Rob Interviews Ken Cousens of GEMSTONE University – part 3

This interview with the founder and guiding light of Gemstone University Ken Cousens has been almost 8 months in the making. I met Ken and one of his fellow Panterrans at my birthday party last March.

We completed two shows in May and I wanted to release all 3 in close succession so we are just now getting to part 3. All information is still relevant and we hope you will enjoy the information in all 3 shows.

My favorite is part 3 as here we disclose information on the ongoing work of the Panterra group and their contribution to the “Master Plan” of the transformation of our world into a sacred space. A society free and liberated from tyranny with justice, honesty, transparency and honesty shared by all is the keystone to the transformation of our world.

The first part of our liberation must be within our own beings as souls realizing our absolute unity as part and parcel of the divine. We are drops in the ocean of love and mercy we are spirit sparks in the living flame of god. Single notes in the symphony of the living WORD of God as it manifests and renews in the spirit of truth moment by moment.

This unity can be likened to familial relationship with the parent source of light as the Trinity manifest in our reality. God the Father and we are as the Sons and Daughters of Reflecting Christ consciousness living within the Mother Earth, the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother. There are other religions that have their equivalent metaphors to express the same design.

The idea is, that we are all brothers and sisters and therefore family and should conduct our thoughts words and deeds based on this premise. The highest ideals and virtues must become lived through each of us towards each other in the highest possible association of unconditional love.

Forgiveness and mercy, truth must be met together for the actual blossoming of this paradise on our world. Before the physical results can yield fruit we must sow actualized love into our hearts and minds.

For those of you who realize this inner transformation and reorientation of our intention and attention as the foundation of right relationships with all of creation there is another aspect which is equally important. This is the nuts and bolts of actual physical changes within our societal infrastructure.

This true “Master Plan” is ordained by god and is rooted in our internal alliance to the will of god and truth. The Master Plan of planetary transformation is slowly revealed through each persons contribution to positive and decisive change in our work day world and how we relate to the Matrix system of Debt death and slavery that we have been unknowingly and un witting participants in to our own detriment.

Unraveling these associations and binding documents, which suck our life blood is the crux of Gemstone University’s mission and goal for success. Their work is to blaze a path that that can righteously, legally, ethically and successfully correct our status or relation to the state and federal governments and private banking institutions who have through deception and manipulation “legally” placed themselves and their unholy agendas as the beneficiaries of our energy and attention and money.

The criminals have created wars and destroyed our planets ecosystem.They have systematically corrupted and controlled our genetics, the air and the water and even our food for profit and the purpose of total control of every human possible. Their schemes have been mostly successful and in their agenda includes the following societal systems politics, science, finance, education, transportation, energy, communication, transportation, industry, resources, water, minerals, atmospheres, oceans, labor, military, health, agriculture and spiritual and all of the other commonly held relationships between people must all go through a rapid and drastic shift in the functioning and the methodologies.

The core values of society are shifting as we speak the current financial infrastructure is liquefying as the world wakes up to he facts regarding the worlds current financial system is rigged and really nothing more than fiat currency racketeering fraud which is a Ponzi scheme stealing form the masses to finance a homicidal elitist group of sociopaths who would destroy this planet and all life rather than relinquish power.

The World Debt Slavery System is based on lies and deceit. Corruption and malfeasance are the tickets to wealth and power at the expense of the innocent masses who would dare to trust their leadership to be ethical and responsible.View the GEMSTONE University Master Plan

This financial system must be eradicated and more importantly the masses must be responsible to know understand and be accountable to who we allow to represent us despite the evil and corruption we must create change.

I feel Gemstone University represents one of the best efforts towards a realistic official plan of disengaging from the matrix system which we have in our ignorance been made card carrying members. Birth certificates, social security cards are just a few examples.

Enjoy these shows and be sure to educate yourself to the machinations of tyranny and do your best as you feel called to crate a better way.

Victory to The Light
Rob Potter

Part Three of the GEMSTONE University Interview video:

Part Three of the GEMSTONE University Interview (audio only):

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