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Victory of the Light Radio Show

Rob interviews Frank Chile


Rob interviews Frank Chile a featured guest at the Mt Shaasta summer conference this summer Summer Conference Invitation This interviews goes into the the myriad mysteries of the universe especially as it relates to our space family and open communiation with earth and her peoples.

Frank Chille

Opening to our Cosmic Family

Drawn irresistibly by the story of Valiant Thor, (the alien visitor present at the Pentagon in the 1950s) and by personal experiences in the Integratron at Giant Rock, CA., Frank Chille was called to research the UFO-ET Phenomenon.

Over time, besides his ‘real’ job in industrial and military consulting (which opened discussion with insiders) he has met a series of unusual contactees who have recorded their visitations with Beings of Light.

These Beings are connected to humanity’s Ageless Wisdom Tradition and come beckoning us to the highest vibration of our Cosmic Family. In this presentation, Frank will:

.Be speaking about several other virtually unknown Star Family contactees whom he met and known during his Life’s Path (one dating all the way back to 1920’s) •Share personal experience at the Integratron during weekend visitation at the Van Tassel home •Share info about a new technology product given to him as a gift to our planet •Present info about William Mills Tompkins, author of “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries” and some of the extraordinary info William personally shared with him

Frank Chille has been a self-proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years. He is a student of metaphysics, ancient civilizations, and comparative religions and has firsthand knowledge of little known contactee experiences & unpublished manuscripts.

He has known individuals with unique talents and abilities doing advanced work (both openly & quietly) on this planet to accelerate consciousness and awareness. He has had exposure to advanced technology products and has traveled extensively throughout the US & lived abroad.

Frank has spoken publicly & conducted seminar on diverse subjects on both coasts as well as for the military on subjects including energy studies and lighting effects on health. Has done both radio and TV on diverse subjects. He has trained individuals as well as marketing teams and has conducted corporate forensic accounting for a Fortune 100 firm in three states.

The Victory of The Light Show Today I interview my old friend Frank Chile. Frank was very instrumental in teaching me about the benevolent space brothers and sisters in 1979 when was first having my experiences with Fred. His enthusiastic positive position is quite contagious and his knowledge and experience is second to none. Enjoy Frank as he shares wonderful stories that will enlighten and give you hope.

Warm Regards

Rob Potter