and how we got together and did our work together. And that was in 1957-58, something like that.

I was working at a place in Costa Mesa, California, called Advanced . . .

Rob: Oh, we lost ya.

Ralph: No, you didn’t. I heard you. I worked for . . . I wound up working for a company called Advanced Kinetics. And there I was operating a magnetic experiment, and we had all kinds of grants to research unknown and unavailable technologies and look into them.

My particular job was trying to get an electron through a magnetic field without deflection, meaning I had a giant cathode ray tube that would fire the electrons through a magnetic, horseshoe magnetic, field and try and get it through that field without deflection.

And I was told whatever it takes, keep increasing the energy necessary to force this little guy through the field.

Well, I had a giant oscilloscope and a Polaroid camera. I think my setup was probably in excess of $70~80,000 just to do what I just talked about.

And because I’d been raised in the woods up here where I’m living now, which is Paradise, California, I learned most of my younger years about the laws of nature, because I used to walk back and forth to school through the woods.

And when I got to school, our teacher would take us back to the woods and introduce us to insects and birds and bees and trees, and wanted us to become acquainted with them.

So we started as young kids talking to everything thinking that others . . . that there’s consciousness everywhere, and if you take the time to respect that and open up, you can actually synergize with different things, different animals.

If you don’t have any fear of the animals, they’ll walk right up to you and so forth.

Well, anyway, that was my early learning, and I graduated from grade school out in the woods – one-room schoolhouse, etc.

From there, I got out to see the big world and see what was going on, and to my amazement and disappointment, I found them working hard at trying to do things, and in most cases because they were putting so much force into what they did, most of them would fail two or three or hundreds of times before they even got anywhere.

There was a repetition of failure, and I felt compelled to share what I learned in nature – the simplicity of putting things together.

Get it all together in your mind first before you touch anything, and then understand and respect the laws of nature, which are very keenly well-balanced, and they are equilaterally such that it is a complete, easy concept to tie in and synergize with just about everything. And in the present language, it’s called resonating.

When you can resonate, or become close enough, you can affect a change because you’ve eliminated fear and doubt and frustration and your demeanor and your words are such, and your feelings are such, that it’s quite comfortable to be relaxed and envision or create with your mind an idea and put it together in nanoseconds compared to hours and sometimes weeks of hard sweat and blood to get not just the same results but better results.

So, anyway, I got frustrated with my job because they were using force, and they told me “We have Boulder Dam, and you can use as much energy as you need. Just keep forcing this little guy through the field.”

Well, I got a little tired of that because I saw right away from the get-go that this wasn’t going to work, because you’re just using force. And when you’re forcing against nature, you’re asking for some big kickbacks.

So I decided, “You know, I think I can go home and put something together,” because I was always a tinkerer, playing around with stuff, and I had stuff running all over the house on magnetic energy.

And so I said, “Well, I’ll just go see what I can do for them.”

And as I was considering this, the next bench over was working on levitation. And they had what’s called ignitrons in those days. It’s just a giant coil, a steel ball of one, two, three-inch steel balls, and they’d levitate them for just a few minutes and burn out the coils because they were using, again, force.

So a long story short, I went home. I tore . . . Most of my equipment in those days were from garage sales or thrift stores or just anybody that was throwing something out. I had to have it to see what I could do with it.

I took apart a big television set and got the cathode ray guns set up. And the magnets were already there, so I used those magnets to use the field that I was going to fire through and proceeded to talk,k as I was taught from my teacher, to talk to the electron – to make friends with it, to open up a confluence, if you will, or a fondness, or a feeling of love together with me and the electron.

It sounds, perhaps, ridiculous to some people.

[Ralphs Phone rings.]

I’m sorry. Let me mute that.

Rob: That’s okay. That’s nothing but quantum field and effect there getting in touch with that there. So, can you mute there for a second?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: Anyway, Laguna Beach must have been beautiful back then. You were in Costa Mesa. I was being born. I moved to Laguna four or five years later, but you were there in Costa Mesa.

Let’s see, you’re there . . . you get home after all these endless experiments, and, folks, if you read . . . Yeah, why don’t you just mute for a second. I’ll talk about Nikola Tesla here.

He used to visualize, folks. In fact, one of his closest friends in Paris he was talking about his alternating current, and he says, “Oh, can you see that there? Look, and it runs backwards too.”

And Nikola Tesla was talking about all of the parts that he envisioned to build it. He was very powerful in constructing in the mental ether.

So that’s what Ralph was doing here where we left off here. He got a phone call, so we’re going to let him get back to it.

He’s in his home. He’s talking to the electrons, and he’s shooting the cathode ray tube, the simple electron, through the horseshoe magnetic field in his home. And I imagine you had some success there. Is that correct?

Ralph: Okay. Thanks. I’m back. I thought I’d muted the phone, but it didn’t work. So, anyway, I’m sorry.

Well, I think I was at the point where I’d decided to, you know, like I normally do in my experiments, I’ve always been successful with what I’ve done because just . . . I found to use my imagination and use my talents of being still and listening instead of hearing a lot of hearsay that leads to the same thing repeating itself, I work from the inside out and found that most of the things that I worked on were quite successful easily.

So in this particular case, I was communicating with the electron and said, “Okay, old buddy, we’re going to go through this thing and show me that you can do it, please. You know, I’m raising a family here. I’ve got kids and we could use a new house or something, so maybe I can get a raise or something.”

This was back in the ’50s and that is the way I thought then.

So what I felt, not thought, but what I felt from the electron was – and this is . . . I have to use metaphors, because I can’t remember anything exactly as it happened, but I can give you a picture using metaphors of the way it was in almost total and completely accuracy.

What I did was I had pulsed the signal. I had given the electron a little time to . . . The electron was telling me, “I need to breathe. Give me some space.”

So I said, “Okay”, and instead of firing the electron, I pulsed it. In other words, I . . . in milliseconds, and sometimes in microseconds, I would pulse the signal to run the energy to help the electron through the field.

Well, what happened, the first shot, it went into a spiral. It went into a vortex situation and went through the field completely without deflection instantly the first time.

So I thought, “Oh, man, this is going to get us . . . This is going to be wonderful.”

And so I wrote it up and took pictures of it and explained the simplicity of it. There’s nothing . . . There’s nothing to it. You guys are using a lot of force to get things done, and I’m using natural law, which means give what you’re working with respect to be who, what and where it is and work from that premise.

Rob: Well, that probably isn’t the government specialty, but what happened? What was the end result there? Did they let you to continue to work on it? Did you get a raise? How . . . What happened there?

Ralph: Okay, well, I thought that while I was at it, because it was the weekend, I said, “Well, I’ll work on that levitation device, and I’ll use the speaker out of the television that I tore apart.”

So I put a 15” woofer speaker on my living room floor – [it] was my laboratory in those days – and hooked up a audio amplifier that I got at a garage sale for about $20 or $25 bucks and started playing around with acoustical levitation, which I had remembered from seeing in a movie prior to that, probably 6 months or so prior to that. I saw a movie on Tibet and how they moved these giant rocks up the side of the hills using these huge drums and horns.

Rob: Horns. They use big horns. Anyway, so that’s really good. So now you’re doing some other levitation, and, of course, you’re a little bit successful there.

Had you met Otis Carr at this point?

Ralph: No, I’m kind of working up to it, Rob, because the details I’m putting in you’ll find later on are going to be important to gain an understanding of where we’re at now. So, I’ll fast pace it. I’m going to jump into fast drive.

From there I wrote both experiments up, took pictures of them and Monday morning I ran into Dr. Weinhart’s office and said, “I’ve got a short cut here, and I think that I’ve found something that we’re going to be able to use. The government will be happy, and we’ll be happy.” And I’m sure I can count on a promotion or a raise or something. I didn’t use those words, again, the metaphors.

But he said, “Well, let’s see what you got.”

So I showed him. He looked at all over and he said, “Oh, you’re using all the laws of physics, but you’re going beyond our conventional, you know, first, second and third laws of physics in your explanation.”

And I said, “Well, yeah, because in the trueness of nature, there are infinite laws that work, and they all work in unison and synergize with each other.”

And so, yes, I was using an alternative way of looking at things and doing things.

So he said, “Well, . . .” – a long story short, again – he said, “Well, Ralph, I’ve got to tell you something. Advanced Kinetics is a government-funded research and development center. We are guided and monitored and funded by grants that they give us to ‘look for answers’, not necessarily find them.”

And that’s changed my whole life – that statement alone.

And I asked him, “Well, what do you mean?”

And he said, “Well, that’s the way it is here. We can go and if we find anything, we’ll turn it over to other sources of information, but at this point in what you’re doing, I’m going to have to ask you to not go any further with it. I have to shred this. I’ll put a little bit more money in your envelop, but I’m going to have to shred this and tell you to go back to work and forget all about it. Don’t talk to the engineers or anything.”

A long story short, I went back to work. It lasted about another week, because I just couldn’t work there any more. I left.

Before I left, well, I left with tears in my eyes because I didn’t want to quit the job. I knew I had something. And they were telling me . . . They were looking for answers, but not finding. They didn’t want to find them.

Rob: Well, I was going to say, I have to commend you for your integrity there and not continuing to work for a dead-end job. Obviously, you’re information was passed on to the Secret Space Program and they probably utilized the information and the keys of which you gave them there in the Secret Space Program that was developed.

So you left with tears in your eyes and then where did you go?

Ralph: Well, just before I left, because this is going to come up and be important in a few minutes, my friend worked on the electron microscope. He had a very powerful scope.

And we’d always have lunch together and one day he rigged up a little device so that I could stick my finger under the scope and look at it.

But before I could do that, he said, “Now, I want you to take a good look at your finger and give me your analysis. Tell me what it looks and feels like and touch it.”

And I said, “Well, yeah, it’s flesh and blood. It’s right here. No problem. I’m all third-dimensionally intact.”

And he says, “Now, stick your finger in and look through here.”

And when I did, there was no finger. All it was was a mass of whirling charged particles going around. I pulled it out maybe half a dozen or more times, looked at my finger and shoved it back in and was seeing two different things.

In his explanation, he said, “Well, of course, we’re all energy. Before we think we’re a body . . . Before we think we’re flesh and blood, we are energy creating a water vessel, which is called a magnetic machine, if you will, to experience a third-dimensional way of life.”

Well, about that time, I quit and left because . . . I wanted to talk to him more about it. He was a pretty wise guy.

But I left, and on the way home I met one of my neighbors. He was a friend of mine. He said, “What’s the matter?”

And I said, “Well, I’m going to have to go home and tell my wife and kids that I lost my job, and I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

And he said, “Well, what were you doing?”

And I told him magnetics and my idea in life was to get things off the ground and go beyond the automobile, because someday it’s going to become very congesting all over the ground, and they’re already ruining the forests and the landscape with their cements and asphalts and killing animals and birds, and I want to change all that if I can.

He said, “Like what?”

And I said, “Well, I’d like to get things off the ground and take the wheel from the vertical position and put it in a horizontal position and have a transportation and habitational vehicle.”

And he says, “Wait a minute. That sounds like Otis Carr. He’s a disciple of Tesla. He’s at the present time in Norman, Oklahoma demonstrating just what you’re talking about – some kind of a space vehicle – and I ought to put you guys together.”

And I said, “God, that would be great! I’d love to talk to him about it.”

“Well,” he said, “more than talk to him about it.” He’d run into some trouble there trying to call him a fraud and all kinds of bad names, and they said it didn’t work and this and that. They were getting too much of a hassle.

Now, he had before taken his work and put it into a patent. Now, this is a working prototype that he had showing levitation, showing all the simple degrees and angles of sacred geometry that allowed geometry . . . that allowed the craft to operate.

And when he took it to the patent office, they say, “No, no, those aren’t in our classic physics. You’ll have to take that stuff out of there. I can’t give you a patent on that.”

And I thought, when he was telling me that, that’s kind of screwy. What kind of place am I in here where they don’t want stuff that works?

Well, anyway, they said, “No, you take those things out. Redesign. Submit another patent without that stuff in it and we’ll give you a patent on an amusement device and you can go put it in a kiddy park or whatever you want and explain what you’re trying to talk about to kids or whatever.”

Well, Carr was a very strong person and he knew that he was going to get resistance because Tesla told him that he had gotten a lot of resistance from his backer at the time with J. P. Morgan. And as soon as he found out that Tesla was working with alternative energy – in those days it was called free and abundant energy, and you didn’t need telephone poles. You didn’t need copper mines to send the electricity from one place to the other.

Tesla was allowed to build Wardenclyffe, which was a big tower, a big Tesla coil, in Manhattan.

And when he needed some more funds, and he wanted to start his operations, he explained to Morgan that we don’t need those things anymore. We can transmit electricity, energy field, via vibrations, etc., through the air without any harm, without any disturbances on any level, and we’d have plenty of energy to run the entire world free and abundantly and forever, because we’re tapping into an accumulating energy from space, which is magnetic in nature.

And I said, “Well, bingo. That’s the kind of stuff I want to talk about.”

Rob: J. P. Morgan said that, “Look, Tesla, if we can’t charge people continually, if they just one time antenna, one time installation, and then giving them free energy, it ain’t going to work.”

So, of course, Morgan was definitely control . . . one of the negative money grubbers that have been keeping free energy for Tesla’s understanding with the Chownbrenner, Townsend Brown and all this stuff is been just . . . It’s been almost 100 years, folks.

And it still seems unavailable to the public. So continue on with your conversation with the guy who knew Otis Carr.

Ralph: Okay, I went to the “Understanding”. My friend invited me to his group, which was called “Understanding”. It was created by a personal called Dr. Daniel Fry. And it was there in Costa Mesa.

And they said, “Come on over. We’re talking about the same kind of things here. We want to see an easier, simpler way to run this world.”

So I said, “Okay.” And I went over there and I told my story, and they said Tesla was in trouble, I mean, Carr was in trouble, and maybe we could have a talk with him and see if he’d come out our way.

And so they called Carr and offered him the ways and means to come out, bringing his entourage. He had two or three engineers, a physicist and Wayne Aho was there and Arthur Aho was in the picture sometimes, and bring them out to the West Coast. “And we’ll find you guys . . . when you get together, we’ll find you a place to go ahead and create you dreams, create your ideas.”

So a long story short, everything kind of happened, and within two weeks after the invitation was given, Carr was on his way with his entourage to California.

The landed in Costa Mesa . . . I mean, they landed in LAX and came out to Costa Mesa and met with the Understanding group.

I was just elated to meet this guy. I mean, geeze, he was a benevolent being from the get-go. I mean, he just felt love for humanity, and he said he got that from Tesla.

He says, “All we want to do is to make a better world for everybody. There’s a lot of resistance to change, and we’re running into it all the time.”

They’d shut him down several times. They’d sabotaged some of his work and stuff.

So a long story short, go ahead honey and say something. I’ve got to take a drink.

Marsha Ring: The Understanding group then found a place up in Lake Arrowhead and told the group they could go up there and do brainstorming until they found a facility.

Ralph: Yeah, they had a giant cabin up there and it facilitated all of us. We stayed there and I really got into knowing Carr, which very quickly I bonded with him on a deeper, a higher, a more spiritual level, if you will, for lack of a better word.

I was very close . . . we were very close. And we could . . . We got to a point where we conceptually understood each other before we had to speak, so we didn’t have to use a lot of words. We’d use one word and the other person would get it. And we were brainstorming into what we were going to do.

Well, then the phone rang from the Understanding group, and it was explained that we had some help, “don’t worry about it right now. Later one we’ll talk about that, but right now, this help has come.”

A facility, a large, very large warehouse – almost the size of a hangar, an airplane hangar – in Hesperia, Apple Valley, California. That’s down the backside of the hill from where we were.

It was mentioned that there were radio shows being put out that were being channeled by a person called Richard Miller, and these programs . . . In fact, if you will, I . . . Along with a lot of other things, I put them on the website. They’re free to download.

They’re beings from other form, dimensions, life . . .

Rob: Yeah, my audience knows about Richard Miller. In fact, one of my guests, Judy Beebe, just talked about Richard. He was receiving radio signals and eventually became a very good direct voice channel for the Confederation Soltec, Manca, Qadar. You had lots of direct communication.

So, folks, we’re going back to old school. Ralph and Marsha, must have been wonderful times there working with a direct disciple of Nikola Tesla. They got a research facility down on the backside of Arrowhead in Hesperia and things must have moved forward in an amazing pace.

Tell us what happened next.

Ralph: Well, I . . .

Marsha: Can I just interject something right now? On the BlueStarEnterprise, our website, there are copies of the galaxy.

Ralph: And programs. All free to download. We never charge for anything. They are of beings just sharing truthful information on the simplicities of life, talking about magnetics and who we are, what we are . . .

Marsha: And these were actually recorded in the 1950s, but they pertain to us today.

Ralph: Yeah.

Marsha: I amazed at the information.

Ralph: The truth in them would stand strong even today by today’s standards, because they haven’t changed. The information on them is astounding.

Rob: Yes, there’s a book, folks, you can get online. It’s called, “Star Wards”, Richard Miller, and look it up. In the meantime, go to BlueStarEnterprise and check out . . . They’ve got some great pictures of some of the OTC machines there. You can check them out. Fascinating stuff.

So you had these great recordings, and you got this facility. What happened next, Marsha?

Marsha: I’m going to let Ralph go. Actually, I want to tell you something, Rob. I was not there at that time. I was not with Ralph.

Rob: Oh, that’s okay. All right. Go ahead.

Ralph: That was in the ’50s, and I was married with two children at the time.

Marsha: Ralph and I didn’t meet until 1980. Go ahead. You’re at the facility.

Ralph: So, we’re at the facility. Let me see. Let me collect this. And we were running tent lectures out in the middle of the desert.

We ran all through the Mohave Desert giving these big tent shows. We had Gabriel Green and Gloria Lee and, oh my gosh, Van Tassel, Carr.

And I accompanied them. I didn’t do any speaking then, because I was in awe of the enormous information that they had.

And the getting back to the facility, all of us were grateful. We even had a building machine shop, building tool and die, everything was there for us to operate effectively with.

So . . . now, I’ve got to get you in this picture, honey.

Marsha: I’m not there yet.

Ralph: You’re not there yet. Okay.

Rob: Well, so you’re there. You guys are obviously doing some R&D, and, I guess, if you want to tell us, did you get something functioning at the Hesperia place? Obviously, you did.

Ralph: Very definitely. Very definitely, and I keep cutting to the shortcuts, but I don’t want to leave things out that would be . . .

Rob: Well, share what you thinks important. We’re going to have to go another hour anyway. Ha, ha, ha.

Ralph: Okay. All right. Okay. Well, I want to get up to where I met Marsha because she’s a magnificent being, a multidimensional being, from everywhere as far as I’m concerned, anyway. And she’s got some magnificent things that she’s done with her life.

And we came together and in Prescott, Arizona, one night.

Rob: Yeah, let’s talk about . . . You’re in the lab here with Otis T. Carr, and you’ve got Gabriel Green, one of my favorite people, and you’ve got George Van Tassel. These are some . . . You guys are the premier contactees leading the charge in the ’50s here, taking it to the people in your tent shows.

So what happened to the lab?

Ralph: Well, before that happened, I’ve got to backtrack here a little bit.

When I left Advanced Kinetics, and this was the first I’ve ever heard of the Men In Black. Three guys showed up on our doorstep one day, and they said they were from the Duval School of Electronics and wanted to offer me an opportunity of a scholarship because they’d heard about me.

Well, there’s no way they could have heard about me, because I didn’t do anything that would be notable, except what I talked to Dr. Weinhart about.

But I invited them in because I just had to know more. And they came in and they started . . . they wanted me to demonstrate a few things that I’d done.

And I found out they were recording it without asking me or telling me they were recording it. And my wife saw that and she says, “I don’t trust these guys.”

And they started probing into different things, and I won’t go into a lot of details, but my wife said, “I’m getting nervous. I want them out of the house.” She effectively got them out of the house.

And then she said, “Now, honey, I want you to gather all these toys up that are working different principles, and I don’t care what you do with them, but I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want anybody showing up here and disrupting our homelife. And get them out of here. Take them away.” And I did.

So, immediately, within a day, the next day, I packed up. And I had a big book that I had sent to Romania for on Tesla – a big . . . oh, there are 600~700 inventions that he made and it was unavailable in the United States. So I sent for that book. And that was part of my research.

And so I took that book and a lot of other things and left.

I packed up my car. And I have to say, I had to follow, from living in the woods, my intuition, which I call my pilot light: Where am I going? What am I going to do?, and it pointed at Van Tassel at Joshua Tree.

Rob: Yeah, at Giant Rock.

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: That’s a good choice.

Ralph: And I had heard from somebody that he’d been working on the same principles of Tesla and was building a healing device called the Integratron. And he . . . Go ahead.

Rob: Still there today. Go ahead.

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: So he was apparently (inaudible) some information on Tesla, and I thought, “Well, perfect. I’ll just take this down there.”

So I drove down to Joshua Tree, and he was not at the Integratron. He was out at Giant Rock. They had a restaurant there and facilities underneath the Rock in those days.

So I got out of my car. I had my arms full of stuff and this big book. And Van Tassel saw me from the restaurant and he came walking down towards me and got a big smile on his face, and I said, “Oh, this guy’s going to be friendly.”

So I said, “Mr. Van Tassel, I was guided to give you this information because I am . . . my wife peaved and I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t.”

Rob: Well, it sounds like you’re in perfect combination with telepathic guidance to mission control to take it to Van Tassel. Excellent.

Ralph: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I felt that too.

So he’s . . . I gave him the books and the stuff . . . the big book and the stuff, and he said, “I want to thank you in my own way, and I want you to go over on that . . .”, because I said “I’ve got to get back to my family.”

“Before you go, go over on this little . . .” It was called Crystal Hill or something. It was . . . The hill was loaded with crystal quartz and so forth.

And I went over there to take a nap before I got in the car and proceeded to drive back to my family in Costa Mesa.

While I was laying there, I’d fallen in and out of sleep a few times, and then I woke to get ready to hit the road and then I looked up and there was hundreds, maybe – I want to say thousands – because the whole sky was loaded with these beautiful, what I can only say is, spaceships.

And they were in illuminous light. They were green in nature. And they would come over and come down as close to me as a foot above my head. These are small vehicles.

And there were some larger ones back of them – huge vehicles – that were kind of playing in the sky, and I thought, “Well, this is kind of cool. Hi, guys!”

I thought, “Oh, this must be a place where they hang out, because they were all over. Man, I ought to bring my wife and kids down here some day.”

Well, anyway, I didn’t know until later I was being signaled “Thanks!” from a higher authority for taking the trip down there and getting . . . relieving the pressure from my family and giving Van Tassel the things he needed to proceed with Integratron.

Rob: Oh, that’s great. You know, folks, here you hear, you know, this is kind of the adept (inaudible) The plan for the Earth is to move forward with free energy. So here we’re getting a firsthand story of the guidance of our benevolent space family, and their kind of behind the scenes help.

It’s always kind of weird, though . . . Marsha, maybe you can comment on this. They’re always helping us and yet it’s always kind of the secret behind the scenes. It seems like very few, like Van Tassel and Adamsky and, I’m sure, Otis, and you probably had your direct experience too, but most of us, it seems like they’re kind of hiding. It’s behind the scenes.

What is all that about you guys?

Ralph: Marsha?

Marsha: I feel like they’re hiding, or they’re out of our reach, because we aren’t accepting them. Once we accept that they’re real, that they’re here, those of us that know that are being contacted . . .

Ralph: Regularly.

Marsha: . . . regularly, all the time. So they’re not in hiding. I’m sure you’ve had many experiences, too, Rob. So the ones of us that are open to it, and even the ones that aren’t open but they have something to give to the rest of us, the rest of the (inaudible), they are being contacted.

Rob: Well, it seems like . . . I talked to Gabe when he lived there in Yucca Valley and had some great conversations with him, and he would tell me that they would do it to him, too.

Like he says, “Well, they say I need to get . . .”, you know how he’d talk. “Well, now they said we need to get a computer, Rob.”

And he said he went to a store and all of a sudden he just had this telepathic feeling, “There’s a space brother”, a guy in there just chatted him up and said, “Here let me take . . .” and got him the best computer, explained to him the whole set up and kind of got him one of the first computers. I think this was back in the ’80s.

And I go, “Well, why don’t they . . .”, and he says, “Well, I don’t know.”

So you guys have the . . . I don’t know. It’s a private thing – the direct contact. It seems like there’s this emotional cloud, something blocking that, you know, . . . It’s like, “Oh, there . . . an alien.” And then go, “They’re just normal like us.”

But the conversation is one thing, but the telepathic communication is another. So you can be talking about, you know, like the price of gasoline, and somewhere behind the scenes, there’s like another type of thing going on.

And it seems . . . I personally can’t get . . . I haven’t been able to get too far beyond that, ha, ha, in my communications.

It’s always like . . . No one will say, “Yeah, I from . . .”, you know, like Van Tassel. They went out . . . They landed in front of his place, and they said, “You want to see my ship behind me?” They woke him up.

And, so, I’d kind of like your opinion on that. Why is it more people don’t have that direct experience, who want it so much and think they’re ready, like me?

Marsha: I feel like the fear factor is in the people. We’ve been told so many stories about how terrible the space brothers are and how they’re going to come in and take us away or whatever.

And there’s a fear in many people, and I feel that once that fear is lifted, . . .

Ralph: It’s the same fear that my teacher up here in Paradise years and years ago – it was in the ’40s – told us that, “You’re never going to approach any animal very close unless you get rid of your fear. You’re going to have to develop a mutual respect for who and what they are. Don’t crowd their space. If they want to communicate, they want to come close, just feel love. Just love them for what they are and watch the difference.”

We were feeding deer out of our hands. Squirrels would come down and eat peanuts from us and everything.

Rob: Yeah, amazing. I felt that too. Now, I, personally, I feel no fear. I feel a great curiosity, and I feel like if someone was to admit to me . . . I would really . . . I would give them a lot of hard questions based on my . . . , you know, the human feeling.

I feel like they want us to focus on love and stuff, and, so, like if I got the chance like many other people, it would just be a non-stop peppering question. Like, why didn’t this happen? And what’s this happening? And what is this relationship? There’s so many questions in the political scene, because of this hide-and-seek game, that we want answered.

And so, I don’t know, can you guys shed any light on . . . You’ve, obviously, had direct conversations with them openly, right Ralph?

Ralph: Well, to this day, we’re in very comfortable communications with physical beings, if you will – I mean they appear physical – from many multi-dimensions. And they are aiding us in our efforts to wake people up and help people to get in touch with who they really are instead of who they think they are. There’s a big difference.

There’s an authentic being within the synthetic being that we’re experiencing in the third dimension. And the synthetic being is being instantly created by our abilities to create and experience the physical life or life in the density of matter.

But beyond that, we are all very deeply devoted to life and we are all immortal beings experiencing a physical life at the time. And we’ve got so far into external living and not enough of the internal, which is your pilot light, which is your guidance system, which is the intuition and the heart field of love that this synthetic life exists.

And the sciences keep wanting and hoping, and none of those things work, because they keep repeating themselves. It’s like a treadmill. They just keep going around and around and going nowhere with their technology. And they do that because they’re trying to force the issues instead of loving what they do, enjoying the moment for what it is and following nature.

And getting now back to the spaceship, if you will, and bringing it up to where Marsha is . . .

Rob: Oh, you know what? I’m over . . . Folks, we’re going to continue this conversation in the next show. It’s been very fascinating.

Thanks for joining us on the Victory of Light Radio Show. You can tune in again next week. And I want you to go to, and we’re going to continue with Ralph and Marsha Ring here in Part 2 of the show coming up for next week.

I want to thank both of them for coming on the show. Thank you guys.

Ralph: Thank you, Rob. Thank you, very much.

Marsha: Thank you.

Ralph: I tried to squeeze it all in, but there’s too much to do and . . .

Rob: That’s okay. I have too much in the beginning. I wanted to . . . I like to share some stuff that’s going on, you know, because I’m trying to make a living too and . . . I do talk about a few other things, but let’s get back to the conversation in just a second.

Folks, thank you for your patience, for listening in. We’re having just a regular conversation here with Ralph and Marsha Ring.

I really am enjoying the inside information here on the background between some of these greats, folks. Nikola Tesla, Otis Carr, Ralph and Marsha Ring. Then we got Gabriel Green, Daniel Fry. Folks, look up these names. And, of course, George Van Tassel, which leads to so much other stuff and interesting things that were taking place there with some of these original contactees back in the ’50s bringing the free energy and the consciousness and guiding us even to this day in certain elements.

Victory of Light Radio Show. We’ll see you next week. Thank you.