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Rob Potter Victory of the Light with Red Dragon Ambassador Part2 July 2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

The Red Dragon Ambassador did not know that Rob has some deep seated money issues. To the ambassadors credit he remained calm and cool as Rob was having his Conceptions fits over some of the ambassadors answers. Anyway I was definitely concerned as I interviewed the ambassador, this month. I must say the ambassador as a person feels very sincere and my intuition is that he is acting based on his feelings that the “Dragon Elders” he represents are good guys and well intended.

I will grant him that this may be true. I have not really followed his information that much so when I heard that the elder is supposedly an Annunaki Reptilian hybrid who has been in charge of the worlds finances for several thousands of years. The ambassador argued humanity allowed this to happen and many other things that were little thorns in my mental mind when trying to assess his information.


  1. tanya kilpatrixk
    July 27, 2015

    thank you. very intereting.
    check out GOLD WARRIORS BY
    David wWlcock and his dealings with Keenan
    thank you

  2. dk
    August 4, 2015

    This man is in a satanic mindset and is speaking for a negative force. It’s very obvious to me. He said that humanity needs to be ruled and wants to be ruled. Bullshit. Who is saying that?…..those that are ruling of course. He said communism was a good system but humans are bad so it doesn’t work. He also stated many times that “people” need to do their research. Well here’s some research that the “people” did…….Communism, fascism, nazism, socialism, and democracy all have one thing in common…..they are all forms of government. The word “government” comes from Latin. It is govern and mental. Govern means to control and mental means mind. To control the mind. Mind control. So you can call it communist mind control, fascist mind control, or democratic mind control…….call it whatever you want!! There’s a famous Pink Floyd song that says “we don’t need your mind control”!!
    As far as the financial reset he’s talking about, someone is still deciding what’s good for humanity. More bullshit. Any real reset will make any M1 or anyone with any stake or claim to anything be null and void. Anyone who acquired any wealth or property wrongfully or by deceiving others will have it taken away and redistributed. Everyone will be made equal….no more wealthy and poor no matter what your bloodline is. We all start square and see what happens from there. Will be easy to weed out the liars with a transparent system. None of this nonsense about any families or groups deciding what portion of funds or where funds are going. Those funds belong to humanity in the first place. So does all gold and everything else you wanna place value on. It’s all ours. Once it gets back to who it belongs to things will have a funny way of working out. I have 3 reptilian degrees in “money” and it is a slave system from its inception. “Money”, in any form, is a tool of enslavement. Their is no such thing as “money” on any truly free world. Nothing has any value other than life. Our human labor is what “money” is backed by……not any gold in Fort Knox or anywhere else. If humans were not on this planet I highly doubt the land animals, birds, and fish would start stockpiling gold.
    Also, it is not human nature to do all these bad things and/or allow them to happen. We are being forced to reincarnate into genetically and mentally altered vehicles with many implants including a memory wipe of all truth past, present, and future and separation from soul. Then we have reptilians incarnated in human bodies plus others wearing a holographic human cloak that are reincarnating all throughout history with all knowledge and memory retained. They then steer humanity in any direction they want they just have to convince some of the humans (usually with money or threats) to carry out the negative tasks. All those tasks are then heavily compartmentalized and no one knows what the big picture is or who is really calling the shots.
    This guy seems to be a smart actor hired by these particular “dragons” to try and sell us this bullshit. Just like a politician. He kept saying that many things are already happening with the funds and we are not aware. Are they trying to do a sort of pre event reset? to hijack the financial reset by orchestrating one before? He seemed very worried about everything being closed down for a period and restructured before reopening. He said that would be too shocking for humanity and we need to ease into it as if nothing happened. This is also another evil tactic, very familiar to me, being in the financial world.
    This guy worked for the CIA and other agencies and secret societies as well. I think Rob is right in saying…….”once a spook, always a spook”!
    I also don’t he told the truth when asked why are they called “dragon” families or groups.
    He was talking about the bible, Torah, and Koran, etc. and had no idea what he was saying. The same folks wrote all of those books. Those folks originated in Babylon and were “the Babylonian death cult”. They later migrated and were called the “Romans”. The Romans killed Jesus (Yahoshua)……then put together the bible…….then a few hundred years later, after releasing multiple plagues and diseases on earth and killing off a bunch of people, started going around and killing anyone who,didn’t believe in this book they wrote. This was called the “crusades”. Those same “Babylonians” also started the Islamic faith. Then they pin the two against each other. This is the same tactic used to create every war. They create an enemy or enemies then fight that artificial enemy.
    This guy was completely full of shit. Glad Rob interviewed him so everyone can hear him squirm when asked any real question. These guys are holding quadrillions of dollars and they won’t fund people because the ideas are bad? You could fund any and every stupid idea plus all the goods ones with a fraction of that. These people are interested in retaining their wealth and control. Just like he said…….Babylon 3.
    It made me sick when he mentioned that these positive families pay for the nice things we see in our cities and such. If they were not suppressing all the technology, we would be living in a garden of Eden style jungle where there would be no need for grocery stores because the food would be growing all around us. Anytime you’re hungry just pick something. With teleportation and tesla technologies we wouldn’t need any cement anywhere……for what? to play tennis? we got Wimbledon !! and French open!!