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12 inch base this is a utility pyramid to have fruit and vegetables to last longer / super charge food / water use water for plants , hair / place over  vitamins/ wine to age and mellow taste/ razor blades if you have quartz razor place 1/3rd up in pyramid center perpendicular to level ground / align to magenteic north for best results

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12 inch Base

  1. This is a versatile utility pyramid to use around the house. You can have your Vitamins, fruit and vegetables last longer.
  2. Place water under pyramid in glass container for 48 hours to super charge water.
  3. Place coffee, grapefruit juice and wine under pyramid to remove acids pyramids provide the negative ion effect which will add free electrons to acids.
  4. Drop a crystal in the water and shoot a laser into a tachyonized crystal for tachonized / water with the specific frequency of the laser color.
  5. Then after 30 minutes drink super charged water before meditation and prayer to help raise vibration of subtle bodies on the quantum level increase your focused intent.

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