Robert Potter with Guest Bob Short and Shirley 01-07-2016

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VOL Robert Potter and Guest Bob Short and Shirley 04-07-2016 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

Rev Robert Short and Wife Shirley are the Victory of the Light Guests this week. (Part 1)

Robert Short a world famous contactee and one of the few REAL and ACCURATE Channels for the Solar Council and Confederation forces. He has been channelling in a sleep type trace for over 50 years. He recounts his meetings with different ETs and his trip to Venus in this part 1 interview. Please listen and take notes and if you want to get a reading from the space Brothers and Sisters simply write them a letter. Bob and his wife Shirley are 86 years old and a wonderful sincere team who are still performing their service to our benefit don’t miss part 2 coming next week