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ThePromiseRevealed.Com Newsletter / Blog Issue #3 – By: Rob Potter




By Rob Potter

Dear Promise Friends,

I wanted to give you a little personal update before I start to share some interesting information for you all to enjoy. I have finished my move to Rosarito in Baja Mexico. I am simply following my inner predilection to be able to spend my time to write more. I am only 2 hours away from my Son and My sister in Laguna Beach and I am happy to be here. I am still in the process of settling but it is very nice here.

I am not sure exactly how to say this but I am more at peace now that my mom has passed peacefully and a chapter of my life is over. It seems now that my son has turned 18 and he will graduate and moves towards his adult life I can relax more and I am happy for him. I will be activating my healing ministry here with My Company

 Hands of Light Therapeutic Massage





I have been trying to upgrade my website for way too long and thanks to my new Webmaster Charles I am almost finished. I can recommend his services for those who may need web help. I wanted to create a series of products that I feel good about sharing and be able to provide me with an income for living. This has certainly become more of a challenge for many in the last 8 years especially. I hope some of you will feel inspired to support my work and enjoy these wonderful products if you are so inclined.


I also have a donation button installed and have received my first donation. This will go to my website costs and is much appreciated. I hope to offer T-Shirts and Coffee Cups with my LOGO and website address on them. I know this is a bit cheesy but I barely survive and I myself cannot afford some of the technology I helped to create. I think they will be cool so people can have something nice in exchange for helping out.

I have some more personal stories to share that may help some of understand more clearly the forces at play within the world as we hurtle forward in time towards our collective Destiny. My writings will be coming out more regularly in the later spring if all goes according to plan. I am hoping to provide some updates and links every week at least to share what I consider relevant in regards to reports on the massive changes affecting our world at this point in earth’s history.

Make no mistake powerful forces are at work behind the scenes and I hope you will join the many people worldwide who have had the courage to leave the old paradigm behind. This does not mean a drastic upheaval of your personal life or in your beliefs or worldly outer life. I am talking about an inner life one of deep reflection and compassion for not only others who are so very lost in ignorance, but also for ourselves who have fallen short in our dreams.


We have the power within us to bring to this world. That is my dream and I pray every day that this dream will soon come true. Hold fast to your dreams dear friends. For as we thinketh over time with sincere intent and unified with our feelings we will most assuredly manifest in our life and in our world. Where do you choose to place your attention and energies? Is it getting up and working for some corporate behemoth that is polluting and destroying our earth our air our bodies or our physical and mental state? Is it to get up and get in car fight traffic struggle to make ends meet? There is a better way and together we can manifest it.

By staying in old ruts we will not transform ourselves our planet. It may not be easy but for some a career and lifestyle change may be the answer for many to manifest a more harmonious life?


This is not a call to everyone to drop out of normal life and divorce yourself from reality and or to wait enraptured waiting for the Event or some such nonsense. This is merely a possibility that be manifest for those seeking to spend more time creating solutions they may find old ties dropping and new ones manifesting. Others may be just as effective working from within the current system sharing possibilities with those who do not yet see the inevitable transformations upon our societies in the world at large!


If staying in paradigms and ruts is not for you I will ask you to bravely step out of any limiting routine habits and belief structures and help us create better way. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! The answers are within “The man in the mirror†and he is capable of changing his ways if he only would. This will take courage and faith. It will be much easier for the youth with no finances or worldly goods our material agenda or long standing habits of limit and lack to keep them mentally tethered to a sinking ship of outdated insanity. They are the future and they will fulfill the mission that is for sure.

I will encourage all to realize that it is a right relationship to truth and spirit and the living in the presence of the divine in every present moment is that which sustains us. Furthermore our true happiness comes not from things in the outer world but in consciously living in harmony with the source of all that is good beautiful and true. We must strive to embody patience tolerance, honesty and most importantly faith.

In my experience having faith that there is a plan, that we are not alone, that to focus on the positive in my life is what yields the most fruit for my peace of mind and connection to god. I will not presume to tell people what to do or what to think however I will soon present on this blog and my website some techniques, which may benefit others along their path.

I will soon be talking about ‘Entering the Silence†and other meditation techniques like “Vipassanna†and “Kriyaâ€. I hope to show you how all faiths share some of the same tools to reach the intended goal. There are so many wonderful ways to expand our awareness and I hope to share a few of these in the months to come.

If you feel as I do that this earth is god’s handiwork then where we stand is holy ground then we are kindred spirits. With this anchor of truth instilled in our being we will treat the earth and our fellowman with more love in our hearts. None but ourselves can realize a true and sincere inner longing for truth and intense desire to know. The end result of spiritual growth is a personal matter and can only be felt by the one who has grown.

I know many of my friends here are looking for answers in regards to what is called “The Eventâ€. I should make some things clear here for the record I am not doom and gloom type of person. Neither Cobra nor I predict “The end of the world†in a cataclysmic sort of way.


In fact I was drawn to share my understanding of the world exopolitical situation because of the message of peaceful non-violent change that Cobra and I share. My work along side his mission via our conferences and my support of the resistances intention and to work with the PFC Team to create has been my pleasure and my honor.

 Neither Cobra nor I know the future and the information on the PFC site is intended as a guideline and a FLUID MODEL type of plan/scenario as it has been shared with Cobra and I through our understandings. Each PFC contributor has they’re own feelings and understanding and have contributed accordingly. We are all unified under the hope for peace and prosperity for all and freedom tyranny and liberty in our personal lives.




Cobra has indicated that There will be a time when:

  1. Arrests of Major Political players takes place and is paraded on the worlds television and main stream media
  2. The worlds financial electronic system will be shut down
  3. Announcements on media of a New and Transparent Financial system and revelations in many areas of criminal activity at the highest levels.


These initial first steps will pave the way for more profound revelations up to and including open interplanetary cultural exchange after a period of time.

     How many of you know the word Armageddon means “Revelationâ€.



I will say that some of the things I have predicted are taking place Keshe and Hopegirl have given away free energy to the world with no patents just the plans. These actions repercussions are taking place and will rock the Cabals stranglehold on energy and the beliefs or the public in regards to what is being hidden. I will be releasing more information on water as a tool for healing and a source of /energy with the beautiful and lovely Judy Beebe, who has technology to heal our oceans bodies and provide a source of free clean energy as well. Look for links provided below.


There are many other things that will most likely transpire but these examples are very important lynch pins to kick starting real disclosure. For those with eyes and ears open who can read between the lines of the fascist media spin doctors who support false flags and an elitist agenda it is apparent that there is much going on behind the scenes.


There are many forms of distractions like missing airliners, the Kardashians, violent movies and mindless drivel to suck your time and attention. There is electronic entrainment and fear porn and promises of plagues, wars and many other horrific mind numbing prognostications. Please remain calm there is no need to run around with your hair on fire or to panic.

Be practical grounded and strong. Be prepared in a logical way with some supplies and gas etc. but more importantly be prepared in a compassionate peaceful state of mind. Your intelligent dispassionate view and broader understanding of what has been going on will help us to make a smooth transition to a better tomorrow. I am sure if you are reading my material it is no mistake. You are quite open minded for truth an your parameters for what could possibly be real has grown quite a bit in the last few years.

This is the time where nothing is hidden the NWO and Cabal sneezes and the ground crew knows about it. It is now time to take action. Peaceful non-violent community service oriented actions of love and random acts of kindness. Be part of the solution join with kindred spirits and align in time to mend this design wherever and when ever you are called by your inner guidance to do so. Let perseverance and humility and charity be your light on the path.

Do not let the false priesthoods of fear and destruction hold your attention! Do not let them tell you it is “OUR KARMA†and that we deserve punishment and suffering? Do you really believe it is “Gods Will or Plan†for the continuation of even more death and destruction than has already visited our world to continue? I do not and I will declare that the forces of good righteousness will prevail for our upliftment. The religions have lied and distorted the truth of the messengers of love and light. This does not mean that the great prophets male and female have not shared the simple truths that our connection to spirit is strong and easy to realize.


There are some saying that the life of Christ was a complete fabrication this is patently false. I will agree there has been the old trick of Religion and making people believe that priesthood is needed to interpret the living word of god for individual souls. This falsely imprinted idea is a lie.


The way of the eternal and the living word or logos or sound current of creation is within you as you. It nature is being, awareness and bliss. In fact most of the teachers have indicted this truth and have been the target of the secular religions and their lives are testimonies that usurp their secular authority by lives and teachings and declarations of truth. I will have more to say on this in the future.

This massive change begins with you on the inside. Do not judge others do not gossip and spread false rumors about others seek the similarities in your enemy’s eyes. This will do more to reverse the trends of ignorance superstition and fear that enthrall the emotion attention of so many. Trust in the universe dear friends and more importantly listen to the small still voice within and know that with your attention and adherence to truth you will become a more powerful force for love to manifest.

 It has been too long since I posted so I will provide a ton of reading homework for you all to rummage through. Always use discernment when following these links. I do not support every viewpoint nor have I read every article top to bottom. I can assure you there is much going on so please do enjoy the free energy of my Friend Hope Girl she will be on my show sometime in the not too distant future. I also have slated Benjamin Fulford and Mike Barra sometime coming up soon on my radio show. Check the link on my home page and listen live Sunday nights from 8-10pm New York time and 5-7pm Los Angeles time at see archives here:



Thank you all

Victory to the light

Rob Potter


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International News:

It looks like emotions were running high in the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev.

– Vid (1:24)

The European Court of Justice on Tuesday struck down an EU-wide law on how private data can be collected and stored, judging it too invasive – despite its usefulness in combating organized crime and terrorism.

By allowing EU governments to access the data, “the directive interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data,” the court said, according to AFP reports.

Libya Lies

Rumors persist that their release was part of a BP oil deal with Libya.  Qaddafi made other overtures to the West.  But it was all for naught.  When you’re dealing with real madmen – as the Illuminati bankers certifiably are – concessions are rarely effective.  The Libyan people have lost the green flag that symbolized their revolutionary break from the bankster fold and have been returned to a life of colonialism, feudalism and monarchy.

  That’s all folks!