The Promise Reavled Radio with Rob Potter and Brad Mullner 04-13-2016

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Rob interviews Brad Mulner The health coach who has an amazing array of product which are featured on robs Website. Quantum Holograms are discussed and you may go to this link here

either Purchase as a guest or join the team.

Brad and Rob talk about health and the various amazing new technologies that are out there. Brad has over 250 high end products in electro medicine, nutrition, tinctures, oils , water purification and anything else you can need for advanced health care. Rob also announces the 2nd summer conference called The Secret Space Program with his guests Corey Goode Laura Eisenhower and Michael Salla who along with Rob will be appearing in the amazing Mt Shasta venue this coming August from August 26th to 28th Ticket on sale on Robs website at the time of this interview broadcast.