Rob Potter – Thomas Paladino – Victory of the Light Radio Show 12-12-2017

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Thomas Paladino


Thomas Paladino

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The VOL interview is with Thomas Paladino Scalar Healing expert.

Rob shares his understanding of scalar waves and anecdotal information from his work with Fred Bell.
Thomas also shares info on his free scalar treatments you can have for your self.
He also goes into detail on his research with documentation and testimonials of this amazing technology and how it will transform our world and be a transformative tool for healing for all.

Journey to Shamballa Report 2017
Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018
He announces and shares that this year his summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before.
He also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference