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Dear Promise Friends,

It is my pleasure to be able to offer to you a new plasma energy type of healing device. We are calling it The Promise Gans Health Pen.

I have been following the information on coming out from the Keshe group and the new type of physics that he is sharing with the world in an open source.

Keshe is not offering or selling products only information on how this technology can be applied. He is using transparent open source style, which I feel is the best way for the world to learn what he has to offer.

However his technology, which is unique, still needs to be tested and proved as far as the “Free Energy” claims made by his followers. I must say I have seen you tube videos posted by an engineer friend of the Veterans today team that did show and over unity device in action.

Over unity means that it provides more energy than is required to get it started. The results were good but not impressive in my opinion.

I have told the many people who are saying this is a done deal to show me a device finished, completed, full functional device that is for sale and can run a reasonably sized modern western energy efficient house.

So far I have not seen it. I have seen smaller so-called “Magrav Units” that do look good and show potential. But to be honest they have a long way to go before they are proven and can be used by the general public.

The Magrav Devices do show some promise and actually have produced a sideline technology called “Gans” which is not fully researched yet.

The Gans which is an integral part of “The Magrav” over unity device definitely seems to be showing some plasma type of healing energy.

Simply stated when you make the “Gans” and use it properly it coats copper wire with a unique coating which is too complicated for me to explain for now.

However when Patrick, my Keshe Expert sent me his version of the Magrav unit he mentioned there was a plasma type of field which could be felt around the machine.

The machine was an impressive first generation “Magrav unit but I was not ready to install in my house as there was no proof even from Patrick that this device was creating any type of free energy even in his house.

Gans Health Pen
However I was pleasantly surprised to be feeling tingling and a type of invisible wind emanating from the machine. My hands and various parts of my body were tingling and I could feel the unit was pushing life force through areas of my body that were blocked.

Patrick has been working on a device we call the Promise Health Pen that is a special combination of Gans and a proprietary technology that coats the copper wire.

These pens are unique and quite powerful. Though the energy is invisible to the physical eye it can be felt. I am sure with the right type of monitoring technology it could be measured.

The results can certainly be seen in this video that shows how water reacts when it is in the process of being frozen in the proximity of The Health Pen technology.

Watch this video here it is in Spanish but the photos in the video are real and show real results.

Now as most of you know I am well versed on scalar and plasma and tachyon field energy fields from my life long work with Tesla Tech , Dr Fred Bell and Cobra.

There are 7 states of matter solid, liquid, gaseous, ionic and the 3 ethers. When we are talking about plasma we are mostly dealing with invisible or semi invisible matter states in the ionic gaseous and ether range.

My Promise Pyramid Systems in conjunction with the floating ground Telsa Coil certainly are powerful examples of this healing technology.

Imagine my joy when I find another type of source from the healing Pens. This field is definitely felt however I was surprised to note it varies for me personally from day to day.

I am not sure if this is due to my fluctuating sensitivity or perhaps the magnetic environment around me that fluctuates from day to day.

I can say there is something happening here and I am confident there will soon be very good results from people as the feedback comes in and more people begin to use these pens.

There are two different sizes of pens Medium And Large. The large pens have a thicker Gauge of wire and the coils are wrapped tighter.

The medium pens are smaller gauge of wire and are a bit more loosely wrapped. The are both about six inches long and quite easy to use.

We are selling them individually or in bulk packages which you can choose from at the top of the page. I am happy these are now available and you can add another tool in your arsenal against stagnant energy.

You can hear my interviews with Patrick here :
and most recently here :

These interviews will acquaint you with how Ki, Chi or Prana or what westerners call the life force flows in the body. This energy is responsible for our physical mental and emotional health.

I hope you will enjoy this new product and and be able to send us your results or feedback from the use of this new technology.
Warm Regards and Love to you all

The Promise Gans Health Pen
Use and Care Instructions

Please use carefully and do not break. We strongly urge you not to open pen as touching the pen can damage the Gans coating and marginalize or destroy the integrity of the pens technology.

Keep the glass clean and again we remind you to be careful with the pen. Use and often as you wish and share with your family and friends. Please if you are so inclined send all feedback and your personal experiences with the pen to

Health Pen Instructions

Step 1: Hold the Health Pen near the back (cork) end and point at your other palm. It should be close but not touching, though touching is okay. Leave it in one spot until you feel tingling. Your body will begin exchanging energy with the pen. You can slowly swirl the pen or move it to another area. The correct amount of time will be easy to tell. You can’t go too long and the feeling of plasma is as physical as running your hand under water. You wouldn’t ask someone what temperature water to wash your hands in, you just know.

Option 2: Using the pen on other body parts is best done by laying the pen on or near you. This is to avoid the hand being overwhelmed with energy before the larger body part. It works through cloths but bare skin is much better. The picture below is an illustration of one possible body part, don’t automatically do it, work on your ailment. The pens work simply by being near you, getting the exact placement isn’t necessary. Using the picture as an example, the pen doesn’t need to be pointing down the back, maybe up feels better. I would compare it’s use to an ice pack, you’ll feel plasma that much.

Option 3: Place pen on any surface pointing at your body. Bare skin is best. One possibility is to lay in bed and place the pen on pillows pointing at you, similar to the books in the picture. This can be done on any part of the body.

Option 3: Place Health Pen pointing at any container of water. Only a few minutes is needed. Can be used on food and supplements too.

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