To ET, or Not to ET-THAT is the Question! – Vid (VI)

I believe Dr. Greer is speaking to an audience in Spain. He gives an excellent speech. Don’t miss. –MrT.


To ET, or Not to ET—THAT is the Question!

By Starship Earth: The Big Picture

April 25, 2015

This older video from Dr. Steven Greer came around again and it was like watching it for the first time. I really enjoyed it, and in fact since I’m looking at it from a more learned perspective, it’s even more meaningful. He does a super job.

When I think of the Galactics and their overarching role in our present cosmic conundrum, what sticks in my mind and plays over and over is a message Julien Wells brought us from a live, Internet radio show he did with Elizabeth Diamond, I believe it was, while connecting with some Pleiadians.

Actually, he tells us he is pretty much on an open conduit with them all the time, but a message that night was powerful for me, and has been a guiding light when things got dodgy.

They said, “Don’t be afraid” and “Enjoy the journey” or something to that effect. They reminded us that we all begged to be here at this precise time and were deemed strong enough to do it.

So, NOT to ET, is simply out of the question. They are here, cheering us on, and they have delivered on what they promised. And they, along with plenty of other Galactic races, will soon be delivering again; free energy, replicators, DNA modification, disease eradication, technologies for cleaning up the planet, a wealth of knowledge, helping us to achieve world peace and our final liberation.

There are several reasons, as Dr. Greer will explain, why many didn’t want us to ET. But their objections have been over-ruled.

Disclosure is already underway, and as they said, it just doesn’t look the way we thought it would. WE are doing the disclosing, as Dr. Greer explains so eloquently.

Thank you Dr. Greer for your passion, energy, determination, and Light. –BP


Published April 8, 2015 – Vid (1:07:00)