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Rays of Truth and Crystals of Light


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This is Dr Fred Bells masterpiece decribing in detail the technology he was given by the Pleiadeans to share with the people of earth. Rob was intimately associated with all aspects of this technology and knows more about Dr Bells life and his technology than anyone alive today. Please do get htis book it will help you to understand all the the products listed on this site in a deeper and profound way!
In this book DR Bell explains time travel, how space ships are powered, advanced scalar wave and radionics devices and everything you need to know about Pyramid products. In Rays of Truth, Dr Bell also reveals the still some  unknown secrets of the government that were shared at the time of this books printing.
There are also Gems of metaphysical insights into the process of interplanetary cultural exchange and many other subjects as well. This book  uncovers a wealth of insight into some of the future possibilities that await of our planet as we go through our maturation process. Rob says that many wonderful secrets are shared in this must read book.
For anyone interested in understanding the uses of Crystal and lasers this book is “The Worlds Best Manual for Laser , Scalar, Crystal , Pyramid Products”. If you buy one of our more advanced systems this book is included for free. If you want to know the secrets and basics to the Physics of Quantum Entanglement products you must have this book! Everyone should read this book it is a New Age reference to higher consciousness and understanding Divine Intervetion.