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By: Rob Potter



Dear Promise Friends,

My Hopi and Navaho “Water is Life Project” article is taking longer than I anticipated as the documentation required is voluminous. My work on this site and PFC is also consuming large amounts of time. However tremendous progress is being made on the PFC and my site TPR. TPR is getting some major upgrades with more on the way. I have added some new Orgone Products and Tachyonized Jewelry as well look for them on the slider very soon. You may click on home page slider to see them closer up.


I will be offering some great specials for some of my products very soon in fact on my quantum entanglement holograms page here: The product call ed Golden Eagle is normally sold for $888 but is being offered exclusively on my site for only $144 until we run out! These cards were programmed on the incorrect card with the name “Vitality” instead of “Golden Eagle”. This mistake is a great bargain for all of us. I even bought one myself and have noticed some positive results.

I also have created a NEW “Endless Links” page you may view here: This page will be updated …I hope on a weekly basis. Do check this page out and read the disclaimer I have provided so you know that all of the information provided is not necessarily in accordance with my own personal opinions. Use discernment please. I will also get some really amazing videos of UFOs up there eventually.

My NEW just in the can radio shows The Victory of The Light can be listened to here. I have some good interviews on there including one with Ben Fulford this last week and George Filer the week before. I had a wonderful interview with Ben who is so very informative and quite knowledgeable on the nefarious deeds and insider goings on of the world’s power brokers. His inside contacts within the White Dragon Society and the oligarchy of the elitist criminals that think they rule the world seems very real and personal for Ben and shared of his information freely.


I have to say he is a sincere worker for truth. He admits he definitely needs to be proven certain th ings before he will accept certain, more metaphysical information into his personal reality. Yet I sense he remains open minded and is waiting on more profound revelations on subjects such as ET etc.

His honesty told my listeners that he reports what he is told with out necessarily knowing if it is exactly true. You must all admit that this is refreshingly honest and he is quite candid in this way and I respect him for that.

My followers deluged me with requests to ask him about his view that the queen and the Vatican are turning over new leafs. So I had to ask about his molly coddling of the Vatican and the queen in some of his recent posts. I stated that I think they are turning their leafs over so their colors will help them to blend in and maintain their positions of control and power.


I want to be clear with my Promise friends that I still think he is a good guy and deep down in his core there is no doubt in my mind that he is dedicated to an honest and just system. Perhaps he is playing good cop bad cop and is trying to protect his sources and contacts inside the Vatican and Buckingham palace? I support and respect his work. Yet in my limited little mind there will be no plea-bargaining for some of these criminal people within these Cabal behemoths, as he believes.

Our views on the reality ET contacts and the life of Christ are different. He believes Christ was just a rebel whose martyrdom was used by Caesar to create a church and a cult to manipulate and to unify the masses under one religious banner! Ben was told this on his tour of the secret Illuminati Rome. He was told by some guy “Who kept blowing smoke in his face”, that the Caesar lineage dynasty control of the The Vatican and Catholicism was originated with Black Sun worshiping Pagans.

To complicate things this smoke blowing person had intended to murder him. According to Ben the Illuminati general exclaimed “Your still alive” when Ben called him the next day to continue his tour. It seems he was intended to be murdered by the insider. But after a hellish night he recovered. Despite this admission by the Illuminati to him of their intentional deception for over 2000 years it appears he feels they are trying to be a nicer and gentler church?

I must say I agree that most religion is an intentional manipulation by the very people who admitted it to Ben. However in my mind the life of Christ was as a descent into the world of men from a higher plane of reality. So I refuse to throw out the teachings and life of the “Sweet baby Jesus” with the proverbial corrupted priesthood bathwater. I will have more to say on the life of Christ in the not too distant future.

I did also have to go toe to t oe for a bit with Ben for his erroneous accusations of Kevin Anett. His reasoning and causal defense that Kevin is a dis info agent because he does not attack the Bushes and the Nazi elements does not fly with me or many people who asked me to find out why he said that. To his credit he admitted he might have been a little hard on Kevin and rushed to judgment and further stated he would retract that claim if there were evidence to the contrary.


I feel we must all work together in the truth movement and refrain from judging others work as I am convinced that most of us are sincere and any dissension in our ranks is due to orchestrated misinformation designed to confuse and separate us. I hope Ben will be on my show again as my admiration for his sincerity and overall body of work remains.

We are all searching for truth and we can only understand that which we ourselves have experienced and determine what is truth by own intuition based on our individual realizations. It is okay if we have differing views! What good is our search for truth if we are trying to cram our truths down someone else’s throat? The truth always finds it way to surface and I know both Ben and I are seeking the same thing.



I will be doing an exclusive interview with Cobra soon which will be primarily focused on The Prepare For Change and Cobra information website. I have amassed questions from people all over the world. This show will only be available only on PFC and my website for the first week or so after the show. I will let yo u know when it comes out. I hope to have it transcribed for those of us who feel listening to his modulated voice is difficult. If there are any volunteers out there who can help with this please let me know.

We at are very pleased he will use his considerable following to allow us this interview to increase awareness for our site. We hope if we do a good job he will honor us with a monthly interview to help us share his inside intelligence and to further the mission of PFC. We who now serve, as volunteers on PFC are dedicated to trying to improve the PFC website. It is now clear we successful and making real progress, because PFC is now a more viable and interactive information hub than ever before. We have even more plans for the future in regards to the helping to serve at the time of event and to inspire others to serve in the process of planetary liberation.


I have som e great guests lined up for my radio show Victory Of the Light. On May 25th is Laura Eisenhower June 1st is Alfred LaMont Webber June 1st is Laura Leguare and Michael El Legion. Kevin Anett is going to pick a date soon and Pat Flanagan is promising to come on as well. I met with Pat when I went to Sedona near Hopi Land. I have known him since I was 17 years old from the old NHF days circa 1975


This coming Sunday May 18th is slated as an informational show on PFC, The Water is Life Project for the Hopi and Navaho. I will also be going into describing and explaining various products on my website. I will speak with Frank Chile who is fast becoming one of my favorite guests. His enthusiasm and extensive experience with the space family and enthralling stories are dear to my heart. Frank may take over my show on occasion i f I get caught between a rock and a hard place as I am certainly enjoying him as a co-host.

Stargate Round-table To Interview Me

I will be interviewed on “Stargate Round Table” radio show Live on Thursday May 29th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. This show will air on BSS radio station to listen live go here:, if you miss this show it will be archived on my interview page. This will be a great show and we will get very metaphysical I am sure.


I am thinking of doing a summer retreat in MT Shasta sometime in the summer. I will work on my speaker list to try and get some commitments and if anybody is interested in coming I hope to offer my subscribers a discount. I will be aiming towards August. I will keep you all updated as things progress.


I hope to settle down as my TPR updates finally progress to where I want i t to be. You will finally see videos of inside the king’s chamber when I was doing invocations. My Egypt tour photo galleries will also populate soon. The work has been slow due to financial limitations but I work very hard every day on many projects. I will offer to you that if you would like to support my efforts to purchase something nice from my product list. I will also have pictures of my new T-shirts that will soon to be for sale on this website. These will be offered with free shipping in USA for donations of $35.

Thank you all for coming here and signing up to my blog and e-mail list. I will surely be posting more regularly as time permits.

Andonai Vasu Borraegus
That is a benediction often said by the space family.

Warm Regards,
Victory to the Light
Rob Potter

Here are some pictures of space ships inside clouds from around Mt Shasta. In fact I personally witnessed some of these clouds when I was living in Mt. Shasta. So if you come I hope you will enjoy if we are lucky to have some friends watching us from upstairs.





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