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Dear Friends,

I have been introduced to a scientist who was a great follower of  Dr Fred Bell. His name is Thunder and he has taken quantum entanglement to a new level with Holograms. I was told he wanted to meet me by a friend who put one of his holograms on my gas tank in 2012 before my first Cobra conference. My friend swore this tiny little hologram would reduce emissions from my vehicle and I was more that skeptical. Furthermore he said my exhaust would not smell and a puddle of water would soon form under my exhaust pipe because all my car would be producing was steam!

I was flabbergasted when in 5 minutes after gunning the gas tank to the required 2500 RPM’s for 3 minutes that my cars idle dropped significantly. I then went to smell the exhaust for the second time and was pleasantly surprised to find only a barely perceptible oder. The almost final straw was when a small puddle of water formed on the ground under my 2500 V8 engines exhaust pipe . I was told not ALL cars will have the puddle but I can say mine did!

The real crazy part was when my friend said I would get better gas milage and my Van would run better. Several days later I had to grudgingly admit this hologram worked. Some may find it hard to accept that I can be a skeptic. I understand where they are coming from because honestly ………..Well lets put it this way I have been selling people Pyramids to wear on their heads to help them balance the bodies Endocrine Glands / Chakras for a healthy and higher vibrational life. Anyway lets just say I am now all ears on this amazing technology.

Just recently I met Thunder and was able to ask him about his technology how it works and where he is going with it. Thunder is everything his name implies and he is most definitely the living example of a Rock Star “A” personality type. He projects a powerful presence and it seems to me he is not able to sit still for more that 5 minutes. Whatever is going on with him comes out in staccato bursts of information that sometimes do not make sense. I found this was partially due to the fact he does not want to give out “proprietary information” which will jeopardize his ability to sell these products.

I am conflicted because I know people do not value things that come for free or at low prices. It is inherent and weird why it is so but it is. So much good things are coming from this technology that it seems it needs to be shared as widely as possible and for as cheap as possible. I have just recently tried to start my business and many of my products are very expensive and costly to make so I understand the conundrum he is in. The technology to make these hologram products is quite expensive but once it is up and running it is quite cheap.

For now I am content to sell these products because they WORK and when you look at the savings they really do pay for themselves. Because these things work and people are getting results I feel that until we get free energy and other more powerful technologies these holograms are definitely the cats meow for now.

My van has a V8 engine so my gas mileage increase was more drastic than those with a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine. What was apparent after half a tank was that my car was performing better? I presumed this was due to cleaner and more efficient fuel burning. He recommends you put these stickers on your oil before you pour it into you engine as well.

If this wasn’t enough he also has a program that reduces harmful frequencies generated by power lines and smart meters that are placed on the ground Bar or Buss Bar as it is called, in your homes circuit breaker box. I have not received a bill on my test home yet but I have heard testimonials from other who say it is getting them a lower electricity bill! Really I wondered as I overheard this guy who was yet another enthusiastic customer sharing their testimonial which was filled with as much befuddlement as to HOW these things work vs the amazed happiness that they do yield results.

I had to know what these holograms are doing even if he wouldn’t tell me how. After asking the same question in 4 different ways Thunder explained that all homes have a spike in electrical energy usage which registers on our meters when we use appliances or draw power from the power company’s. He calls this dirty electricity. It causes the meter to spin madly as more energy is poured into your home. Keep in mind you don’t actually use the excess electricity but the meter registers it as if you do! Rest assured that therefore you are certainly charged for it. That pisses me off on principal but we cannot expect more from those who make gazillions of dollars over a technology that should have been replaced with free energy at least 60 years ago.

The final Hologram product which was proved to me right before my very eyes was how a hologram sent in a text message can be placed as Wallpaper on your cell phone and reduce your microwave emissions? It is true folks I watched …again dumbfounded as the text was sent and my cell phone emissions showed 0 on a Tri-Field Meter designed to measure various EMF frequency ranges. You can buy one as a text or a sticker for yourself to prove this or you can take my word for it and see this video here.

1. Cell Phone EMF protection Live Video
2. Cell Phone EMF protection Live Video

Either way you will eventually do what I did which was to act like Elaine Bennet on Seinfeld. For those familiar with this small American pop cultural reference I am referring to the absolute exaggerated action that comes when complete disbelief is forced to acquiesce to truth! When this happens on Seinfeld one of the characters, usually Elaine shouts “GET OUT” while simultaneously shoving one of her co-stars with such force they are literally shoved almost off their feet. If Thunder was with me when My cell phones emissions were reduced before my eyes I would have shouted get out and he would have taken a tumble.

There are many other products from Modern Health Coach in the hologram genre. If fact is seems limitless as to what it can do. There are many claims regarding the health benefits of the various products he sells but I do not have documentation on the efficacy of this technology or its affects on the body. Though I am using them and have seen limited short term results. He also has a weight loss sticker which I am using and I have lost 12 pounds over 3 weeks. It is not that noticeable yet but if it continues I will post before and after pictures and be a believer in this one as well. I am way over weight so I need it needs to last but so far so good and I forget to use the sticker on every meal.

For now I will remain skeptical on all the various body tools but so far this technology has baffled me 3 for 3 and I will not be surprised if these claims can be substantiated at some point. I am content to promote and vouch for these 3 products which I have evidence for. The electricity reduction , the cell phone microwave reducer and the gas sticker are bone-fide and good for the planet and your pocket book. In fact the Gas Sticker has certified smog tests results to back the Hype! The smog certificate and before and after tests proving the Gas sticker is rock solid proof that these holograms work but how?

Quantum Holograms Congratulations you have taken a quantum-future-leap by ordering these Energy Holograms from www.ThePromiseRevealed.com.  Thank you for your order.  We have delivered you the best in Health, Wellness Energy Hologram Technology.  www.ThePromiseRevealed.com has the best in business customer satisfaction, on the biggest selection today of Energy Holograms available on this planet!

Energy hologram technology is embedded with specific frequencies that work, via initiating a subtle energy field shift on the matter it is placed next to. The energy holograms emit their specific frequencies, out 36 to 48 inches, in all directions, 24 hours a day!  When you place the charged hologram next to different mediums like water, humans or fuel tanks the data in the energy holograms can tell matter what to do and how to behave more efficiently and effectively.  Holograms are like Flash Drives or 3-Dimensional CD’s that “play” subtle information frequencies that can both enhance and cancel frequencies you do or do not want in your field.

The subtle energy shifts initiated via the Energy Holograms are capable of vastly improving our daily lives in many ways.  The various applications for Energy hologram technology in everyday life are endless. www.ThePromiseRevealed.com currently has many different Energy hologram products. We have health Holograms that have had many people experiencing positive results. These holograms have no scientific studies in regards to health benefits and we are not doctors and these are not supposed to be used as cures for any diseases. Please consult your doctor. We do have studies from Governmental agencies proving the Gas holograms do work.

General Instructions: First protect your investment from any scratches, bends or tears.  Further, exposing your energy hologram to radiation from  prolonged direct sunlight, X-rays, metal detectors, radar, extreme high EMF radiation, etc may reduce the effectiveness of the energy hologram over time. Also, (if not already) cover hologram with a protective layer like scotch or packing tape, duct tape or laminate, to protect the valuable programs from physical damage if not already laminated.  Do not peel the tape back up after adhering onto any surface over hologram, it will destroy holograms.  Effective duration is approximately 2 years or more life span.

Health Holograms – Keep health energy hologram on your person (pocket, sock, bra) or within a few inches (purse, backpack) and wear throughout your waking hours.  Also use health energy holograms as a coaster to charge your water, beverages and food for 2 – 4 minutes each plate, bowl and cup before consuming.  Don’t use health energy holograms while sleeping. Only place Sleep health energy hologram in pillow in your bed.  Agriculture – charge water for plants, trees and herbs.  Also charge, soil and or location where plants are located for several minutes or more.

Environmental Holograms – Fuel: Locate gas tank on side you fill up behind rear tire, look for steel side wall of gas tank.  It is usually located underneath the car but above the skid guard on bottom sidewall of the gas tank.

Option # 1 You may place inside car face down over gas tank is probably the easiest and set it so it does not move around. Place it face down over tank. I it can be taken out and used to use on other cars as well. Run car for five minutes after filling tank and push on accelerator several times while warming up. Listen to engine sound and wait for idle to drop in RPM’s when doing tests to show how the exhaust is now cleaner with steam vapor coming out of exhaust. There may be a puddle underneath exhaust outlet this will tell you card is working. It is also recommended you hold sticker over all oil containers for 3-5 minutes each on oil changes for best results.

Option # 2 : Clean off 1 inch square on low side wall of gas, diesel or LPG tank with water, wait to dry, place energy hologram sticker and cover it with glue and tape securely.  Change automobiles engines oil after two tanks of gas with hologram in use. Charge oil as well.  EMF: Place on back of your pendant, TV, or near Wi-Fi corner of your computer or cell phone.

Get all of the best codes in one master card.  Order a 6 Pack Quantum Card to really get the most potential benefit of this “game changing” technology!

Thank You
Rob Potter

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