The Victory of The Light

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Dear Friends,

It is my honor to launch this new blogspot to share with the world the Victory of The Light and the plans for Planetary Redemption. I intend to share many wonderful revelations covering a wide variety of topics. We will run the gamut from Spirituality, Health and Wellness to ET/ED Divine Intervention, Science, Technologies. individual and Planetary Ascension, Whistleblowers, Cabal,  Meditation, Lineages of Light, Eastern Mysticism, False Flags and many other wonderful and exciting topics.

IAM also hosting a new Radio Show by the same name. “The Victory of the Light Radio show will be on Tuesdays from 3-5 PM PST and 6-8 PM EST on Please feel free to join me to listen live for chats during the show or check the site for archived and special shows. I will also be sharing the youtube versions on my website as well. So don’t worry if you miss a show you can hear it at your leisure at


I will be heading to Bosnia Aug. 31st – Sept. 9th to visit the new Pyramid complex and to join JJ Hurtak and Richard Hoagland and a host of scholars. This esteemed group will be  including the man in charge of the Excavation of this giant archeological site Mr Osmanagich. I will join an amazing tour of all of the chambers and new discoveries of this imense complex and take part in many wonderful presentations about the site and what has been un earthed. I hope to bring back many amazing and wonderful  new revelations to share on my wesite, radio show and blog..



There are already many fantastic chambers and tunnels which have been found.


Since wiki-pedia is cabal controlled they are calling this site Pseudo scientific discovery but the evidence is clearly revealing these are the real deal.


I am sure this site has many hidden chambers which when discovered  will bear fruit in the not too distant future. I feel we can expect much evidence from the Bosnian pyramidsof mans interaction with our space family in our our not so distant past. This will be a major source of proof of our cosmic heritage and spiritual destiny.

 I will share these with the world on my World Premier of my new radio show The Victory of the Light. I will speak from my heart and promise to be diligent in my efforts to get the Whole Truth and present the facts as accurately as possible. I will also be sharing the latest news from my friend and emissary of Light Cobra on a regular basis. I hope to take suggestions from my listeners to interview new guests so feel free to contact me and send me the contact information on speakers you would like to hear from.

I will ask you to subscribe to my blog so you keep updated on my latest news and information. Please also sign up for my free monthly newsletter and to recieve special offers on conferences and appearence dates and product specials as well. It is with excitement and joy that i welcome you here.

Warm regards to you all

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter