With Rob Potter(part 1/3)- Dr.Fred Bell, Billy Meier, Semjase, space ships;

Rob Potter interviews Corey Goode (4-7-2016)

Cobra / Corey on Victory of The Light by Rob Potter

Rob Potter at the Star Family Conference, Workshop part 1

Rob Potter: Experiencer & Contactee

The GoldFish Report No. 242- Guests Rob Potter and Author Jenesse Roy: Chakra 101 – Root to Crown

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    Valiant Thor discussed on Healing Conversation featuring Robert Potter

    Robert Potter From Venus with Love Mt Shasta 2018 Conference

    Rob Potter Interview with Lotus Guide

    What is The Event?

    Notes and Commentary from Mount Shasta SSP 2016 | Rob Potter, Dr. Michael Salla, Corey Goode…

    From Venus with Love July 27-29 Mt Shasta 2018

    Joint Cobra, Corey Goode, Interview by Rob Potter Part 2 – June 3, 2016

    Omnec Onec: Interview between Robert Potter and Anja Schäfer

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