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Dear Promise Friends,

My mission has now expanded to use this site and my influence to help The Sadala Home For Orphans . I hope you will join me in making a monthly commitment to help feed these children every month. It only takes around $500 usd a month to feed 24 children and the small staff of single women who help Christopher Kala take care of these children.

Emergency situation as of 5-01-2017 plase help The Orphange is in Danger of being shut down please go here if you can help at all. Donate Now
I met Chris some time ago through the beautiful Bethany Crawmer who has also helped these Children for so long. The website was donated through my coordination with and is now functioning through the pay pal of Denny Heljuka .

I am not involved with the money it goes straight to Christopher Kala who does an amazing job working tirelessly for these children along with the women and some other helpers. See his Facebook Page here. He also has another Children of Africa Facebook Page .

On these pages you can see his video of the Orphanage and the help he is providing to those in need. I have done interviews with him and he is the real deal. He was foraging for food with a stick in the wilds when I first saw him on Skype. Please let us give some money every month for food for these beautiful children. Chistopher says “Water Tanks and Electricity can wait but food can never wait.

I have arranged for 35% percent of all proceeds for the SSP conference from the summer of 2016 DVD’s and Downloads to go to the children. This will be available on my site very soon for you to purchase but you can also donate directly to the children by going here to the website itself where recurring donations will help tremendously. Donate Now Please

You may call Christopher Kala directly and when in cell or internet signal range Chris can talk with you. +255-752-667-055. There are many projects on his website that need financial and labor or expertise help. Are you a solar expert who wants to serve? Can you Help pay for or instal a water tank for The Childrens Orphanage? Chris has received other help through the many years he has been serving these children form donors in the USA Holland, Belgium to name a few who donate funds for materials and they are building a nice center as time permits.
It is My Honor to share with you a way to Serve The Light and to help other less fortunate. I pray that this world can heal quickly so that the downtrodden and can be given a chance for a decent decent living.
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter