Rob Potter with Guest Dave Schmidt ~ 12.24.2015

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ROB POTTER with guest DAVE SCHMIDT – 12-24-2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

Dave Schimdt Who has been working closely with the Red Dragon Ambassador and has met A member of The Family. This family, through their representatives maintains that they are of a Royal bloodline of Annukai and human hybrids. They further maintain all the worlds majority of gold belongs to them. They claim that they have been keeping mankind under their control for thousands of years. They say the cabal are their slaves and they out the other royal bloodlines in charge of the financial system. Well if you know me this is not acceptable and I make this clear to Dave Schmidt. Dave Schmidt is a very honest sincere and intelligent person and I feel he will not be used in any way in anything that does not serve the greater good. We spoke at length privately and we may disagree on certain things but i found him congenial and much easier t talk to than the ambassador which is mostly due to language issues with the ambassador.


  1. ShinyIndigo
    January 5, 2016

    Gold, silver, diamonds, greenbacks or any other shiny pretty rocks or colored paper would be completely moot if the world’s economy switched over to hugs. Want something? Give a hug! Who would want to steal anything if ‘selling’ it would only get you the same hugs that are freely given anyway? Need food? Give the grocer a hug!

    Why bother to stockpile or hoard if a) it may go bad and b) you can always get more of whatever you want or need by giving a simple hug? People who got lots of hugs on a regular basis would be healthier, both mentally, emotionally and physically. Stress levels would be WAY down.

    Have a 2-year gap period between high school and college where youths volunteer for weeks or months at a time on local farms or with local tradesmen/artisans to earn the various types of ‘Life Credits’ needed as a pre-requisite for graduating college – they can learn first aid, basic home repair, agriculture and food preservation, child care, sewing, accounting, and other practical skills, etc. This will help them be more self-confident, more self-sufficient and independent and ensure a supply of skilled people at the ready for emergencies. (And really, how well can most kids know what they want to study in college or do for a career afterwards, until they’ve gotten a bit of practical life experience under their belts?)

    Have a Occupational Festival every year where people of any age can take classes of any sort to get a feel for any occupation they’ve got a yen for. A plumber, or cheesemaker, for example can take note of the most promising students during the festival and if they want to switch careers themselves, can arrange for interested students to take an apprenticeship. When the apprentice is fully trained, the teacher/proprietor can just walk away to their own new apprenticeship, leaving their former business in that student’s capable hands! They’d still be available for consulting if needed, but then no one would be locked down to a job that they no longer had passion for.

    Without having to stress over costs or deals or money, emphasis would no longer be on producing in a way that is down-to-the-bone cheap (often exploitative), and the focus can shift to being produced locally with care put into it. Consumers would appreciate such products more, have more of a relationship with the maker, and a fair amount of hugging would ensue.

    People’s generosity would flow. Without any sort of money-based crime, and enormous amounts of emotional support coming at a person from every direction, there would also not be a need to drug oneself to the point of insensibility or addiction and thus no more addiction-based crime.

    With education no longer needing to be money-career oriented, people could do what they love and be more satisfied with their lives. Focus in early education would switch from test-result-oriented to ensuring people have the communication and relationship skills needed for a successful, happy life (in addition to the basics like reading, writing and math). Happy, satisfied people with good communication and relationship skills would also likely experience a decrease in gender/sexuality-related crime.

    People would be safer walking the streets with virtually no crime, except perhaps youthful mischief of minor sorts that could be set to rights with loving community support.

    Without money bolluxing up the works, there’d be no obstacle or incentive to preventing things like free-energy or other technologies from being released, because it wouldn’t be blocking anyone’s ‘profits’ in a hug-based economy!

    Just abolish money and switch to hugs!

    There is literally no downside to this system. Any objections to it could likely be identified as an unhealthy emotional/psychological dysfunction – aka “Someone needs a hug VERY much!”

    So let them keep their lumps of shiny metal. You can’t eat gold and it’s not much fun to cuddle with. 😀

    • Rossana Noggle
      January 6, 2016

      Brilliant. …simply brilliant! Agree, what a wonderful world that would be. One I would love to live in!

  2. Heli Tattari-Molteni
    January 5, 2016

    Good job Rob! and Dave too. Good example for ppl how to communicate even thou you disagree. I’m glad this info is out about the dragons and, yes, from here on we want transparency only, and total disclosure. Thanks guys.

  3. Rick Vandersteen
    January 6, 2016

    Great interview. Seems many of of in this have several common denominators; a foundation of God, a yearning and seeking of truth, and an awareness through study of what is going on as we notice spiritual change.
    I first became aware when I was fishing the waters of Guantanami Bay, Cuba in 1996. This is an area where there is no light pollution and as I was looking into space it hit me. I stated out loud ” this is bigger than there telling us!”
    I pray for guidance and protection everyday and it started flowing in and has not stopped.
    I believe there are those like us who will assist others through this transition in helping them spiritually and financially as needed. I feel humbly honored as we are being freed.
    God bless your mission as you continue forward.

    • Doctor Red
      January 7, 2016

      The Red Dragon knows the foundation is unbalanced,I’m All In — Equal Citizens opportunity for a better world.