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The Opening of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (VI) (DM)


The Opening of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

One of the problems Mr. Keshe was running into was that western nations did not want to deal with a nuclear physicist from Iran. So Mr. Keshe decided to create an institute based in Italy called the Spaceship Institute to teach and distribute the new universal technologies freely to the rest to the world. When trying to have conferences with Ambassadors, government leaders from countries like Belgium instructed the Belgium Ambassadors to shut down the spread of the Keshe technology. Then the Vatican tried to find a way to shut down Ambassador Conferences and the spread of the Keshe technology. Mr. Keshe said he has had four attempts on his life. In one instance they tried to poison him. I am not sure but his own technology may have saved his life. No doubt Mr. Keshe is being protected from the higher realms. Anyway, Mr. Keshe decided to cancel the planned Ambassador Conference and instead do live streaming over the Internet from the new Spaceship Institute in Italy so that the rest of world can learn about these new technologies freely at the same time that attendees were learning about the technologies. Below is a video of the opening of the Spaceship Institute that was done in April to allow the current Core Group members to speak from their heart about how they came to learn about the Keshe Foundation and the new universal technologies such the new physics and the plasma technologies, etc. Keshe believes he will be able to spread the technology by working with his Core Group members who will then help transfer the science and technology to people in their respective countries. This Core Group is made up of people that are basically street people with no extensive university education but they do have a heart. Of course, anyone can partake of these free online workshops which are recorded and archived at http://livestream.com/ssiworkshops/ksworkshops and build the technologies in their home countries. One of the goals of the Spaceship Institute is to teach a person how to produce enough food, water and energy for centuries for their entire family for less than five dollars. Another goal is to teach the spiritual principles alongside the science principles because they are one. Of course when the public learns how to do this, there will be no lack and with no lack there will be no need for wars. Now you understand why the dark cabal is so against the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute. The so called politicians and ruling elite become irrelevant. lol. Anyone willing to learn can help bring peace on this planet by sharing this new science and technology from the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. –MrT.

The Opening of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute: Members of the KFSSI Core Group speak from their heart in this video.

http://livestream.com/ssiworkshops/events/3988786 – Vid (01:09:00)

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