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Victory of the Light Radio Show

Rob interview Saeko Morishiro – (English) – 09-01-2016


Download MP3 here:  http://tindeck.com/listen/eklxo
Rob Potter and Saeko Morishiro

Rob went to Japan not too long ago and did speak with several groups while there. One of the groups is based on information from Saeko Morishiro. A graphic artist who has had an awakening and is receiving some powerful images and has some of the visitors guiding her work. I don’t really understand her concept of the universe fitting inside the earth? But I think it being lost in translation a bit. However she has a project to get these sphere she has created out to the world. Her take on sacred geometry is important and I sure more information with be coming forward and the transformation of earth continues. Enjoy the interview and welcome to the work and world of Saeko Morishiro
English Version:

Japanese version here:

Here is video of Saeko’s Breathing Method



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