The Quantum Flux Resonator is a highly sophisticated design and requires exacting detail and craftmanship. Though there are very few on the planet at this time we do have several orders and at this time unfortunately the projected time of delivery from time of deposit is 90 days. We will NOT take any orders with out a $600 deposit!

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The website is honored to be one of the first places in the world to sell this device designed by the Pleiadeans. This device was formally presented to the public at the “Portal 2012 Conference with Rob Potter” in Laguna Beach November 2012. This device was literally emanating and radiating healing vibes.

The entire conference room was inexplicably drawn to this amazing technology. When I first saw this Gold Cup I reached out to touch it instinctively and when permission was granted I held this with the reverence and excitement of a child with a new toy.

However this is no toy it is a room cleanser, healing portal, and Object D’art of monumental importance. This is a gift to the peoples of earth from our space family like no other received to date.

This vortex shape is the same as a black hole, a morning glory flower and has an event horizon that will interface with consciousness within its field of influence and beyond through the quantum technology this shape creates.

This device creates a a votex shaped portal of peace and calm. The field extends in sphere approximately 27- 30 feet in all directions and is an excellent tool for meditation and to stabilize the energies within its field of influence.

This incredible healing tool has also been Tachyonized in a special “Tachyon Chamber” built on the specifications of scientists from The Pleiades.  I have affectionately dubbed this magical design “The Holy Grail of Tachyon”.

The technology of quantum holographic tachyonization can be described, but the principals that this device works on are beyond the current explanation of the majority of Earths sciences at this time.

Our technology that exists on the surface of the earth does not have the ability to measure beyond the space time continuum of our physical plane right now. This is literally a multidimensional Time and space tool that resonates throughout all time and space.

It is hoped very soon as mankind grows in responsibility and awareness, that the technologies to measure and prove this device’s functions and value on a physical level will be possible. This tool is an interactive device that like Pyramid systems reflects and works with your consciousness. If you have one you will never let it go!

Technical Description

This device is the ultimate quantum zero-point technology. Quantum fluctuation (quantum foam) is the basic structure of space at Planck length (10-35 m). It is not random as most physicists suggest but rather organizes into fractal attractors. We can influence and harmonize those attractors with proper technology and thus harmonize the basic structure of space continuum. Stargate device has an operational radius between 12 and 30 ft ( 4 and 10m ) and harmonizes basic structure of space continuum inside that radius. Practically speaking it harmonizes and improves every aspect of life (physical, emotional and mental) of anybody inside that radius. Above all it supports all positive decisions and free will as free will/consciousness is the determination factor in all quantum processes (Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Bell theorem). This technology is not Tachyon technology, it complements it and approaches the quantum world from a different angle. Definitely the strongest protection and harmonization device on the planet!


Background to the Science of The Quantum Flux Resonator,…………………on earth at least.

My fellow Light Workers the secret governments of the world have been using advanced and exotic technology for many years. Unbeknown to the innocent victims and taxpayers who have funded these secret projects many developments have been made. Some results are favorable, very good things, like free energy have been created! However some very nasty things have been made that are not so good as well.

Things like particle beam weapons technologies, that are being used to manipulate nature and are dangerous to all life on the earth. Some of this stuff is used to create, earthquakes and this, amongst other things, is against the Laws of Nature and “The Galactic Codex”

haarp alaska1

These are pyramidal wire arrays hidden in Alaska, which utilize the pyramidal shapes and vortexes in conjunction with electricity and microwaves fields generate enormous power to do some very bad things.

haarp circle

This is another remote “Electromagnetic Warfare†weather modification testing facility.

particle beam blast

Here is pictured one of the seriously dangerous and mad “Death Rays†which is damaging the delicate atmospheric layers of our biosphere. The sacred collective Mother Nature that some choose to call Gaia is screaming in pain at this type of immature use of power.

time warp hole

Dating back to “The Philadelphia Experiment” in 1943 when the US Govt. was trying to develop invisibility and advanced radar-cloaking technology they inadvertently opened up a Time Portal.

The picture from on board the USS Eldridge in 1943 during the “Philadelphia Experimentâ€

invisible 1

Here is secret classified picture of the USS Eldridge in 1943 as she is getting ready to try to go “invisibleâ€

This Portal and the technology associated with these experiments to make war ships invisible to radar were partially successful.

invisable 2

Here is another picture of the Ship going invisible!

invisable 3

Finally the USS Eldridge is “Invisibleâ€

To some this was a success for the military industrial complex. However “The Philadelphia Experiment†was a major disaster as this caused the death of many innocent lives. Einstein and Tesla whose technology was being used, both advised against this experiment. A cabal scientist named Von Neuman gave the OK the test, despite the danger to the crews on board.



This mad effort and lust for power and control of nature created a rift into which time/space travel became a possibility and then a reality for earth scientists.

The various programs, which were spawned from this one event also spawned technology and exotic influences into human behavior and that have been researched and developed into very efficient forms of mind control.

The cost in human lives and suffering cannot begin to be told and the results are far reaching.

MK ultra

This book by Brice Taylor documents the MK-ultra mind control program and the horrendous nature of this unspeakable horror. I recommend everyone read this to see how the cabal works secretly to scheme and control the planet.

The Galactic Federation also warned the Government against such irresponsible actions.

vailaint thor

Valiant Thor The master from Venus was one of those messengers to the ‘powers the were†back in the early days warning of the dangers of nuclear power and othe technologies. He also offered assistance to help earth expand its culture but was refused

These dangerous technologies are now under the control of hostile Extra Terrestrial renegade forces known as Archons and Reptilians. These agendas and sciences have proceeded apace and now are being used in super charged forms. Many of these are even developed as weapons to control the populous! Strange as it seems and as unbelievable as any fairy tale I must inform you this is real and it is true.

haarp power

Look at that display of power!

None of these are more dangerous than H.A.A.R.P. This is a High Altitude Aerial Research Project that has done tremendous damage to our delicate atmosphere and given the Cabal and military masters God like powers with which they manipulate weather, influence hurricanes, create tornadoes and heat the atmosphere.

vintage haarp

uss los angeles

Here is the USS Los Angeles involved in some major negative vortex technology!

haarp storm

A little HAARP storm in action!

haarp tornado

Here is the military monitoring the results of a HAARP Tornado experiment, which looks doubly successful to me!

haarp portal

Here Government Scientists/Agents monitor (from a safe distance) a HAARP Portal or artificial black hole experiment that has been often mistaken for a second sun when in use!


Multiple beams in use as if 1 is not enough!

vortex machine

Another Bad Boy vortex machine whipping up a storm!

This nefarious technology is also used to create virtual mirrors for radar by super heating the various strata of the delicate atmosphere of our planet. The unstable minds in charge of HAARP are still attempting to create time traveling vortexes and black holes!

black holes in the sky

Black holes in the sky 2

These pictures were taken by official secret agencies monitoring these experiments!

As hard as this is to believe for some these experiments have met with success and the Secret government has been involved in time Travel to manipulate history and to look into the future.

Unfortunately this has been under the control of Fourth Reich Nazis with the world elite power structure most notably in the USA.

nazis bush

Here is a picture of some major Nazi’s note Martin Boorman on the far left and Joseph Goebbels in the very back to his right George Bush sr. AKA George Scherf jr. To his left the nazi SS agent who leked these photos on his death bed Otto Sorkenzy Barbara Walker Bush is in the front left in the black dress. In the very front is a young Joseph Mengele




dr goebbels

The Archons within the Jesuits and Vatican, royal families and the world’s elite political structure manipulate various sub groups to create and use this Death Ray type technology.


order of malta

How things used to be run by the Archons on planet earth! This will not be tolerated any longer!

The current “NAZI Pope†Ratzinger the main administrator of “The rat line†which hid Nazi war criminals within the catholic churches of Europe and helped them to escape to South America and into the American CIA, NWO, “Fourth Reich†underground under the code name “paper clipâ€.

spy george scherff

Here is Nazi spy George Scherf AKA “curious†George Prescott Bush telling Eisenhower where to sign to sell out America to “Das Neu Welt Ordnungâ€, or The New World Order as we know it today!

another haarp base

How many of these HAARP bases do they have anyway? Answer : Enough to screw and scramble a lot of minds. ]

The Illuminati, The P2 Lodge, The Bildeburgers,CFR, World Bank, Various Secret One World Government Agencies; NSA,
NRO, CIA, FBI, DOD, Sector 7-9, S4 Dreamland, Montauck,

Area51, Brookhaven Labs, Los Alamos,ASIO, Pine Gap, MI-6, Many Deep Underground Military Bunkers aka D.U.M.B. and various HARRP stations around the world are most likely only the tip of the iceberg!

particle beam facility

This is allegedly a building hiding a particle beam accelerator weapon that may have been used to take down some civilian aircrafts like Lockerbie or several others such “Crashesâ€. These false flags are often called “terrorist attacks†and used to further the NWO agenda or a worldwide fear based police state.

All of this madness must now end. The Galactic Forces of Light have begun to provide us common people with an array of very ancient and powerful technologies with which we can influence or reality in a positive way!

The Promise Pyramid Healing Products

the promise pyramid healing system

Promise Pyramid Sleeping System

the promise minu starburst

The Promise Mini Starburst

the promise star shield

The Star Shield

The Promise Light Tower

The Light Tower

Tachyon Products are also Pleiadean gifts also.

Tachyon cell phone protection

Tachyon healing set

Tachyonized Relax Cream

Enter The Quantum Resonator designed by the Pleiadeans. The Promise Pyramid Healing System Technologies were designed by the Pleiadeans and are now are being created by me. When these technologies are combined The Light Workers of the world will be spiritually armed with non-violent Planetary Healing [“Divine Intervention”] Technologies. We are releasing to the world the advanced holographic future science technology’s for the worlds benefit. The Promise staff scientists will be creating sound, light and color vibrational tuning chambers in a live, and real time interaction with our own Mer-Ka-Ba fields.

The victory of the light workers can be hastened and fortified by using the QFR, Tachyon, and The Promise Pyramid Healing Technologies. Light workers using various light technologies in conjunction with the power of intent and prayer to unify their own consciousness fields will achieve tangible results much quicker with these technologies because they help us to amplify, understand and to feel our own luminous beings. Furthermore these beautiful natural designs harmonize our environment and deflect and redirect hostile or negative and unbalanced forces.

This Lighted Spirit of Truth awareness within us is connected to divine source. We will in turn be consciously radiating and amplifying this force within by using the tools of light to interact with the natural forces of the Universe/Multiverse. It is hoped we will project healing into the physical earth via the Etheric planes stabilizing the planetary Ley Lines.

The quantum fields generated by the QFR /Promise Pyramidal/ Scalar/ Tachyon tools will interact with all life on earth and act as catalyst to effect vibrational tuning and uplifting for all life streams on our sacred jewel floating in the space of Gods imagination.

quantum resonator vortex 2

quantum resonator vortex

Please look closely and note the portal being created in this picture closely! Also notice the Quantum Resonator vortex like shape used in this secret program. The picture above reveals the negative use of the QFR shape. In the upper right corner of this photograph you will see the tornado like cone shaped speaker that was used to create this exotic warp in the time space continuum.

We The Light workers will be using our QUANTUM FLUX RESONATOR technology to heal the time lines and to mend the fabric of space. We will not rip and tear and the very nature of reality in an irresponsible and harmful way denigrating the laws of nature as the HAARP program has done.

By placing the Quantum Flux Resonator in your presence your life will benefit for the better. The QFR field of influence extends to about 30 feet in diameter. Your entire consciousness and luminous light body will interact with the “Event Horizon” created by the QFR and through a natural resonance to the quantum field many positive changes for your life will be possible.

This new QFR holographic technology will work much better when one consciously is intending and projecting positive healing thoughts to all aspects of their awareness, while in the sphere of influence of the QFR.

However conscious interaction with the QFR is not required so others not aware of the QFR, will be favorably affected by being in proximity to the QFR also. Time lines from the past present and future converge in the here and now and the QFR allows for a harmonization of our multi-dimensional natures, so that it will be possible to heal imbalances by interacting with the problem from its origin point in time in space.

In other words the problems and distortions will be healed from the source, before they even began! This is a mind puzzle and cannot be understood with our conventional rational mind as we have been trained to think.

This type of technology is not easily explained in linear type thinking terms. In fact our language has been stripped of the definitions that best reflect our multi-dimensional selves.

Our science has no way to directly measure the multi-dimensional nature of the QFR technology. The results can be witnessed and qualified and quantified by an individual, but the science/technology to actually measure and prove the validity of the QFR’s field is not available to us at this point in time!

Perhaps a Wilson cloud chamber and a linear accelerator in proximity to a QFR would yield tangible results. However, I have a feeling this would be classified immediately.

You light workers who choose to use the QFR will be the first people in a very long time who serve the light with this type of healing tool. We look forward to your feedback and wish you success as you break new ground and voyage forward towards the light of your own existence.

May this tool result in your own light missions fruition, as one of the pioneers of The New Age Sciences. I hope the QFR launches you into the realms of love and light. May your journey of self-discovery be grand!

With Love