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The Tachyon Photon Wand


Chakra Color Chart

Chakra Color Chart


The Tachyon Photon Wand

The Tachyon Photon Wand has many uses . Its primary use is to place the Copper Pyramidal Crystal tip directly onto the body with a Tachyonzed Crystal or semi-precious stone in contact with the skin. If you are using the the special “Photoporation Chamber” Crystal you may place any substance into the specially made . This is a very powerful 500 mw laser that is quite powerful and is not a toy.

You will see the many pictures here for demonstration purposes of how to use your laser.

Promise Light Wand Manual

More Clinical Laser Studies


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The documentation of the efficiency of lasers in healing of cancer cells, clamedia, many other diseases and the photoportation of genetic information is well documented, you may see a few of the thousands of the articles available by CLICKING HERE

Please note that this picture is of the prototype model and does not have the pyramidal tip. We are currently on our first production run on this baby! This device is not in the development stages. It is time tested and proven, finished product! We just added the Pyramidal tip design recently and will take new pictures within a month. I was just so excited to get this product up I am using the original design model. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery at this time.

Chakra Set includes: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Carnelian, Citron, Malachite, and Obsidian

This set can be customized into stones of your choice we also offer a 12 stone set!


Photon Wand with Photoporation Crystal & Stand

This is one of the latest tools that we’re developing and it is a handheld laser tool, which includes a set of 7 Tachionized semi-precious stones. This device is one of the very simple and very powerful technologies that can be used in our everyday life that will help increase our body’s vibratory frequencies. When the light in our auric field is strong our health is good. The lower the frequency of our body’s cellular life force the more we are susceptible to bacteria or viruses. Simply stated is a specially made hand held laser device, which has an attachment that is specially made to hold a set of Tachionized crystal beads that conveniently roll over the skin for an easy application of coherent light.

Photoporation crystal with medicine inserted into pyramidal chamber

We have incorporated a Pyramidal tip to hold the crystal thus making a portal for the light to enter the body via the etheric body. The laser is easy to use:

1) Select a Stone and place in the apex of the pyramid chamber

2) Turn on the Laser

3) Apply all over the body.

Light therapy or Actinotherapy has been used since the beginning of time. In ancient Greece, Rome and even Egypt light was used for healing. In various cultures within our recent history there were special temples or Solariums where the use of light was believed to restore the body’s health.

In ancient Peru and Mexico the temples had special rooms designed receive the first rays of the equinoxes and solstice light. The light rays from the moon were also used in conjunction with various jewels gems and gold to enhance the effects of this healing light.

Today we know vitamins carry light, minerals oxidize in light, and enzymes polarize in light to activate and are keys to various metabolic functions. In the Dead Sea Scrolls which were unearthed in a cave near Qumran the word of Christ were recorded and he told the lepers who had gathered to hear his words of wisdom to ‘ Divest yourself of your raiment and to let the spirits of the air the water and the SUN to caress your body’ Clearly natural light has healing properties. Light is necessary to create melatonin and vitamin D which is responsible for the absorption of calcium.

All light carries information either in a waveform or in a particle known as a photon. Laser light by definition has a longer waveform and is called coherent light. The longer the waveform the more information contained within the photonic field.

The different colors of the crystal amplified by lasers light transmit varying packets of information. These 7 levels of energy or light can be correlated to the famous chart of correspondences. These are the 7 chakras, the 7 notes of the musical scale, the 7 endocrine glands and the 7 planes of creation. The 7 rays are also natural paths of order that play out in nature and co-mingle with our consciousness. The pyramidal tip in the Photon Wand insures all 7 Rays of inter-dimensional healing

We are using a 500mw high frequency laser that emits an Ultra Violet light that is passed through semi precious stones that act as filters for this healing coherent light. All of the different stones have qualities affecting different physical, emotional and mental states. So by using the set of 7 semi-precious Tachionized stones you can receive the benefits of all 7 rays.

See Tachyon products page and Quantum Flux Resonator for description of Tachionization.

We recommend you enjoy this laser by using this on all of the endocrine gland centers. You may also run this on specific meridians or hold over acupuncture/acupressure points as well. I strongly suggest you hold this magical tool over your third eye for a special treat. Holding the wand directly over any part of the body is recommended to help relieve pain as is documented in many studies. Joints and aching lower backs especially will enjoy this Actinotherapy.

By placing The Light Wand on certain points you can actually increase the white blood cell count. Inflammation has been proven in clinical studies to be reduced with the application of Laser light. Many sports teams are using light therapy for faster healing. Thousands of beauty clinics world wide use lasers for skin rejuvenation. You will even see similar tools to stimulate hair growth on TV etc.

Laser light affects the cellular structure on a vibratory level and influences the RNA and the DNA. The process of DNA replication and mitosis which involves the telomeres is extremely sensitive to vibration and light frequencies and radiation of all kinds. The general principal in our therapy tools is to create a life force friendly resonant field environment to attune and enhance the body’s natural vibratory state. Because so many assaults on our light body are taking place every second it is imperative we utilize harmonious technologies to give us a fighting chance to stabilize our fields.

Experiment with this device on aching joints or specific trouble areas. Remember with coherent light we are effecting the quantum universe and the effects are profound the light will transfer all over the body by simply being in the proximity to the laser. Direct application however is clearly more powerful.

Crystals are the highest consciousness of the mineral kingdom and they take in many cases 20-100 million years to form. Through this growth process the Crystals contain a memory or a quantum of information of all that has transpired on the earth since their life began. This information is nurtured and fed by the Devas of evolution who create and uphold the forms of all life.

Anyone within the photonic field of the crystals light when stimulated by the Laser will be receiving a holographic light transmission of information directly from the Akashic records. This information is felt and is registered in the consciousness differently by each individual. However ‘increased energy’and a ‘stimulated awareness’is a universal description agreed upon by most people.

There is definitely a purifying or detoxifying effect that goes with many of The Promise products and The Photonic Wand is no exception. What usually occurs is a mild headache due to the liver being overloaded processing toxins released from the mast of the cell. Do not be alarmed this is normal for a period of time until your body acclimatizes to the living light vibrations.

The toxins that get released range from heavy metals to antigens or trapped proteins. This healing process is sometimes accompanied by what is known as a ‘Histamic’release. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, simply stop the therapy for a several hours.

We recommend you drink plenty of pure water or even our Tachyonized water with Coral Calcium, some Niacin or B3, and other B-vitamins. Many other types of herbal tinctures or homeopathic remedies can also aid and to support the liver while it processes the toxins out of the system.

The extra terrestrials are soon to help us as a planet and a people learn how to more fully appreciate the use of crystals and Lasers. We have been told we will be shown in the future how to access this Akashic information for our personal and cultural and societal benefit.

This reading of the so called the Akashic Records and is well known as a healing aid to those who are privy to accessing this information. These advanced technologies will benefit us immensely as we will be able to understand who we are through a personal experience of knowing our past. It will not be open to question or doubt. Each individual will eventually be shown how to personally remember their past lives.

This device has a diffused light source and is not dangerous at all and should always be used with the crystal chakra set. Always follow the instructions on the manual provided on this page below.