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Prepare for Change Victory of the Light Radio Show

Rob Potter with Guest Jacqueline Hybrid on 10-25-2016 Part 1


Download MP3 here: http://tindeck.com/listen/gurne
Part 1 Jacqueline Hybrid on 10-25-2016
Rob interviews a special sensitive who shares her life story of contacts since she was very young! This interview is with Jacqueline Smith an animal communicator and she claims to be a Hybrid 7 different ET races combined in her earth body!

She is very straight forward with her answers and really seems to have a positive message to share from her vast networks of contacts. She is clairvoyant which is difficult for us in 3d to completely embrace as a way of perception. I must be honest some of her information is very unique and I cannot say I understand it all. I am always constantly amazed with the many different people who have contacts try to keep an open mind on the myriad of experiences and reports of people.
This interview goes into her early experiences and even a trip aboard a mother ship 2012. Join me with a fascinating interview with Jacqueline Smith
Victory to The Ligh