Ralph and Marsha Ring Part 2 Audio and Transcript

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Ralf Ring Part 2

Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’ve had a good week. This is Rob Potter of the Victory of the Light Radio Show.

I’d like to thank my producers, John Alan, from the Land of Wonder from Down Under, the big cheese at the top, Bob Charles at the Pyramid One Network, and, of course, Chris Spell, my sound (unintelligible) who is like a virtual magician and alchemy, and I’ve given him such bad recordings I want to thank him so very much.

Folks, the ThePromiseRevealed.com, you can check it out. Learn about technologies in there. If you want to go into my explanation on pyramids article, one of the most visited at the site, you can see the magic of pyramid energy. and, of course, we’re talking – again, this is Part 2, folks, by the way, with Ralph and Marsha Ring, you might want to pull up BlueStarEnterprise.com while we’re talking here, but have so many wonderful positive technologies to help us get into our feeling nature.

And in the artificial mindset, as Ralph has mentioned here, and he kind of takes this over, but that’s where we left off last (unintelligible). We’re going to start off with that.

So I’d like you to check out his website. He’s got information there on Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, vortexes. Water is an important part of something I want to talk about here in the next thing, but check us out.


Rob: Ralph and Marsha Ring, welcome back to the show.

Ralph Ring: Thank you. Thank you, very much, Rob.

Rob: So we’re going to kind of keep going, folks. It’s only been a minute and thirty seconds here since I started, because I talked a little bit last time about the Luis tour in South America we’re going to do on the website last time too much, but we’re going to get right into the show here.

We were talking about a heart space. Ralph and Marsha had mentioned that they’re directly in communication with benevolent space family here and trying to bring forward this free energy. It really is the key that’s going to liberate this planet.

And Nikola Tesla tried in vain almost 100 years ago, folks, with these technologies and failed. For some reason there’s been multiple technologies come forward and somehow these men-in-black, this government agency, these . . . whatever this kind of negative thing humankind is bouncing against, it’s its own selves attention to the artificial reality. The lack of will to move forward with some of these things, I think . . . and then the vigil responsibility and at the same time it’s collective.

We have not been able to manifest it. It’s absolutely frustrating. The governments are running it. They’ve obviously got multiple programs, multiple technologies into vortex and time travel and space travel.

And it becomes so frustrating to know that irresponsive people who have violated their trust in the public will have chosen to take this technology for their own advantage, violation of natural laws, letting us to continue to destroy the planet and keep us into ignorance, superstition and fear that we allow ourselves to be let down.

When we come to this point where we need to bust this out as a world, as a planet, as a people, and let this free energy . . . Folks, you have to realize this is key. This is one of the key points in the masters’ and the guides’ mission is to bring forth free energy because it will bust open the root of all evil, the money system and will allow a tremendous explosion of creativity and activity to take place.

And people don’t understand that, so there’s a tremendous . . . We’re all focused on this artificial reality.

I want you to get behind what this man is saying here today. And we have free energy devices. This is one of many, but I want you to gather in this information that you’re hearing in these two shows and somehow try . . . let’s support Ralph.

And this money thing, I don’t know, you know, how important that is at this point because it always is it seems, but we’ve been blocked. And we’re going to bust out this time, so I wanted to kind of give that soapbox speech here leading into this, Ralph, because I really want to support your work, your long-standing efforts in this field with some of the greats.

And you’re coming forward with something wonderful here, so I’m going to hand it over to you again, and you were explaining how our feelings are important.

And I’ve always been taught that it’s our thoughts, our feelings and our spoken word and how we conduct ourselves that’s going to make things happen.

And it seems like people like you can make things happen on a more advanced level a little bit. You’ve created all this technology. It’s sitting there. And where do we go from here? You can take us anywhere you want and have your thoughts, and Marsha, you can chime in here, but I’m kind of, you know, just frustrated that we have it and we can’t seem to get it into the stores.

You can’t even get into five houses and let people just run their energy and take off that money and use it for other things. Can you guys comment on that? Sorry I’ve been shouting a little bit. It’s five minutes, but you guys go ahead.

Ralph: Well, we perfectly understand. Well, let’s go back to, I guess, Apple Valley-Hesperia. Carr said that we had to keep it very quiet, but a lot of our little prototypes – some of them were 12”, some of them were 3′. . . And our experiments had to be operated in the Valley. What was that valley?

Marsha Ring: San Bernardino.

Ralph: San Bernardino Valley. And so we tested them around the Valley, and they would create a corona around the periphery of the craft entering and existing from the atmosphere itself.

People thought they were flying saucers in those days.

One of them happened to be a guy by the name of James Millihan, who, when he was a kid, saw a these disks flying around and tried to coax his mother to take him over there to the facility . . .

Rob: To you place?

Ralph: Huh?

Rob: You mean over to your place?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: So that’s what I heard. He was a young boy hanging out at your place.

Ralph: And he’d seen a lot of the activity and stuff. Well, his mother was afraid. She was frightened by anything that people don’t understand and instead of seeking knowledge, instead of seeking understanding, they are . . . they call in their fear. They think there’s something very . . .

Marsha: Satanic?

Ralph: Yeah. Yeah, Satanic about

Rob: Superstitious. Yeah, Fred used to say . . . Or Einstein said, “Great spirits are always opposed or fought by mediocre minds.” Yeah, fear is always the big thing that stops it. So, he finally gets a curiosity and comes over.

Ralph: Well, yeah, he did . . . and I’ll get to the actual teleportation experience that he witnessed in a minute, but before I get there, I’ll kind of work up to it.

Rob: Okay.

Ralph: While we were working on the different crafts, we had the sufficient prototype that told us we were as far along as we could go. We didn’t have the support and the money or anything to continue, which was perfectly understandable, because the next stage is manufacturing – find somebody that would help us put these prototypes into reality and bring in . . . not changing reality as such making a big splash and crashing out the cars and introducing a spaceship, but working alongside it – what people want.

They want to keep their Corvettes or their Maseratis. That’s find, but some of us maybe would like to have a form of transportation that was off the ground and didn’t fall into sinkholes and didn’t get drowned or all the other things that are now happening around the Earth.

Wayne Aho, he’s a very good friend of mine, called General Motors and asked to send out a rep that we wanted to talk to him about a form of transportation that we’d like to introduce and have them look at.

Long story short, they sent out a rep. We met and Carr said, “We want to accelerate the transportation and include the habitation in the vehicle that we’ve proven works on magnetic power.”

The guy thought we were nuts right off the get-go. He says, “Oh, come on now! Don’t waste my time,” or whatever he said.

And Carr said, “No,” and he explained that it’s time. We’ve taken the car to the maximum place that pretty soon it’s going to be so jammed, in traffic jams and everything, you’re not . . . you’re going to freeze transportation.

And it’s coming to that now in L.A. and Chicago and different places . You’ve got 6-hour waits to get from Point A to Point B, which might be two miles.

Anyway, so he said, “Well, what do you got? Let’s go into this. What do you want to do?”

“We just want to take the wheel off the ground vertically and put it horizontally and have craft. And we have a device I want to show you that will prove everything I’m saying.”

So at that – I’m metaphoring and I’m speeding up a little bit – he opened his briefcase and we stood back. There were two engineers with me, Wayne Aho, and – I don’t think Art was there – and Otis Carr.

We stood back and let this little craft come out of the briefcase all by itself and hover around the room and go up and down and so forth.

This took the engineers who worked there . . . quite suddenly they couldn’t understand how this could be done.

So they thought, “Well, these guys must have some kind of remotes hidden in their coats and stuff.” So they asked us to take off our coats.

They scanned us for devices, and Carr said, “There’s something in the operating system that you have to understand. You now longer have to have . . .” Incidentally, the engineers were looking in the canopy in the top of the craft (unintelligible) canopy that they could see into the interior of the craft.

And one of the engineers said, “Where’s the ignition switch? Where’s the steering wheel? How do you expect us to buy this . . . What kind of a toy is this?”

Carr tried very . . . as well as he could without panicking anybody, . . . the simplicity is in your mind. Energy could be used if you understand energy and how it is and what it is and where it is. You can do anything.

And at this point, and for the sake of your audience, because I might lose them at this point, I would suggest that the audience look up on the Internet “the University of Minnesota, Mind over Mechanics”. Mind over mechanics.

And this will . . . This came out just recently, I think, a year or two ago. And it confirms the idea that “Yes, we can use our mind,” because what they do there – and there’s a nice video. It shows these craft flying around the gymnasium. The only power was from an engineer’s mind. He had dials all over his head, but he was controlling this with his mind.

So now . . . Then it was impossible and now people that are not aware of this – this is just coming out . . . In a couple of years, people will grasp it enough to use it.

But it was impossible for these guys to accept that. They said, “Oh, you’re . . . What kind of a trick . . . Are you guys magicians or whatever?”

Rob: What Ralph didn’t say, folks, is they’re in this office – and this was back in . . . Is this the late ’50s, Ralph?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah. You mentioned this before on a previous show. And this was a very poignant point. (Unintelligible) technology is so far above what we have today, and these guys couldn’t believe it. They thought they were being tricked, but they had a briefcase. It literally opened up and this thing started flying around the room.

These guys are thinking, “How is it flying and who’s directing it?” They couldn’t conceive that this was a natural mind over matter type of thing that Otis Carr had created.

Is it really only going to be a couple of years, Ralph?

Ralph: Actually, Rob, I feel . . . I’m going out here on the edge, but most of my life has been on the edge anyway. I would say this year is going to be the biggest change we’ve seen in 100 years, or maybe more.

We’re going to have . . . What I’m talking about will be like kindergarten compared to what can be brought out if the consciousness will allow it.

Now, there is a collective consciousness – that’s in all of us because we’re all one great being here. We’re operating in little pieces.

And if we can collectively reach critical mass of the 100th monkey, and allow . . . Well, let’s see what these guys have.

We have pods of . . . All over the world, we have hundreds and hundreds of pods.

And what pods are are groups of garage inventors – groups of people that have been working for years on these alternative energy devices.

Rob: And when it can somehow be free to do so, it can actually happen. I really hope and pray. I never think negative, but I’m always, you know, I have to see what is the consciousness. Everyone’s going, “Baloney, there’s a lot of us that have consciousness. People wouldn’t fight it – the average person.”

It seems to be those that have control of the money and the banks are able to stop it.

So I’m not sure it’s . . . Is it just mass consciousness, the belief of the people? It seems to me there’s another factor as well, isn’t there?

Ralph: Well, actually, it’s just the understanding of where we are, who we are and what we’re doing with what we’ve got. And that happens to be scientifically provable in many conventional ways in the third dimension, which consists of x, y and z. That’s where we live.

Rob: I know. You proved it, you know, 40 years ago. Why is it different now?

Ralph: It’s still a box. It’s still five senses. That’s all that people use. That’s enough for their creature comfort. We can get a new TV, a new car every three years, and all the built-in obsolescence will get our house remodeled every 7 years or whatever they do.

Rob: Right.

Ralph: And they have been paid to punch a time clock in a sense, more or less. They go in and work their tails off, some of them every day some 4 to 6 to 8, 12 hours a day. Go home, they’re so tired they can’t feel anything different than sleep. They want to go to sleep, get up in the morning and keep repeating, repeating these things, which really don’t go very far because, yeah, they’ll have their creature comforts, but they have never been allowed to . . . like the electron I freed in giving him the space.

They’ve never been allowed to think for themselves. They have followed the directions, the dictates and the control of a system that tells them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and that’s all they have known up to this point.

But their internal being, the being that’s living inside these water vessels, has been inhibited and hasn’t been allowed to express their true talents.

I mean, if we didn’t have to toil for a living, if we had free and abundant energy everywhere, everybody would be able to create a magnificent, beyond our dreams, a magnificent system globally that worked for everybody on a transparent playing field where we don’t have anymore secrets. We only have privacy.

Rob: That’s beautiful, Ralph. I really like that we got that out of you. That’s a beautiful expression. And I think it’s . . . You have no problem with me. I really feel like that’s there too. And it seems like it’s so frustrating to me.

And I don’t . . . And it’s not like . . . I can’t force other people to think or see certain principles. And I’m not sure that I even see it, or that I’m not as caught up in the system as anyone else, even though I go, “That’s ridiculous, that system.” And so I’m not in it and . . . my mind may be, but, you know, a lot of people, I think, feel that way too.

Like “I’m right there. I’m totally there, and I’m going to work every day and I’m in a prison.”

How can we break out of this? What do you think is going to be different this year?

Ralph: Well, I’m going to let Marsha tell you that because she’s got one phrase that she uses . . .

Rob: Okay.

Ralph: Marsha, how can we get out of this?

Marsha: We’ve been so programmed . . .

Ralph: And accepted programs.

Marsha: Yes. And so we’re taught that we get up and we go to work. We pay our bills, and then maybe we have some fun.

It’s time, right now, this very instant, all of us, to realize who and what we are, and take our power back.

We are the ones we’ve been looking for. We ARE the ones. And once we know that, and we have to know it – we cannot just believe it. We have to step up on the abyss and actually become who we were created to become, to be.

And that’s the benevolent beings that can do and know any and everything that’s available, or that’s not even available. There’s one universal mind, or the Akashic Records that people know about.

And everything that has ever been thought, ever has been created, is here now. It’s for us. All we have to do is open up and accept these thoughts, these feelings, that are in us and know that there’s something more.

It’s time for us to let go . . .

Ralph: So would you mind if I come in there for a little bit?

Marsha: Please go ahead.

Ralph: In fact, this is a case in actual history that will document what we’re talking about. When I met Marsha, she was a head of corporate . . . She was very high on the corporate ladder. She had a team of, I don’t know, 15, 20 people or more. She had 22 people under her and doing very well.

She made more money than she’d ever made before. Good money, good job, you were the boss.

Marsha: I thought I would probably be there . . .

Ralph: Forever.

Marsha: . . . until I retired.

Ralph: So that’s the creature comforts of the best kind that you can get. And then what happened, Marsha?

Marsha: Well, (unintelligible) the company and said to me, “We are going to make (unintelligible) two sets of books.”

One, because this one tenant actually had confiscated over $50,000, and he didn’t want her to have any problems, “so we’re going to set up books that cover that.”

And I went home that night. “And you’re going to do it, Marsha.”

And I went home that night, and I said, “I can’t do that. I’m going to hurt lots of . . . many, many, many people if I do that. How can I get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror. This is not what I believe in.”

I sat down that night and wrote a letter of resignation. I was pretty sad, because I thought that this was going to be my forever job, and that I was making more money than I’d ever made before. And I was in (unintelligible) the home office and in quite a large complex.

So anyway, I went in the next day and presented the letter (unintelligible) set the letter on his desk. And when he came in, he called me in and he says, “What is this?”

I said, “(unintelligible) that there is no way that it’s proper, correct or (unintelligible) to make up two sets of books, and I will not do it.”

Ralph: Without hurting somebody.

Rob: Right. Plus, it’s illegal. I mean, you know, the fact . . . that’s just the corporate system of greed, and they wanted to bring you into it against your mentality. It would have brought you down in fear of what you’d done and what is so (unintelligible).

And so, folks, that her huge moment of breaking free, and I hope we all can have the courage to do that. I mean, you broke free of one company. It seems like they always defund, demote, disenfranchise anyone who wants to break out of the box.

But for you, sacrificing material things, you went forward and then you met Ralph.

Ralph: And that’s how we met, because I had to admire and respect her demeanor for what it was. She appeared to me from the get-go as being an authentic being. In other words, not taking any bull or crap from anybody on any level that she didn’t feel wasn’t going to be . . . that would be harmful to anybody. Is that right?

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: And so . . .

Marsha: I think we had just met at the time this had just happened.

Ralph: Yeah, we had met, and I kept trying to get her out corporate, because by that time, I gravitated back to nature and all my studies and research were in the forest and so forth.

And I coached her. I said, “ Why don’t we go back to nature together?” And she said, “Oh, I love nature.”

She was raised in . . . Where was it?

Marsha: I was born in Lancaster, California, a raised a good part of my early life in Bishop, and . . . in the mountains. My dad was quite a fisherman. We spent almost every day out in the afternoon fishing and being in nature. So I had a lot of the same kinds of learnings that Ralph did.

But, anyway, I got caught up in corporate making big money, and, of course, then you put it all in bills and buy a home and have all of these things that you need to do.

So it was quite hard for me to just drop everything (unintelligible) and said, “Let’s go back into nature.” I said, “I’d love to, but . . .”

Ralph: Were you serious . . . Yeah, I remember that.

Marsha: It took me a whole year after we got together to actually let go. And spirit actually helped me to do that.

Ralph: Yeah. And at this point, we bring in the vernacular, the wording of spirit of who and what we are. We are all spiritual beings experiencing a physical life. I think that’s been (unintelligible) for a while and I just want to bring it back around to realize what that really means.

We are not who we think we are. We are much, much greater when we KNOW who we are.

And it goes beyond a belief system which can change everything. And that’s the system we’ve been living in in the duality in the third dimension.

Rob: I like your term water vessel. We are electronic water vessels vortexing thoughts of creation through the realization of the fingerprint, that we are all just energetic beings dancing and moving amongst each other.

It’s a really beautiful statement on life here this whole technology and the realization of the oneness of nature. It’s interesting stuff. It’s wonderful to hear about your early life too.

I want to hear about the teleportation experience. It’s so exciting.

Ralph: I’ll cut to the chase, but right now I just wanted to know (unintelligible). Then Marsha and I teamed up because she was a benevolent being as far as I was concerned and who I was looking for. She was honest. Honest with herself and honest with me and everybody.

But getting back to Apple Valley, when General Motors turned this down they said, “If you put them up, we’ll shoot them down. And get out of here. You guys are outlaws. You’re against this beautiful system that we have of monetary values.”

And Carr said, “Okay, we’re going to have to go back and get . . .” We had two 45′ craft. One was fully operational. We’d already tested it. And the other was near completion. We were working on it, but he said, “We’re going to get the 45′ craft operational.”

And this is why I put in all these dots back there, because what I’m about to say and talk about now is different from conventional (unintelligible), but it’s where Tesla and Carr, in the internal communications, lived.

And that is that we were going to take, through our understanding of energy, take the next step and demonstrate what we’re working on, and that was to go from point A to point B without deflection – from point A to point B instantly.

Now, I’m saying that against the conventional laws of aerodynamic flight and jet flight and propulsion using rockets or firecrackers to the point of . . .

Rob: The speed of thought.

Ralph: Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rob: I worked with Fred Bell. Go ahead.

Ralph: Okay. All right. Well, thank. I didn’t know I could . . . Okay.

So we got to the point where Carr said, “Now, we’re going to go from . . . I’m going to rig it up so we’ve got plenty of things for people to see and we’re going to start with L.A. and we’re going to go to every big city in the United States in one day.”

And he said, “Because of the background in . . .” And we knew Carr well enough to know what he was talking about, because when we get into this technology, it’s etheric in nature. It’s no longer conventional science. It’s etheric science.

And he said that . . . well, we all knew that energy’s everywhere. And we learned that first year in science and cannot be created or destroyed, but it’s also the same energy that is composed in us and through us and of us.

We are energy beings. So what we’re going to do is go from point A to point B by changing our perception, not firing up a craft and trying to get there, but changing our perception of point A to point B.

And that consisted of the flight that we were going to take. Excuse me – that’s a wrong analogy for this – the experience that we were going to have in just a little while in the spaceship.

So Carr said, “I want to fire it up, and then I want us to go all over and just bells and whistles, get people to ask their representatives or congressmen or whatever, the senators, “What’s going on here, that we don’t understand this. It’s something we know because we’ve seen it and photographed it, and we want to know.”

And we thought that by the power of the people, they would create enough stir that the government would have to admit the things that they already knew, and so forth.

Well, long story short to get to the experience, there were two brilliant engineers, and because I had bonded with Carr, and we understood the workings of nature very, very deeply, he wanted and invited me to go along on the mission.

And I’m just a . . . I’m not an engineer. I’m just a lab tech.

Rob: How old are ya?

Ralph: Let’s see. That was 19 . . . How old was I? I’ll get a calculator.

Rob: So I want to ask you a question here. So, you know we hear about ascended masters and beings being able to teleport just themselves, just with their own thought. Valient Thor and there’s many others have been able to roam freely in their etheric doubles or their physical body. It’s hard for us to understand.

But you said this was without a spaceship. So this was way back when.

Now, from my understanding, Fred Bell said that in the Philadelphia Experiment they did stuff and it was dangerous to the men, and that Tesla and Einstein were secretly helping and they refused to continue the work because it was unsafe for the crew when they decided to push the experiment through.

But can you tell us about on the other ships, isn’t it important that the person, when you do the type of thought that you’re talking about, they have to have an advanced form of consciousness. Or can anyone learn this?

Because I have a question with the Secret Space Program guys. They’re going into hyperdrive on these ships and stuff, and that’s taking a certain amount of time. And it’s different from this technology that you’re talking about, right? This is just ‘boom’ you’re there.

Ralph: Yes. Yes. And it’s (unintelligible) in nature. It’s esoteric in understanding. And what it deals with is knowing and understanding what the laws of nature are. What energy really is. Energy is everything. It’s EVERYTHING.

And if you understand, in the case of disappearing and appearing, that when you come to a wall, if you look at it as a wall, you are creating doubt. You are creating fear. And doubt and fear will never work.

The experiences that Marsha and I have had in manifesting, and so forth, we don’t see a wall there any more. We look at it as just energy fields. And you can move through that environment.

And I’m not saying we walk through walls all the time or anything because we’re enjoying our creature comforts here in Paradise as well.

But we do, occasionally, have the opportunity to do things that are perfectly natural, perfectly simple and very, very fast from going from point A to point B.

And the secret . . . The transparent secret is getting rid of fear, again, because the minute you call it a wall, because you’re the creator of what you’re observing, it has to be a wall.

But if you say, “Well, that’s just an energy field and I’m an energy field. Now how do I get through that?”

Well, that’s what’s called resonance. When you’ve reached a resonance frequency of something, you have the opportunity to change it, to affect a change, because you become a free, sovereign being.

So going from point A to point B is just a matter of understanding.

And I have to say this at this point at risk of being laughed at. We’re all doing this all the time. All of us are . . . We’re all everywhere all the time – all of us.

And we just don’t realize it. That’s what waking up calls are all about – getting to realize who we are, what we are, and then we start to realize, “My gosh!”

Well, the spirit Marsha had, she was in New York City, documented, and in where?

Marsha: Barstow.

Ralph: Barstow, California.

Marsha: I was working with a lady in a counseling kind of thing, and I was with her in Barstow, California. We didn’t see each other for about a week, and when she returned, she thanked me for seeing her in New York and told me what we talked about, which was relating to exactly what we were, talking about things that she . . .

Ralph: Couldn’t have known.

Marsha: Yes, she couldn’t have known those things.

Rob: Did you remember this or what?

Marsha: No. No. I never did remember it.

Rob: Wow! This is some freaky stuff here. This is . . . Wow!

Marsha: But I really feel that we are in many places at the same time. Because of our belief or because of our programming, we’re not able to accept that knowledge, maybe like Ralph said here.

Ralph: Yeah. It’s the fear of going beyond the box.

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: We’re told that we’re beings that live in the box, and you stay in the box, and we’ll move the box around for you and tell you what to do and how to do it and so forth.

But if you go beyond the box, then you’re daring to step off the deep end of something. And that’s where you have to do it with intuition and faith in yourself and in your understanding of nature and life and it changes things.

Marsha: Somewhere along the path of our relationship and our experience, because we’ve had quite a few years of experience, we’ve lost that feeling of fear. And there are things that, like Ralph said, the bringing things to us. If we even think that we need something, it appears.

I mean, it’s the thoughts that are actually bringing things to us. We have to be very careful if we think we want something, or desire something, or could use something, because it just doesn’t appear once, it might appear multiple times.

And I’m speaking . . . I said, “I need a suitcase just to store some things in”, and the next . . . within two days I had five suitcases . . .

Ralph: Show up.

Marsha: And I said, “No, no, I don’t need five suitcases.” And other people said, “I understand you need a suitcase.”

“No, please, I don’t need any more.”

These are actually happening in our life right now.

Ralph: You all can do this.

Marsha: All we have to do is let things go.

Ralph: Don’t think.

Marsha: Just let it happen. Be careful what you think because we’ve been given everything already. Everything that we ever need or ever desire is already here for us.

And when we start manifesting . . . I don’t know that it’s manifesting. We’re just bringing them to us. Then it’s very important to stop that process unless you actually need it. And it’s a useful thing.

Ralph: And understanding what fear itself is. It’s just an illusion. It doesn’t really exist. We just think it exists.

And we feel then that triggers the emotions to tense up and all the capillaries in the system start to shut down and get . . .

Rob: I thought that myself. I feel like I’ve, from prayer and invocation, and what Richard Miller and Star Wars talks about, the (unintelligible) exercises and trying to focus on the higher aspects of the luminous self.

And you guys talk about the physical body and the ether, and I kind of go back and forth and kind of think like, “Yeah, I have this belief, this limiting system that’s sees myself as 3D with all these limitations, and if I can just get enough voltage and I can clear out the illusion of my physical artificial self and radiate from the soul.”

I mean that’s kind of like my life mission. It seems more and more, for me personally, I mean I have challenges. I go back and forth, but I see what you’re saying and this was what Fred Bell was talking about in the end before he passed away.

He was talking about his contact with the Andromedans, and he was trying to explain to me some of this holographic universe theory.

And he explained it as everything . . . He called it the Anu, or the ultimate physical atom, which was . . . You could see there were the neutron, the proton and it had the electron, and it probably goes ad infinitum inside there. But he said that things were moving and standing still. They would jump from position to position, and that they would exchange electrons and change their states.

So I got this picture of this luminous sea just moving back and forth through all creation.

I’ve had this experience (unintelligible) . . . all of a sudden I don’t know where my mind is, but I’ll come back and I’m on a mountain road driving. And I have no idea where I’d been.

All of a sudden, it’s like I wake up, I’m in my car, and I’m going down a road and I literally have to think, “Where the heck . . .” I was just thinking about something else from . . . you know, like in my 30s, some memory or something . . . I was down on something and my visual, my perception, was no where in the car and all of a sudden I’m right there.

And from that experience, I kind of got this thing that ourselves are all throughout creation, and wherever we move, we are supporting other forms of life in billions of galaxies and dimensions. It was so mind-boggling to me.

I kind of want to go back into the box instead of that massive freedom because your ego feels like you’re not important.

That is what I got, because my ego goes, “I’m not important.”

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: And, anyway, so I really appreciate this metaphysical thing, and I’m really glad, because I think a lot of this is key to understanding this technology.

Share the experiment with us and then, if we can, I’d like to go into what you’re doing now.

Ralph: Brief demonstration for the sake of your audience in the question, well, how do I do all of this stuff that this guys talking about?

Well, I’ll show them – and something they can work on right now, immediately, and experiment with and watch the miracle happen – and that’s change their mindset from doing a job, even a personal job or a work-a-day job, from the word ‘can’t’ to the word ‘can’.

And I know that goes back to (unintelligible) used to say that. That is the simply key that opens the door to multi-dimensional things, because the minute you say ‘can’t’, your subconscious mind (unintelligible). And you can try . . . I would bet anything that nobody can go passed that because you say you can’t.

But then change that word. Take the ‘not’ off of ‘can’, and just say, “Oh, I can do it. I can. I can. I can, or whatever.”

And you’ll be able to do anything, and there’s nothing to stop you except if you say, “Oh, I can’t.” And then you can’t.

Now, I know that sounds simplistic, and it is, but that’s the basic law of nature. It’s how you perceive things, how you shoot yourself in the foot by saying ‘can’t’. You can’t go anywhere because you said so.

Rob: I love it. It sounds like you’ve been reading my mind. Set me up on the experiment now. I want to get a physical visual.

We’re in Hesperia. Otis says, “We’re going to do this”. He invites you because, probably because, of your ability in the ether sciences, and your free flowing spirit was able to accomplish this.

So you’re in the hangar. The spaceship is sitting there. Is James Gilliland there, Wayne Aho? Who went? How did this brilliant idea of Otis Carr’s to let people witness this, prove it, and then have the voice of the people demand it?

That was a brilliant idea – a grassroots proposal based on truth.

And you were a part of this amazing first public experiment.

Set it up for us. How did it happen and what was the story?

Ralph: Okay. We wanted to make it fun-like, so we showered up and put these jumpsuits on, these little one-piece jumpsuits that we wore around the lab most of the time. And didn’t have anything in our pockets.

We got on board, and we were sealed inside the craft. This is the 45′ diameter craft. And there was three of us.

We sat in three different chairs around the center of the craft. And by the instructions from Carr, “Just focus on the crystal and put your brain to sleep,” because your brain is going to resist everything. It’s going to deny everything and it’s going to tell you it can’t happen.

Some people refer to this in nowadays terminology as ego, trying to keep you in the third dimension.

Rob: Wow! So you have a crystal in the center of the craft?

Ralph: Yes. Yes, a big crystal.

Rob: Oh my God! Go ahead.

Ralph: Okay. And it’s faceted. It has facets on it. And a laser . . . And the lasers, as such, in those days were not really popular, but we had a laser, a light, brilliant light come up to the bottom of the crystal. It illuminated the crystal into 10 billion colors because I could see red for months if I wanted to, and then orange, and yellow, and so forth, around from infrared to ultraviolet.

And following Carr’s instructions, we’re going to wait until it gets to the color aquamarine. Why we were going to wait was because Carr had sent two engineers down range to find a suitable place that was isolated where we could complete the mission.

So they went down range with the electronic gear and they measured an area about 10 miles away that equated on the scale of white and color to the field of aquamarine, the color (unintelligible) of aquamarine.

And he said, “We’re going to go from point A, here, down there and come back. And that’s going to be the experiment.”

But he instructed us, “Don’t think because you’ll short-circuit. You’ll short-circuit if you do too much thinking. Just relax. Go into a meditative state, but focus on the crystal and just see what happens. Don’t think what happens. Don’t try to make something happen. Just let it happen.”

So we focused on the crystal and it eventually came into this beautiful color of aquamarine, and the whole craft lit up like I was underwater. It was just beautiful.

And then the next thing that I realized at that point was instructions from Carr, “Okay, boys, that’s it. Come on down for debriefing.”

And I thought, “Well, wait a minute. We’re . . . We didn’t go anywhere.”

He said, “Come on down. Come on.”

And then . . . In those days, we didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t have . . . but we could hear his voice loud and clear. So there was another form that I’m not aware of. I don’t know what it was – some kind of maybe . . . I don’t know what it was.

So we went down, and we said, “Well, it didn’t work. What happened? Did it short out?”

And Carr said, “What makes you think it didn’t work?”

“Well, we didn’t go anywhere. I know I didn’t, because I was sitting in the chair all that time, and my body didn’t go anywhere.”

And he said, “Oh, your body, huh?”

And I said, “Well, yeah.”

And he said, “Well, that’s your mind is the computer that keeps that in the third dimension. And that’s where it lives, and it will resist or fights anything that is contrary to its operational procedures. But you did go down there with your mind, and there’s a difference.”

He made a distinction between the mind and the brain.

The mind is the infinite being of who and what we all are. We’re all a collective consciousness of mind all the time.

Well, anyway, to get to the experiment, he said, “You don’t think you went anywhere.”

And we said, “No.”

And he said, “Well, empty your pockets.”

And on his desk, we pulled out sticks and stones and grass and everything that we picked up there. And he said, “Well, if you didn’t go anywhere, how did that get there?”

And we knew the ship was sealed when we got in. We didn’t have those things . . . There was no way.

And all three of us said, “No, . . . “

Rob: So there was you, Otis and who else went?

Ralph: No, Otis didn’t go. It was just two other engineers and myself.

Rob: Oh, just the three of you. Okay, so did they remember it, or did none of you remember it?

Ralph: No, we denied it. We said, “No, we didn’t go anywhere.”

And he said, “You just don’t think you went anywhere because your brain couldn’t conceive that you did.”

Rob: So that’s interesting. To me it sounds like you’re getting into the metaphysical luminous body, the teachings of Don Juan, where the perception and not remembering. Fred talked about that.

So, I would ask, I mean, you know, if you don’t remember the experience, even though you did, what’s the point in . . . is it something you have to learn like a muscle to be able to do that?

What do you think happened? I mean, if you don’t remember it, then you could say on the physical plane . . . Was it on the physical, or were you invisible when you were there? How did you bring back the physical things?

This opens up a can of limiting gravity questions for people, but . . .

Ralph: Well, gravity is an idea that conventional science (unintelligible). There is really in an expanded view of the forces that we feel only a big, huge, magnetic comforter around everything – around our body, and everything we create and everything we see.

Gravity is a word that they put on something they thought of from Newtranian times to be just a force going down. Gravity doesn’t . . . And that’s the definition of gravity in that venacular that exists.

Rob: Wow! Can . . . Because of time, I want to ask you, did you ever remember that experience?

Ralph: Yes. Yes, that’s just what I was going to say.

Rob: Oh, okay. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Ralph: I have total recall now. I can remember . . . I can remember and I can see the field that we were in. I can see it was a little hillside and I can visualize it as I’m talking right now. I picked up grass and rocks and put them in my pocket.

And we got out of the craft. It was a magnetic ramp that we walked on . . .

Rob: Wow!

Ralph: It felt very solid, but very comfortable. And we walked down and we picked all the stuff up, got back in the craft and went back.

And on the time scale at command point, which was the shop, we were gone about 3 to 5 seconds – something like that.

In our time, when we recall, it was . . . I’d equate it to about 15 minutes. So there was a difference in what we call time.

And when I was talking to Carr, he said, “Forget time because it doesn’t exist unless you create it.” If you want it to be, it will be. It’s a measuring point. It’s a measuring device. Time and space are an idea that we create.

We are creating beings, and the collective consciousness creates all these things, and we use them when they are appropirate. It’s not that they don’t exist, but . . .

Rob: It sounds like you’re trying to break my mind out of a three-dimensional prison. And I keep wanting . . . My self-importance or ego keeps wanting to go back to the rules that it thinks it knows.

Fascinating story. I really love that.

Now . . . And so James Gilliland managed to make it to the property. Did he witness . . . Was he on the property when you left and came back?

Ralph: I didn’t meet James Gilliland until years later. Just a few years ago, I met James and he related a story to me . . .

Rob: Oh!

Ralph: . . . that he shared at that time. There were people showing up at the shop all the time. I would have to say they were all benevolent beings because they were beautiful people. They laughed and had fun with us. And we had a good time.

They were trying to urge us to keep going. “Don’t give up no matter what. Don’t give up because we’re coming to a point of extinction and unless we change the system now, we’re on a point of expiring the idea of a human race.”

Rob: Yeah, I understand that, too. That’s just fascinating. So, let’s see . . . So, do you still have this craft? Can you reproduce it? Is this still the thing or are we just trying to get a basic free energy device to power ourselves? Now, they’ve kind of lowered the bar of the playing field and said, “Well, people obviously aren’t ready for the movement of the mind thing – or some people are, but . . .”

We’ve got some free energy stuff. Can you share what’s going on now with what you’re doing? Have you translated this to your new mission that you’re sharing here?

Ralph: Sure. Well, in came . . . Carr was right, because they blew our cover when we went to General Motors. They came in and shut us all down, took all our stuff. And the way I found out where the craft went, the 45-footer, was Los Alamos.

They took it nine stories underground. I had a professor at (unintelligible) College come by and through the Freedom of Information Act was allowed to go down and see what was in these chambers, and it was the OTC-X1.

And they tried to mount weapons on it in a magnetic field, not electromagnetic. In a magnetic field, weapons are obsolete. You can’t use weapons. They’re not necessary.

Rob: I love it. Ha, ha, ha. That’s great.

Ralph: So getting back to where we were on that . . .

Rob: I was just asking some questions to try to get a visual set up of what was happening there, but I think it’s amazing. I like the mental, the perception part that you’re talking about, because it goes back to the luminous self. And a lot of that ancient wisdom that people have talked about metaphysically to be able to grasp it.

Can I ask