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Victory Of Light Radio Show 

Rob Potter Interviews Raymond Keller and these interviews are getting better and better. Cosmic Ray who will be at this years Summer Conference in Shasta continues to astound with wonderful information on His Venus Rising Trilogy. 
Since  I have been talking with Ray on a daily basis I admit  I  was  telling too much of  some of these stories.  I wanted to get back to learning from Raymond so I fast forwarded to questions I wanted to hear the answers to.
I was  quite exhausted on day of interview  and said UM .. UM way too much.  Ray has endless knowledge  so things will get more interesting in our future shows. 
Learn About the DNA manipulation of the Norcans 25 million years ago! This was done with the native Venusian inhabitants Large Bees. Go Deep down into some of the history of our solar system and learn of The Lords of Flame From Venus who are part of the pleroma.

Ray Keller Holding Copies of his books


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Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info now up on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com