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Victory of the Light Radio Show

Tanzania Project Robert Potter and Kristofa Kala Tanzania 03-10-2016


Innocent children the world over are suffering through no fault of their innocent selves. Through Hope Girl and Bethany I have met a true hero Christopher Kala, a 28-year-old former orphan who has through sheer determination, will and dedication out of love to his children has for 9 years built an orphanage in Moshi Tanzania from the ground up with occassional assistance from different people.
The governemt recently arrested him because he cannot pay fees for such an institution. (WTF?) Luckily the for him the 23 children he cannot feed every day followed the arrest crying and pleading for his release which was granted (some policemen do have hearts). I know there are thousands of people with enough money to make a real difference to these children by not only covering governments fees but to help them get FOOD!
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