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Sean David Morton Revolution Radio “Strange Universe” – (The Rob Potter Interview comes in at 40:00)

vancouver-bcUPDATE: Sean Morton and I will be doing a weekend long seminar in the Vancouver, Canada, area on a Saturday and Sunday in late August or Early September… sounds like fun? We are in the process of securing a venue at this time so if you are interested in attending please leave your info and contact information and we will keep you updated as we progress with our plans as they develop. We are also looking for help in finding or sponsoring a venue in the Vancouver area so feel free to help us network a suitable location if you can.

Sean David Morton is an old friend of mine and we go way back when we were both in our teens when his mother was running the National Health Federation in the late 70’s. Sean and I were often crossing paths in the aisles of this new age healers Mecca. The NHF crisscrossed the country sharing alternative healing technologies. The NHF was a political lobbying group fighting for a patients right to freely choose any type of healing they deemed worthy.

Despite our efforts and the many NHF victories. The pharmaceutical industrial complex has relentlessly eroded our system to the point where they still think they can dictate what we can or cannot do with our own bodies. There are laws forcing actions on free individuals against their will and imposing certain health treatments and modalities. This is wrong but is happening today in America. These heinous acts are being physically forced and imposed on us. All of this with the governments muscle; courts and jack booted police force Nazi’s are arresting owners of food co-ops for daring to sell raw milk.

But as usual I digress.  To be honest I was always in awe of Sean and his confidence and tech savvy presentations. Though we have spent time together through the years and he has allowed me on his radio shows on several occasions, the truth of the matter is we were more acquaintances than close friends. We are kindred spirits and are fierce defenders of the truth and freedom. We both were very close with Dr. Fred Bell and supported him for his mission despite any personal shortcomings Fred had. Through the years I would see Sean at Fred’s house and one of the most memorable times was in the late 80s.

We intended to go to the Mesa above the Dulce grey base with the permission of the Apache Jicarilla Indian Tribes chief who had the rights to this land. Sean had secured some deep underground looking radar to determine if there was some sort of anomalous activity beneath the geology on the Mesa. Fred and Sean ably accomplished the mission. Unfortunately I had personal responsibilities, which did not allow me to attend this trip.

I regretted not accepting Fred’s invitation, ditching my responsibilities and going. The results were astounding and within the penumbra of the shadow of this deep looking radar we found a very large obvious power source. This of course was the Archuletta Mesa, Dulce, and joint government alien base. This was after the now famous Dulce wars in which many brave soldiers died trying to remove the hostile alien menace.

This particular interview above with Sean goes into some of our early days and our historical association with Fred Bell. As usual I tried to give the update of the behind the scenes actions of the GFL at this time and prerequisite for the “Event” and the liberation of the planet. All in one breath lol. Sean was texting me the Skype Too Much Information face icon while I was talking, which is understandable.

Sean is a brilliant light and an immovable obstacle for the NWO and their plans for planetary enslavement. He is brash and bold and does not pull any punches in his political assessments that are filled with barbs and mocking jabs at the status quo. I feel the same way Sean does in many instances though I focus more on the spiritual and Exopolitical aspect behind the scenes of today’s headlines. We both know the farce of the worlds mainstream media as it exists today is nothing more than spoon fed propaganda cunningly designed to manipulate and confuse the masses.

Sean will continue to his last breath to articulate reality. He will use his gift of gab to to mock, to expose lies and the seamy underside of our worlds political system. He freely shares the truth in a humorous and insightful way. He is fearless and stands on his own his own 2 feet and like Rocky and the soldiers of the revolutionary war will not give up.

I am honored to be on his show again and I hope you will find this interview interesting and will consider joining us in September!

Rob Potter

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